Lollywood Celebrities Baby Names

The Ultimate Guide to Lollywood Celebrities Baby Names: Top 50 Trendsetters!

into the enchanting world of Lollywood Celebrities Baby Names! Discover the unique names, their inspirations, and trends set by the glamorous stars of Lollywood.

Lollywood, the heart of Pakistan’s film industry, is not only known for its stellar performances and gripping storylines but also for the glamorous lives of its celebrities. Just like Hollywood and Bollywood, fans eagerly await news about their favorite stars, especially when it comes to the joys of parenthood. And what’s more exciting than learning the names they’ve chosen for their little ones? In this guide, we’ll explore the unique and trendy baby names favored by Lollywood celebrities and what makes them so special.

The Classics Reimagined

Many Lollywood stars lean towards traditional names, but with a modern twist. This blend of old and new brings an air of familiarity while still being unique. For example, names like ‘Azaan’ and ‘Mahira’ have ancient origins but sound modern and fresh when chosen by a Lollywood celebrity.

Inspired by Nature

Nature has always been a vast source of inspiration. Stars like Saba Qamar or Fawad Khan might look to the mountains, rivers, or skies when naming their bundles of joy. Names like ‘Sahara’, ‘Aasman’, or ‘Bahaar’ reflect this beautiful influence.

The Power of Heritage and Culture

Embracing their roots, many Lollywood celebrities opt for names that resonate deeply with their cultural heritage. Names that tell tales of ancient emperors, poets, or legendary figures like ‘Rumi’, ‘Shehryar’, or ‘Anarkali’ are favorites.

Names with Deep Meanings

It’s not just about how it sounds; it’s also about the essence. Names like ‘Noor’ (meaning light) or ‘Aman’ (meaning peace) carry profound significance, reflecting the wishes of parents for their children’s lives.

Influences from Around the Globe

Lollywood celebrities, with their global interactions, often choose names that have universal appeal. Be it ‘Zara’, ‘Aliyah’, or ‘Rayyan’, these names strike a chord with fans both locally and internationally.

The Short and Sweet Trend

In a busy world, simplicity stands out. Names like ‘Mia’, ‘Zoe’, or ‘Asa’ are brief, memorable, and have found favor among the Lollywood elite.

Influences of Spirituality

With deep spiritual roots, many Lollywood celebrities name their children after revered religious figures or concepts. ‘Fatima’, ‘Ali’, or ‘Huda’ are prime examples of this trend.

The Melodious Musical Influence

The musical world has given us names like ‘Raaga’ or ‘Alaap’, reminiscent of the melodies that are so much a part of Lollywood’s charm.

The Allure of Celebrity Baby Names

There’s something fascinating about celebrity baby names. They often make headlines, become trends, and are discussed in gatherings. Whether it’s their uniqueness, cultural significance, or simply the fame of their parents, these names have a certain magnetism.

The Importance of Names

Names carry significance, shaping our identity and telling a story about our roots, aspirations, and individuality. Choosing a baby name is a significant event, even more so for celebrities who have to consider their public image and fans’ expectations. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Lollywood celebrity baby names.

Celebrity Baby Names Unveiled

Fawad Khan and his Children

As of my last update in September 2021, Fawad Khan, the Pakistani actor and singer, has two children with his wife, Sadaf Fawad Khan. They have one son and one daughter.

Ayaan Khan

Gender: Male

Meaning: ‘Aayaan’ has multiple interpretations in different languages. In Arabic, it can mean “gift of God”, “time”, or “era”. In some cultures, it means “nature” or “God’s gift”.

Language: Arabic and Sanskrit origins.

Popularity: The name ‘Aayaan’ has gained popularity across many countries, especially in Muslim-majority regions. However, its exact rank can vary from one country to another and from year to year.

Elayna Fawad Khan

Gender: Female

Meaning: ‘Elayna’ is a variation of the name ‘Elena’, which itself is a form of ‘Helen’. ‘Helen’ is of Greek origin and means “torch” or “bright, shining light”.

Language: The name has Greek origins, but variations of it are found in many cultures.

Popularity: ‘Elayna’ is less common than its related names like ‘Elena’ or ‘Alaina’. Its popularity can also vary significantly from one country to another.

Top Lollywood stars and their baby names

Mahira Khan and her Son

Mahira Khan, the famous Pakistani actress, had one child, a son

“Azlan” (son)

Meaning: The name “Azlan” is of Arabic origin, and it means “Lion.”

Language: Arabic

Popularity: The name is relatively popular in Muslim-majority countries, especially in the Middle East and South Asia. However, its popularity can vary depending on the region and current naming trends.

Atif Aslam and his Sons

As of my last update in September 2021, Atif Aslam, the famous Pakistani singer, had one son named Ahad Atif. If he had more children after 2021, I wouldn’t have that information.

The Name “Ahad”:

Language: The name is of Arabic origin.

Meaning: “Ahad” is an Arabic word which means “one” or “unique.” It is one of the names or attributes of Allah in Islam, indicating the oneness of God.

Popularity: “Ahad” is a relatively common name in Muslim-majority countries or among Muslim communities around the world due to its religious significance.

Ali Zafar and His Children

Ali Zafar, the renowned Pakistani actor, musician, and singer, had two children:

Azaan Zafar (son)

Gender: Male

Meaning: “Azaan” is an Arabic word, and it is the call to prayer in Islam. It’s a significant ritual and is heard five times a day in Muslim-majority regions to call the believers to perform their mandatory acts of worship.

Popularity: The name “Azaan” is popular in Muslim-majority countries. Its significance in Islam makes it a cherished name for many.

Alyza Zafar

Gender: Female

Meaning: “Alyza” doesn’t have a direct meaning in Arabic, but it sounds similar to “Aliza”, which in Hebrew means “joy”. However, the intended meaning can vary based on the cultural and linguistic context in which the name is used.

Popularity: The name’s popularity might vary by region. “Alyza” or variations of it may be found in various cultures but might not be extremely common.

Aamina Sheikh and her Daughter

Aamina Sheikh, a well-known Pakistani actress and model, had one child, a daughter.

The Name ”Meissa Mirza”

Language: Arabic

Gender: Female (Daughter)

Meaning: The name “Meissa” is derived from the Arabic word “Al-Maisan,” which means “The Shining One.” This name is also associated with a star in the Orion constellation.

Popularity: The name is not extremely common, but its uniqueness and association with a shining star make it notable.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and his Son

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a well-known Pakistani actor and filmmaker, had one son named Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi.

“Muhammad Mustafa” (son)


Meaning: “Praised, commendable.”

Language: Arabic

Popularity: Muhammad is a very common name among Muslims around the world, in honour of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It has been one of the most popular names in the world due to the large Muslim population.


Meaning: “Chosen, selected”

Language: Arabic

Popularity: Mustafa is another name used for Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It is also common among Muslims, but not as common as Muhammad.

Old Lollywood celebrity’s baby names

Sarwat Gilani and her Sons

Sarwat Gilani, a Pakistani actress and model, has two children with her husband Fahad Mirza:

The Name “Rohan Mirza”

Language: Sanskrit (among others).

Meaning: The name “Rohan” has multiple origins and meanings. In Sanskrit, it means “ascending” or “climbing.” It can also refer to a region or kingdom in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium.

Popularity: It’s a relatively common name in India and among Hindu communities worldwide. Its usage in other parts of the world might be influenced by cultural works like Tolkien’s novels.

The Name ”Arman Mirza’

Language: Persian (among others).

Meaning: In Persian, “Arman” means “desire” or “wish.” In some contexts, it can also refer to hope or aspiration.

Popularity: This name is common among Persian-speaking communities and is also found in various other cultures with different meanings.

Atif Aslam and His Children

Atif Aslam, a popular singer and actor, named his first son Ahad. Ahad is an Arabic name meaning ‘the only one,’ reflecting Atif’s unique love for his firstborn.

The Name “Aryan”

His second son, Aryan, carries a Sanskrit-origin name meaning ‘noble’ or ‘honorable.’ It appears that Atif wishes for his son to grow up embodying these qualities.

The Name “Halima”

For his daughter, he chose the name Halima, an Arabic name meaning ‘gentle’ or ‘patient.’ The name is also historically significant, as Halima was the name of the wet nurse of the Prophet Muhammad.

Shaan Shahid, his Children’s

Shaan Shahid, a renowned Pakistani actor, director, and filmmaker, has four children.

Raamis Shahid

Gender: Son

Meaning & Language: The name “Raamis” doesn’t have a widely known meaning in Arabic or Urdu, and its origin or meaning might be specific to certain regions or families.

Popularity: It’s not a common name worldwide, and its popularity might vary by region.

Uzair Shahid

Gender: Son.

Meaning & Language: “Uzair” is an Arabic name. In Islam, Uzair is considered a prophet, and in the Bible, he is known as Ezra.

Popularity: The name is fairly common in Muslim communities due to its religious significance.

Bahisht-e-Bareen Shahid

Gender: Daughter.

Meaning & Language: “Bahisht” means “paradise” or “heaven” in Persian and Urdu. “Bareen” is not a common word, so its exact meaning could be specific to a context or region. In combination, the name seems to allude to a ‘piece or part of heaven’.

Popularity: This name is unique and not commonly used.

Fatima Shahid

Gender: Daughter.

Meaning & Language: “Fatima” is an Arabic name. It’s a very significant name in Islam because Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. The name means “one who abstains” or “one who weans”.

Popularity: It’s a very popular name in Muslim communities around the world due to its religious and historical significance.

 Mehreen Raheel and her Daughter

Mehreen Raheel, a Pakistani actress and model, has one child, a daughter named Aiza.

The name “Aiza”

Language: The name “Aiza” has roots in the Arabic language.

Meaning: It is an Arabic name that means “Noble” or “Respectful”.

Popularity: The name has been fairly popular in Muslim-majority countries due to its Arabic origin and meaningful connotation. However, its popularity can vary based on regions and time periods.

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Origins of Lollywood celebrity baby names

Ayeza Khan Her Children’s

Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan had two children with her husband, Danish Taimoor.

Hoorain Taimoor (Daughter)

Language: Arabic

Meaning of Hoorain: Hoorain refers to “Hoor,” which in Islamic belief stands for the beautiful maidens in paradise. The word “Hoor” is often associated with the concept of celestial beauty. “Hoorain” would refer to the plural form, meaning “multiple Hoors” or “beauties.”

Popularity: The name is relatively unique and isn’t as common as some other Arabic names.

Rayan Taimoor (Son)

Language: Arabic

Meaning of Rayan: Rayan is an Arabic name that means “gates of Heaven,” “soft touch,” or “fresh” in some interpretations.

Popularity: Rayan is a relatively popular name in many Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim communities worldwide.

Veena Malikhis Children’s

Veena Malik, a Pakistani actress and television host, has two children: a son and a daughter.

Abram Khan (Son)

Language: Hebrew

Meaning: The name “Abram” is a variant of “Abraham,” which originates from Hebrew. It generally means “father of many” or “high father.”

Popularity: “Abram” has been a moderately popular name in various parts of the world, especially among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, given its biblical roots.

Amal Asad Khan (Daughter)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: The name “Amal” means “hope” or “expectation.”

Popularity: “Amal” is relatively common in Arab and Muslim-majority countries. Its popularity may also have been influenced by notable figures like Amal Clooney, a Lebanese-British barrister.

Aiman Khanhis Children

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt, a popular celebrity couple in Pakistan, has two children:

Amal Muneeb

Language: Arabic

Meaning: “Hope” or “Aspiration”

Popularity: While the exact popularity of names can vary by region and over time, “Amal” is a fairly common name in Arabic-speaking countries. It has also been popularized globally by figures like Amal Clooney.

Miral Muneeb

Origin: The name Miral has multiple origins and can be found in Arabic as well as in other cultures.

Meaning: In Arabic, Miral means “gazelle” or “roe deer.”

It might also be associated with the word “miracle” in English, though that is more phonetic than etymological.

Popularity: As of my last training data up to 2021, Miral is not among the most common names in English-speaking countries, but its popularity can vary in regions where Arabic is spoken. Name popularity can change over time and can be influenced by various cultural, societal, and celebrity-related factors. Always refer to updated national databases or name popularity tools to get the most recent data on name trends.

 Ayeza Khan and his Children

Hoorain Taimoor (Daughter)

Meaning: The name “Hoorain” is derived from Arabic. “Hoor” refers to the beautiful maidens in paradise, and “ain” means eyes. So, “Hoorain” can be interpreted as “Maidens with beautiful eyes” or simply “beautiful-eyed.”

Popularity: The name is not very common but can be found in Muslim communities due to its Arabic origin.

Rayan Taimoor (Son)

Meaning: The name “Rayan” is also of Arabic origin. It means “gates of Heaven” or “gates of paradise.” In some interpretations, it also refers to someone who is wise and full of insight.

Popularity: Rayan has become a somewhat popular name in various countries and is used in many Muslim communities due to its meaningful origin.

 Sanam Jung her Child

The name “Alaya”

Language: The name has origins in both Arabic and Sanskrit.

Meaning: “Alaya” in Arabic means “lofty” or “sublime.” It can also have meanings in other languages; for example, in Sanskrit, it can mean “abode” or “home.”

Popularity: The popularity of names can vary over time and by region. As of my last update, the name “Alaya” was not among the most popular names worldwide, but its usage could be more common in specific communities or regions.

Iqra Azizher Child

Iqra Aziz, a well-known Pakistani actress, had one son named Kabir Hussain with her husband, Yasir Hussain.

Kabir (son)

Language: It’s prevalent in Arabic-speaking countries but is also common in South Asia, especially among Muslims.

Meaning: The name Kabir is of Arabic origin and means “great” or “noble.”

Popularity: Kabir is a well-recognized name in many parts of the world, especially in countries with significant Muslim populations. In the context of South Asia, Kabir is also famously associated with a 15th-century mystic poet.

Ali Zafar, her Children

Ali Zafar, the popular Pakistani singer, actor, and musician, had two children with his wife Ayesha Fazli:

Azaan Zafar (son)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: Azaan (or Azan) is an Arabic name which means “call to prayer”. It’s the call that is proclaimed from a mosque’s minaret five times a day to call Muslims to perform their mandatory acts of worship.

Popularity: The name Azaan is relatively common in Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim communities worldwide.

Alyza Zafar (daughter)

Language: Uncertain, but the phonetic similarity to names from European languages is notable.

Meaning: While the name is phonetically similar to the English name “Eliza,” its meaning is not widely established in the context of Arabic or Urdu. It may be a modern or unique variation chosen by the parents.

Popularity: Alyza isn’t as commonly used as traditional names, but variations of names are increasingly popular as parents look for unique names for their children.

Asif Raza Mir and her Children

Asif Raza Mir, a prominent Pakistani actor and producer, has two children

Ahad Raza Mir (son)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: “Ahad” is an Arabic word that means “one” or “unique.” It is one of the names used to describe the oneness of God in Islam.

Popularity: “Ahad” is a relatively common name in Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim communities worldwide

Adnan Raza Mir (son)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: “Adnan” is believed to be the name of an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad. In Arabic, its exact meaning isn’t clear, though it is often associated with “settler” or “long-term resident.”

Popularity: “Adnan” is also a common name in Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim communities.

Adnan Siddiquiher Children

Adnan Siddiqui, a renowned Pakistani actor and model, has three children: two daughters and one son. Here are their names

Maryam Siddiqui

Origin: The name “Maryam” is of Semitic origin, and it is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name “Miriam.” In both Christianity and Islam, significant figures bear this name. For Christians, Maryam is the name of Jesus’ mother in the Arabic version of the Bible. In Islam, Maryam is recognized as the mother of the prophet Isa (Jesus).

Meaning: The exact meaning of “Maryam” (or its Hebrew variant “Miriam”) is not definitively known, but there are a few interpretations:

 “Sea of bitterness” or “sea of sorrow.”

 “Wished-for child” or “rebellion.”

 “Drop of the sea” (from Hebrew “mar” meaning “drop” and “yam” meaning “sea”).

It’s important to note that in many cultures, the name Maryam/Miriam is associated with the Virgin Mary and her virtues, and it may not always be chosen for its literal meaning.

Popularity: “Maryam” is a popular name in many parts of the world, especially in Islamic countries, due to its association with the mother of the prophet Isa (Jesus) in the Quran. Additionally, its variants, like “Mary,” “Maria,” “Marie,” and “Miriam,” are popular in many cultures and regions around the world. In the U.S., for instance, the name “Mary” has historically been one of the most popular female names, though its popularity has waned slightly in recent decades. “Maryam” itself has also seen increased use in English-speaking countries among Muslim populations and others.

Daniya Siddiqui

Origin: “Daniya” is of Arabic origin. It’s a feminine given name commonly used in Muslim communities. The name has various spellings in English, such as Dania, Danya, or Dhaniyah.

Meaning: “Daniya” in Arabic means “close”, “near”, or “dear to the heart.” Some sources also suggest the meaning as “gift” or “gift from God,” but the primary and most commonly accepted meaning is “close” or “near.”

Popularity: “Daniya” or its variants are not as globally widespread as names like “Maryam,” but they are fairly common in Islamic countries or regions with significant Muslim populations. In recent years, with the global blending of cultures and names, “Daniya” or its close variants have become more familiar in non-Muslim countries as well. However, it may not rank as one of the top names in terms of global popularity.

Yahya Siddiqui (son)

Origin: “Yahya” is of Arabic origin. It is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name “Yochanan” (John in English).

Meaning: The name “Yahya” means “alive” or “living” in Arabic. In Islamic tradition, Yahya is recognized as a prophet, and he is the equivalent of John the Baptist in Christian tradition.

Popularity: “Yahya” is a popular name in many Islamic countries due to its religious significance. The name’s importance stems from the Quran, where Yahya is recognized as a righteous prophet and the precursor to Jesus (Isa in Arabic). While it might not be as universally recognized as names like “Mohammed” or “Ali,” it is nonetheless a cherished name within the Muslim world.

Outside of Islamic communities, its equivalent, “John,” is one of the most popular and enduring names in many Western countries. The name “John” has been used for centuries and continues to be popular in English-speaking countries and beyond.

In summary, “Yahya” is a name of deep religious significance within the Islamic world and holds a corresponding place of importance in the Christian tradition in the form of “John.” Its meaning and history make it a revered choice for many parents.

Unique Lollywood celebrity baby names

Fahad MustafaHer Children

Fahad Mustafa, a well-known Pakistani actor, producer, and television host, has two children: a daughter and a son.

Fatima Fahad (Daughter)

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Fatima is a historically significant name in Islamic culture. The name is often understood to mean “one who abstains” or “captivating.” Its significance is deeply rooted in Islamic history as Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Popularity: “Fatima” is a highly popular name in Muslim-majority countries due to its religious and cultural significance. In various countries, many parents name their daughters Fatima out of reverence and love for the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Over the years, it has remained a beloved and commonly used name not just in the Middle East but in many parts of the world, wherever Muslim communities reside. In some countries, Fatima even ranks among the top names given to baby girls.

Moosa Fahad (son)

Origin: The name Moosa is of Arabic origin.

Meaning: “Moosa” is the Arabic name for Moses, the prophet in the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Moses is best known from the biblical account of leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

Popularity: “Moosa” or its variant “Musa” is a common name in Muslim-majority countries due to its religious significance. Moses, as it’s known in English, is also a recognized name worldwide, not just for its biblical importance but also because of its adoption in many Western cultures. However, the specific popularity of the name can vary based on the country or region.

Faisal Qureshi, her children 

Faisal Qureshi, the Pakistani actor and television host, has three children:

Hanish Qureshi (Daughter)

Language: Sanskrit (If based on the mentioned meaning)

Meaning: Hanish is not a common name in the Urdu language. However, in Sanskrit, Hanish means “Lord Shiva” or “foremost, chief.” If the name is derived from this origin, then this might be the meaning, but it’s essential to verify culturally relevant meanings for each name within the specific context.

Popularity: In regions like India, the name might be somewhat known, but globally, it’s not among the most common names.

Aayaat Qureshi (Daughter)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: Aayaat generally means “verses” or “signs” in Arabic, especially referring to the verses of the Quran.

Popularity: The name is known within Islamic communities as it refers to Quranic verses. However, its popularity varies across regions.

Farman Qureshi (Son)

Language: Persian/Urdu

Meaning: In Persian and Urdu, “Farman” means “command” or “decree”, often associated with royal commands.

Popularity: It’s a relatively known name in regions like Pakistan and Iran. However, it might not be as popular globally.

Fawad Khan has children.

Fawad Khan, a popular Pakistani actor and singer, has two children

Ayaan Khan (Son)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: Aayaan generally means “God’s gift” or “blessing.” It can also refer to someone who is perceptive and has insight.

Popularity: The name Aayaan is popular in Muslim communities and is often chosen for its lovely meaning and pleasant sound.

Elayna Fawad Khan (Daughter)

Origin: The name Elayna has roots in various cultures. It is believed to be a variant of Elena, which is derived from Helen.

Meaning: In its Greek origin (related to Helen), Elayna means “shining light” or “bright shining one.” It can evoke the idea of someone who brings light or clarity. Additionally, there are similar-sounding names in Arabic, like “Elaynah,” which means “God answered.” It’s essential to note the specific cultural or familial context to determine the exact intended meaning.

Popularity: Elayna and its variations (Elena, Alayna, and Elaina) have been popular in various parts of the world, especially in Western countries. Its popularity can fluctuate over the years, but the name has remained relatively well-liked due to its beautiful sound and positive meanings.

Feroze Khan has children.

Feroze Khan is the father of two kids. His son, Mohammad Sultan Khan, came into the world on May 3, 2019, while his daughter, Fatima Khan, was born on February 14, 2022. Both of them are the children of his former wife, Syeda Aliza Sultan.

Feroze Khan tied the knot with Syeda Aliza Sultan in 2018, but the couple declared their separation in 2022.

Mohammad Sultan (Son)


Language: Arabic.

Meaning: It is derived from the Arabic verb ‘hamada’, meaning “to praise, to glorify”.

Popularity: Mohammad is a very popular name, especially in Muslim-majority countries. In fact, it’s one of the most popular names worldwide due to the vast number of Muslims who name their children after the Prophet Mohammad.


Language: Arabic.

Meaning: It means “power” or “authority”. Historically, the title was used for Muslim rulers.

Popularity: The name is reasonably popular in Muslim-majority countries, though not as popular as Mohammad.

Fatima Khan (daughter)

Language: Arabic

Meaning: The exact meaning of “Fatima” is debated, but it is often understood to mean “one who abstains” or “one who weans”.

Popularity: Fatima is a very popular name, especially in Muslim-majority countries. The name’s popularity is largely due to its significance in Islamic history; Fatima was the name of the beloved daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. In many Muslim families, naming a daughter Fatima is done in honour of her. The name is also found in communities and regions outside of Muslim-majority areas due to its beautiful sound and significance.

Lollywood celebrity baby naming traditions

Ahsan Khan has children. 

Ahsan Khan, the Pakistani actor, has four children. He has two sons and two daughters. Their names are:

Ahad Khan (son)

Language: The name “Ahad” is of Arabic origin.

Meaning: Ahad means “one” or “singular.” In an Islamic context, “Al-Ahad” is one of the 99 names (attributes) of Allah, emphasizing the oneness of God.

Popularity: The name Ahad is quite popular in Muslim-majority countries due to its religious significance. Its popularity may vary from one region to another. In Western countries, it might not be as common as in regions with significant Muslim populations.

Ali Khan (son)

Language: The name Ali has multiple origins, but it is most commonly associated with Arabic. It’s also found in Persian cultures and some others, but its root is primarily Arabic.

Meaning: In Arabic, “Ali” means “high”, “elevated”, or “noble”. It’s a name that carries significant respect and esteem in many cultures, particularly within Islamic communities, due to its association with Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad.

Popularity: Ali is a widely popular name in Muslim-majority countries due to its religious significance. It’s also fairly common in Western countries among Muslim communities. In some countries, Ali is not only used as a first name but also as a surname. Its simplicity and profound meaning contribute to its continued popularity across generations and cultures.

Mahnoor Khan (daughter)

Language: The name “Mahnoor” is of Urdu origin, which is a prominent language spoken in Pakistan and parts of India.

Meaning: “Mahnoor” can be broken down into two parts: “Mah” means “moon”, and “noor” means “light” in Arabic and Urdu. Thus, the name “Mahnoor” translates to “moonlight” or “light of the moon.”

Popularity: “Mahnoor” is a relatively common name in Pakistan and among Urdu-speaking communities worldwide. It’s particularly popular for girls. The exact popularity can vary based on region and over time, but in places with a significant Urdu-speaking population, the name is recognized and appreciated for its beauty and meaning.

Mahrukh Khan (daughter)

Language: It has its roots in the Persian language.

Meaning: “Mahrukh” is a Persian name that means “face of the moon” or “moon-faced”.

Popularity: As of my last training data in September 2021, “Mahrukh” is not among the most popular names in English-speaking countries. However, it can be found in Iran, Pakistan, and among Persian-speaking communities worldwide.

Stories behind Lollywood celebrity baby names

Wahaj Ali, his Child

Wahaj Ali is a Pakistani actor, singer, and model. He has one daughter named Amirah. Wahaj Ali was born on 24 February 1987 in Karachi, Pakistan. He made his acting debut in 2015 with the TV show Ishq Ibadat. He has since starred in several popular TV shows, including Dil-e-Bereham, Tere Bin, and Mere Paas Tum Ho. Wahaj Ali is also a successful singer and has released several singles. He is married to Sana Farooq, and they have one daughter together.

 Named Amirah (daughter)

Origin: The name Amirah (also spelt Ameerah or Amira) has its origins in the Arabic language.

Meaning: Amirah is the feminine form of Amir, which means “prince” or “commander”. Therefore, Amirah can be translated as “princess” or “female commander.”

Popularity: As of my last update in September 2021, Amirah is a reasonably popular name in many countries, especially among Muslim communities, due to its Arabic origins. Its popularity can vary by country and culture, but it’s often chosen for its beautiful meaning and its ties to Arabic and Islamic heritage.

Imran Ashraf his Child

Imran Ashraf has one child, a son named Roham Ashraf. He was born on February 25, 2020. Imran Ashraf and his ex-wife Kiran Imran tied the knot in 2018 but parted ways in 2022. They both share custody of their son Roham.

Roham Ashraf (son)

Language: Persian (Farsi)

Meaning: “Compassion” or “Mercy”

Popularity: The name Roham, being of Persian origin, may not be extremely common outside of Iran or Persian-speaking communities. However, its popularity can vary regionally and over time. It’s not one of the most common names, but it might be recognized within Persian cultural contexts. If you’re interested in its current popularity in a specific region, you’d need to consult regional or national naming databases or trends for that specific area.


What does Atif Aslam’s son’s name, Ahad, represent?

Ahad is an Arabic name meaning ‘the only one.’ It reflects Atif’s unique love for his firstborn.

What does Ali Zafar’s son’s name, Azaan, mean? 

Azaan is an Arabic name meaning ‘call for prayer.’ It reflects the family’s spiritual beliefs and heritage.

What does Aamina Sheikh’s daughter’s name, Meissa, mean? 

Melissa is an Arabic name meaning ‘The Shining One.’

What is the meaning of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s son’s name, Mustafa? 

Mustafa is an Arabic name meaning ‘The Chosen One.’ It’s one of the epithets of the Prophet Muhammad.

What is the significance of Sarwat Gilani’s son’s name, Rohan? 

Rohan is an Indian-origin name meaning ‘ascending.’ It represents the aspirations Sarwat has for her son.

Why do celebrities choose unique names for their babies? 

Celebrities often choose unique names for their babies to reflect their personal beliefs, cultural heritage, and aspirations for their children and to stand out in their public lives.

How do Lollywood celebrities choose baby names?

Lollywood celebrities often opt for names rooted in culture, tradition, and personal significance. While some draw from their heritage, others might be inspired by nature, art, or global influences.

Are Lollywood baby names popular outside Pakistan?

Yes, due to the global reach of Lollywood films and music, many names gain international appeal, finding favor among fans worldwide.

Why is there so much interest in celebrity baby names?

Celebrity baby names provide a glimpse into the private lives of stars, making fans feel a deeper connection. Plus, celebrities often set trends in various aspects, including baby naming.

Do celebrities face backlash for their name choices?

Like anyone, celebrities might face scrutiny or criticism for their choices. However, most fans respect and embrace their decisions, leading to the popularity of these names.

How do names reflect personal experiences of celebrities?

Names can often signify significant events, memories, or wishes. For celebrities, a name might resonate with a movie role, a personal journey, or even a tribute to someone special.

Can I name my child after a Lollywood celebrity’s baby name?

Absolutely! Names are universal, and if a particular name resonates with you, go for it!


The world of Lollywood Celebrities Baby Names is as diverse and enchanting as the industry itself. From classics to modern picks, every name tells a story. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your little one or are a fan eager to know more about your favorite stars, this guide offers a comprehensive look into the trends that define Lollywood’s naming culture.

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