Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “W”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “W”

Choosing a name for a newborn is a significant decision for parents, and when it comes to Muslim baby names starting with the letter “W,” the options are diverse and meaningful. Each name carries its own historical, cultural, and spiritual significance, making the selection process both exciting and meaningful. From traditional Arabic names to those inspired by Islamic values and teachings, there is a wide range of options available for Muslim baby boys and girls. This collection of names starting with “W” encompasses a variety of beautiful and meaningful choices, ensuring that parents can find a name that resonates with their faith and personal preferences.

The Rising Stars:

In a world where innovation and progress are celebrated, these Muslim baby names beginning with the letter “W” honor the rising stars and trailblazers who inspire others with their achievements. These names exude strength, determination, and a drive to make a positive impact. Here are five remarkable Muslim baby names for boys and girls starting with “W”:

  1. Waleed (Boy): Meaning “newborn” or “innocent,” Waleed signifies the fresh beginnings of a promising future, reminding us of the potential within each individual to create positive change.
  2. Waheeda (Girl): Derived from Arabic origins, Waheeda means “unique” or “extraordinary.” This name celebrates the exceptional qualities and independent spirit that make every person one-of-a-kind.
  3. Waseem (Boy): Representing elegance and beauty, Waseem is a name that embodies charm and grace. It signifies the charisma and allure of those who lead by example.
  4. Warda (Girl): Derived from Arabic, Warda means “rose.” This name symbolizes beauty, fragility, and resilience, capturing the essence of those who blossom and thrive in adversity.
  5. Wafi (Boy): Wafi carries the meaning of “loyal” or “faithful.” This name encapsulates the values of trustworthiness, dedication, and steadfastness, reflecting the qualities of a true leader.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “W”

Boy Names With “W”

Name Meaning Origin
Wafi Loyal, Faithful Arabic
Wahid Unique, Peerless Arabic
Wajid Finder, Lover Arabic
Walid Newborn, Son Arabic
Waris Inheritor, Heir Arabic
Wasif Describing, Expressing Arabic
Wasiq Confident, Sure Arabic
Wajahat Dignity, Elegance Arabic
Waqar Respect, Honor Arabic
Waleed Newborn Child, Little Boy Arabic
Wali Protector, Friend Arabic
Wamiq Heartfelt, Loyal Arabic
Waseem Graceful, Handsome Arabic
Wazir Minister, Advisor Arabic
Waheed Single, Unique Arabic
Wakil Lawyer, Advocate Arabic
Waliy Supporter, Guardian Arabic
Wasi Wide, Ample Arabic
Waliullah Friend of Allah Arabic
Wajd Ecstasy, Strong emotion Arabic
Wathiq Confident, Strong-willed Arabic
Wail Coming back, Returning Arabic
Wajdi Passionate, Emotional Arabic
Waqas Warrior, Fighter Arabic
Waqif Aware, Familiar Arabic
Ward Flower, Rose Arabic
Wasay Vast, Spacious Arabic
Wazirali Minister of Ali Arabic
Waziri Ministerial, Official Arabic
Wadah Promise, Covenant Arabic
Walee Ally, Supporter Arabic
Waly Protector, Guardian Arabic
Waarith Inheritor, Successor Arabic
Waddah Affectionate, Loving Arabic
Waheeb Generous, Giving Arabic
Wahhab Bestower, Giver of Gifts Arabic
Wahhaj Bright, Radiant Arabic
Wahhida Unique, Singular Arabic
Wajih Eminent, Distinguished Arabic
Wasiyy One who Gives Advice, Guardian Arabic
Wasimullah Beautiful Servant of Allah Arabic
Waleeq Strong-minded, Wise Arabic
Wamid Steadfast, Firm Arabic
Wasiullah Servant of Allah, Devoted to Allah Arabic
Wadud Loving, Kind Arabic
Wael Defender, Protector Arabic
Wakas A Companion, Friend Arabic
Wakeel Trustee, Representative Arabic
Waleedullah Newborn Child of Allah Arabic
Waliullah Friend of Allah, Beloved of Allah Arabic
Waliyullah Ally of Allah, Supporter of Allah Arabic
Wasil Connector, Contact Arabic
Wasit Wide, Spacious Arabic
Waqqas Name of Companion of Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Wasiqullah Confident in Allah, Trusting Allah Arabic
Waleequllah Wise Servant of Allah Arabic
Waraq Page, Helper Arabic
Wathiqullah Confident in Allah's Protection Arabic
Waad Promise, Pledge Arabic
Wadaan Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Wahba Gift, Donation Arabic
Waheedullah Unique Servant of Allah Arabic
Wahhajullah Illuminated by Allah, Radiant by Allah Arabic
Wajdan Passion, Ecstasy Arabic
Wajeeh Respectable, Eminent Arabic
Wajihullah Distinguished by Allah Arabic
Wajidullah Finder of Allah, Lover of Allah Arabic
Wajihuddin Noble Person of Religion Arabic
Waliyuddin Supporter of Religion Arabic
Warithullah Inheritor of Allah, Successor of Allah Arabic
Wasifullah Describing Allah, Expressing Allah Arabic
Wazeer Helper, Assistant Arabic
Wafeeq Successful, Prosperous Arabic
Waseeq Solid, Strong Arabic
Wahi Divine Inspiration Arabic
Wajdani Passionate, Emotional Arabic
Wakif Watcher, Observer Arabic
Waleedah Newborn Daughter Arabic
Walidah Newborn, Child Arabic
Warid Incoming, Arrival Arabic
Wasilullah Connected to Allah Arabic
Wasiqur Reliable, Trustworthy Arabic
Wasir Resourceful, Helpful Arabic
Wasim Handsome, Beautiful Arabic
Wassam Good-looking, Striking Arabic
Watheeq Strong, Reliable Arabic
Wazid Increasing, Growing Arabic
Wazirullah Minister of Allah, Advisor of Allah Arabic
Wafaa Fidelity, Loyalty Arabic
Wajdiyah Passionate, Emotional Arabic
Wakeelah Guardian, Protector Arabic
Waleedun Little Child, Newborn Arabic
Waleedur Newborn Baby, Infant Arabic
Waliullahi Beloved of Allah, Supporter of Allah Arabic
Wamika Loving, Kind-hearted Arabic
Wanees Friend, Companion Arabic
Waseemah Graceful, Elegant Arabic
Wasfi Descriptive, Eloquent Arabic
Wassimullah Good-looking Servant of Allah, Handsome Arabic
Waahid One, Unique, Peerless Arabic
Wafeequllah Successful in the way of Allah Arabic
Wahedullah Unique Servant of Allah Arabic
Wahib Giving, Generous Arabic
Wahiduddin Unique Person of Religion Arabic
Wahidur One of a kind, Unique Arabic
Wailan Returning, Coming back Arabic
Wais Serving, Attending Arabic
Wajdul Strong, Passionate Arabic
Wajeeb Worthwhile, Deserving Arabic
Wajidul Lover, Seeker Arabic
Wajihul Noble, Eminent Arabic
Waliyur Supporter of light, Guardian of faith Arabic
Wallan Companion, Friend Arabic
Walwan Friend, Beloved Arabic
Wamidullah Steadfast Servant of Allah Arabic
Wamiqullah Loyal to Allah, Devoted to Allah Arabic
Wasiyullahi Guardian of Allah, One who gives advice Arabic
Wathiqur Confident, Trustworthy Arabic
Watheequllah Strong Believer in Allah's Protection Arabic
Wazeerullah Assistant of Allah, Helper of Allah Arabic
Widaad Love, Friendship Arabic
Widan Friendship, Harmony Arabic
Wijdan Emotion, Passion Arabic
Wisaal Connection, Link Arabic
Wissam Decoration, Medal Arabic
Wisal Reunion, Connection Arabic
Wurud Roses, Flowers Arabic
Waasil Connected, Joined Arabic
Waqqasullah Companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Waseequr Strong, Firm Arabic
Wasilur Connected to Allah, Devoted to Allah Arabic
Wazirul Minister, Advisor Arabic
Wiqar Dignity, Honor Arabic
Wissalullah Connection with Allah Arabic
Waaiz Preacher, Adviser Arabic
Wabish Pure, Clean Arabic
Wadee Promiser, Covenant Arabic
Waelah Protection, Support Arabic
Waqifur Familiar, Knowledgeable Arabic
Wardan Befriender, Loving Arabic
Wasaaf Attribute, Characteristic Arabic
Wasaam Shield, Protection Arabic
Wasam Medal, Decoration Arabic
Wasat Moderate, Just Arabic
Wassif Descriptive, Expressive Arabic
Wasti Broad, Extensive Arabic
Watheq Steadfast, Firm Arabic
Wiam Desire, Wish Arabic
Widad Affection, Friendship Arabic
Wijdani Passionate, Emotional Arabic
Wisaam Badge, Emblem Arabic
Wisaluddin Connection to the Religion Arabic
Wusool Connection, Arrival Arabic
Waa'il Advocate, Petitioner Arabic
Wafee Complete, Perfect Arabic
Wafiyy Loyal, Faithful Arabic
Wahaj Illuminated, Bright Arabic
Wajidur Finder, Discoverer Arabic
Wakilur Representative, Agent Arabic
Waliyullahi Supporter of Allah, Beloved of Allah Arabic


Girl Names With “W”

Name Meaning Origin
Wafaa Faithfulness, loyalty Arabic
Wahida Unique, solitary, one of a kind Arabic
Wajeeha Eminent, distinguished, notable Arabic
Waliyah Supporter, protector, guardian Arabic
Warda Rose Arabic
Wasima Graceful, elegant, beautiful Arabic
Widad Love, friendship, affection Arabic
Wijdan Ecstasy, enthusiasm, passion Arabic
Widad Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Waniya Gift from Allah Arabic
Wasiqa Confident, sure, certain Arabic
Waleedah Newborn, infant Arabic
Wardah Rose Arabic
Widaad Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Waad Promise, covenant, agreement Arabic
Wurud Roses, flowers Arabic
Waadah Promise, covenant, agreement Arabic
Wajd Love, passion, strong emotion Arabic
Wazira Helper, assistant, supporter Arabic
Waliya Supporter, protector, guardian Arabic
Waheeda Unique, one of a kind Arabic
Widadh Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Waqia Event, incident, occurrence Arabic
Wathiqah Confident, certain, assured Arabic
Wazhma Precious, valuable, esteemed Persian
Wahaj Radiant, bright, shining Arabic
Wajida Finder, discoverer, seeker Arabic
Walaa Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness Arabic
Warisa Inheritor, heir, successor Arabic
Wasilah Connection, relation, bond Arabic
Wathiq Reliable, trustworthy, dependable Arabic
Wazirah Helper, assistant, supporter Arabic
Widadan Friendship, love, affection Arabic
Wiyyam Sanctuary, refuge, haven Arabic
Wahibah Giver, bestower, generous  
Wadha Loving, caring Arabic
Waqar Respect, dignity, honor Arabic
Ward Blossom, flower Arabic
Waridah Beloved, desired, cherished Arabic
Wida Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Widadah Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Wissal Union, connection, meeting Arabic
Wurudah Roses, flowers Arabic
Wada Promise, commitment, agreement Arabic
Wadad Love, friendship, affection Arabic
Wahidaa Unique, one of a kind Arabic
Wahidah Unique, singular, one of a kind Arabic
Wajdah Passion, strong emotion Arabic
Wajeehah Eminent, distinguished, notable Arabic
Waleeda Parent, father, mother Arabic
Waleedah Newborn, infant Arabic
Waliyyah Supporter, protector, guardian Arabic
Wana Affection, love, yearning Arabic
Wardah Rose Arabic
Widadan Friendship, love, affection Arabic
Wijdanah Ecstasy, enthusiasm, passion Arabic
Wiha Inspiration, revelation Arabic
Wisal Union, connection, meeting Arabic
Wisaal Union, connection, meeting Arabic
Wurudat Roses, flowers Arabic
Wadaad Love, friendship, affection Arabic
Wadadah Love, friendship, affection Arabic
Wahbiyyah Generous, giving, bestowing Arabic
Wahhaj Radiant, bright, shining Arabic
Wajd Love, passion, strong emotion Arabic
Wajidaa Finder, discoverer, seeker Arabic
Waleed Newborn, infant Arabic
Wali Supporter, protector, guardian Arabic
Walidah Newborn, infant Arabic
Waraqah Leaf, paper Arabic
Wardina Guardian of roses, flower keeper Arabic
Wasan Mountain, hill Arabic
Waseema Beautiful, pretty, graceful Arabic
Wasifa Description, qualities, traits Arabic
Wathiqah Confident, sure, certain Arabic
Wawha Inspiration, revelation Arabic
Waziha Evident, clear, distinct Arabic
Wiam Sanctuary, refuge, haven Arabic
Widadh Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Widadia Affectionate, loving, friendly Arabic
Wifaq Harmony, agreement, unity Arabic
Wilayat Authority, power, rule Arabic
Wurudatul Flowers, roses Arabic
Wadaa Promise, commitment, agreement Arabic
Wadhaa Loving, caring Arabic
Wafika Successful, fortunate, victorious Arabic
Wahb Gift, present Arabic
Waheedaan Unique, one of a kind Arabic
Wajeehaa Eminent, distinguished, notable Arabic
Wajihah Distinguished, notable, eminent Arabic
Wakilah Agent, representative, trustee Arabic
Waliyyaa Supporter, protector, guardian Arabic
Wania Gift of Allah Arabic
Wardani Guardian of roses, keeper of flowers Arabic
Wardiya Rose-like, flower-like Arabic
Waridahh Beloved, desired, cherished Arabic
Wijdani My ecstasy, my passion Arabic
Wijdanyaa My ecstasy, my passion Arabic
Waab Penitent, repentant, remorseful Arabic
Wabilah Loving, affectionate, friendly Arabic
Wadaan Love, friendship, affection Arabic
Wadudah Affectionate, loving, friendly Arabic
Wahat Tranquility, serenity, calmness Arabic
Waizah Clear, distinct, evident Arabic
Wakifah Devoted, dedicated, committed Arabic
Waseelah Means, cause, medium, pathway Arabic
Wasf Description, depiction, portrayal Arabic
Waziirah Helper, assistant, supporter Arabic
Wedad Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Wijdad Love, affection, friendship Arabic
Wijdanee My ecstasy, my passion Arabic
Wissam Medal, badge of honor, decoration Arabic
Wurudahh Roses, flowers Arabic
Wurudiyah Rose-like, flower-like Arabic
Wadaanah Love, friendship, affection Arabic
Waheedaana Unique, one of a kind Arabic
Wahidatul Unique, one of a kind Arabic
Wajihaat Eminent, distinguished, notable Arabic



These Muslim baby names commencing with the letter “W” celebrate the trailblazers and visionaries who inspire others through their courage, innovation, and groundbreaking ideas. These names represent resilience, determination, and the spirit of exploration. Here are five remarkable Muslim baby names for boys and girls starting with “W”:

  1. Wahida (Girl): Meaning “one” or “unique,” Wahida represents individuality and the power of standing out from the crowd. This name embodies the spirit of trailblazers who forge their own paths.
  2. Waseela (Girl): Derived from Arabic origins, Waseela signifies “a means” or “a channel.” This name symbolizes individuals who pave the way for others, acting as a conduit for change and progress.
  3. Wali (Boy): Wali carries the meaning of “guardian” or “protector.” This name represents those who fearlessly advocate for justice and equality, standing up for the rights of others.
  4. Widad (Girl): Derived from Arabic, Widad means “love” or “affection.” This name encompasses the compassion and empathy that trailblazers possess, using their hearts to guide their actions.
  5. Wazir (Boy): Wazir signifies “advisor” or “minister.” This name embodies the wisdom, insight, and strategic thinking of trailblazers who inspire others through their leadership and guidance.

Selecting a name for your Muslim baby is a deeply personal and cherished endeavor. The collection of names starting with the letter “W” offers a plethora of choices, each carrying its own beauty and significance. As you navigate through this diverse compilation, consider the meanings and cultural associations behind each name, envisioning how it will shape your child’s identity and journey in life. May this exploration bring you joy and fulfillment, as you find the ideal name that encapsulates your love, hopes, and dreams for your precious little one.