Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “V”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “V”

When it comes to choosing a name for your newborn, the letter “V” opens up a world of possibilities for Muslim baby names. From strong and meaningful names for boys to graceful and charming options for girls, this collection showcases an array of captivating choices rooted in Islamic culture. Each name carries its own beauty and significance, embodying the rich heritage and values cherished in Muslim communities. Delve into this handpicked selection of Muslim baby names starting with “V” and embark on the rewarding journey of finding the perfect name that will shape your child’s identity and leave a lasting impression.

Trends and Modern Choices: In recent years, there has been an emergence of modern and trendy Muslim names that reflect contemporary influences. These names offer a fresh and unique twist while still honoring Islamic traditions. Here are five Muslim boy and girl names that start with the letter “V” and fall under the category of Trends and Modern Choices:

  1. Boy: Vivaan Vivaan is a popular name of Indian origin that means “full of life” or “vibrant.” It embodies the essence of energy and enthusiasm, making it a trendy choice for parents looking for a modern and spirited name for their son.
  2. Girl: Vida Vida is a stylish and trendy name that has Persian roots. It means “life” or “existence” and symbolizes vitality and liveliness. With its simple yet elegant sound, Vida has gained popularity as a modern choice for Muslim girls.
  3. Boy: Vahan Vahan is a unique Muslim boy name with Armenian origins. It means “shield” or “protector” and carries a sense of strength and resilience. Vahan is an excellent choice for parents seeking a modern and distinctive name with a powerful meaning.
  4. Girl: Viona Viona is a modern and fashionable Muslim girl name. With Latin origins, it is derived from the word “violet” and represents beauty, grace, and femininity. Viona’s simplicity and charm make it a delightful choice for contemporary parents.
  5. Boy: Virat Virat is a trendy name of Indian origin that has gained popularity among Muslim families. It means “massive” or “gigantic” and signifies strength and grandeur. Virat is a modern and powerful choice for parents who want their son’s name to have a bold and impactful presence.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “V”

Boy Names With “V”

Name Meaning Origin
Vahid Unique, Single, Peerless Arabic
Vafi Complete, Perfect, Loyal Persian
Vakil Trustee, Advocate, Agent Arabic
Vali Friend, Protector, Guardian Arabic
Vaseem Handsome, Charming, Attractive Arabic
Vasim Broad, Spacious, Large Arabic
Vazir Minister, Adviser, Counselor Persian
Virdi Brave, Fearless, Valiant Urdu/Punjabi
Vaqar Dignity, Majesty, Honor Arabic
Varis Heir, Successor Arabic
Vaseeq Strong, Powerful, Mighty Arabic
Vazha Dawn, Morning Persian
Vaziruddin Minister of the Religion (Islam) Arabic
Veysel Lion Turkish
Vilayat Power, Rule, Dominion Persian
Vafadar Loyal, Faithful, Devoted Persian
Vafai Faithfulness, Loyalty, Sincerity Persian
Vafiullah Complete, Perfect, Loyal to Allah Arabic
Vahab Gift, Grant, Bestowal Arabic
Vahdat Unity, Oneness Persian
Vahidullah Unique, Peerless, Loyal to Allah Arabic
Vakas Abundance, Plenty, Wealth Arabic
Vakilullah Representative of Allah Arabic
Valibek Brave, Courageous Leader Turkish
Valik Defender, Guardian Arabic
Vardi Rose Persian
Vasif Capable, Competent, Able Arabic
Vassal Servant, Attendant, Follower Arabic
Vazif Duty, Responsibility Arabic
Vazir Minister, Advisor, Counselor Persian
Vijdan Conscience, Awareness, Mindfulness Arabic
Vildan Childlike, Innocent, Pure Turkish
Vuslat Reunion, Meeting, Encounter Turkish
Vusal Vision, Sight Turkish
Vuslatullah Reunion with Allah, Nearness to Allah Arabic
Vahhab Granter of Gifts, Bestower Arabic
Vahid Unique, Single, Peerless Persian
Vakil Agent, Representative, Advocate Arabic
Vali Friend, Protector, Ally Arabic
Valed Born, Newborn Arabic
Vaseem Handsome, Attractive, Charming Arabic
Vasil Brave, Courageous Arabic
Vasiullah Loyal to Allah, Devoted to Allah Arabic
Vazha Dawn, Morning Persian
Vaziruddin Minister of Religion (Islam), Advisor of Religion Arabic
Vafi Loyal, Faithful, Sincere Persian
Vagif Brave, Courageous Turkish
Vaheed Unique, Peerless Arabic
Vaiz Preacher, Advisor Arabic
Vakhas Power, Strength, Might Arabic
Vardan Blessing, Gift Persian
Varish Rain, Shower Arabic
Vahit Alone, Only, Unique Turkish
Vahyettin Divine Revelation, Message of God Turkish
Vayl Mourning, Grief Arabic
Veli Friend, Companion, Protector Turkish
Veliyullah Friend of Allah Arabic
Veyis Helper, Assistant Turkish
Vadir Valiant, Brave Arabic
Vafiullah Loyal to Allah, Faithful to Allah Arabic
Vahap Kind, Generous, Benevolent Turkish
Vahdet Unity, Oneness Turkish
Vahidullah Unique to Allah, Singular to Allah Arabic
Vahip Sharer, Partner, Companion Arabic
Vakif Devoted, Dedicated Turkish
Vahabettin Bestower of Gifts of Religion (Islam) Turkish
Vahdatullah Oneness of Allah Arabic
Vahib Gift, Bestowal Arabic
Vahid Single, Unique, Peerless Persian
Vajih Eminent, Distinguished, Exalted Arabic
Vakilullah Agent of Allah, Representative of Allah Arabic
Vahdat Unity, Oneness Persian
Vahidreza Unique Contentment Persian
Valiollah Friend of Allah Arabic
Vamık Loving, Affectionate Turkish


Girl Names With “V”

Name Meaning Origin
Vania God's gift Arabic
Vadiya Agreeable Arabic
Varda A rose Persian
Vasiha Eloquent Arabic
Vasia Guardian Arabic
Vazira A wise woman Arabic
Vehla To be chosen Arabic
Verda Green Turkish
Vahida Unique, solitary Arabic
Vasiyah One who has power Arabic
Vazirah A female minister or advisor Arabic
Vida Beloved Arabic
Vilayat Dignity, prestige Arabic
Vareesha Coverer, protector Arabic
Vashita Encompassing, controlling Arabic
Vazifa Duty, responsibility Arabic
Vaida To promise Arabic
Varisha Thunderbolt Arabic
Vaseema Protector, guardian Arabic
Vafiya Loyal, faithful Arabic
Vaida To promise Arabic
Vala Power, strength Arabic
Vania God's gift Arabic
Vasia Guardian Arabic
Vazira A wise woman Arabic
Veda Voice, recitation Arabic
Veema Generous Arabic
Vian Full of life Arabic
Vidaa Precious, valuable Arabic
Vina Love, desire Arabic
Vissal Friendly, intimate Arabic
Vona Wish, desire Arabic
Vora Brave, courageous Arabic
Vuba Soft, tender Arabic
Vumra Group, assembly Arabic
Vuyum Wind, breeze Arabic
Vabisa Smiling, happy Arabic
Vamika Little Goddess Arabic
Vahshiya Wild, untamed Arabic
Vaila One who comes back Arabic
Vaiza One who gives admonition Arabic
Valda Female ruler Arabic
Vareen Blue Arabic
Vardah A rose Arabic
Vareesha Protector Arabic
Vasela Good news Arabic
Vashna Light Arabic
Vasilah One who brings together Arabic
Vastah Broad, spacious Arabic
Vayda To promise Arabic
Vazna Weight, importance Arabic
Veeshal Grand, great Arabic
Vesela Joyful, merry Arabic
Vifaa Power, authority Arabic
Vihan Morning, dawn Arabic
Vinaa Understanding, knowledge Arabic
Vindah To find, discover Arabic
Vumaisha Wise, intelligent Arabic
Vushaq Happiness, pleasure Arabic
Vafaa Loyalty, fidelity Arabic
Vakeel Representative, messenger Arabic
Valia Supreme, elevated Arabic
Vana Beauty, grace Arabic
Vareena Pledge, covenant Arabic
Vashirah One who brings good news Arabic
Vasiya A woman with authority Arabic
Vaznaa Gravity, weight Arabic
Vedaa Pious, devoted Arabic
Vehshat Fear, terror Arabic
Vahabah Gift, donation Arabic
Vaizah Preacher, advisor Arabic
Vama Right, proper Arabic
Vamshi Flute, musical instrument Arabic
Vaniah God's grace Arabic
Vareda Rose Arabic
Vareeha Witty, clever Arabic
Vaseemah Beautiful, pretty Arabic
Vashima Shield, protector Arabic
Vazirah Female minister, advisor Arabic
Vahdat Unity, oneness Arabic
Vaidaar Distinguished, eminent Arabic
Vaishnavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu Arabic
Valaika High place, hill Arabic
Vaneesha Queen, princess Arabic
Varaa Exceptional, unique Arabic
Varah Boar, pig Arabic
Vareeh Noble, honorable Arabic
Vasana Desire, wish Arabic
Vastanvi Possessing many things Arabic


Classic and Timeless Names: Classic and timeless names have a lasting appeal and never go out of style. These names often have historical, cultural, or religious significance, and they continue to be cherished across generations. Here are five Muslim boy and girl names that start with the letter “V” and fall under the category of Classic and Timeless Names:

  1. Boy: Vahid Vahid is a classic Muslim boy name of Persian origin. It means “unique” or “singular” and holds spiritual significance. Vahid represents the oneness and uniqueness of God, making it a timeless choice for devout Muslim parents.
  2. Girl: Vidaar Vidaar is a timeless and traditional Muslim girl name of Arabic origin. It means “wide” or “broad-minded” and signifies open-heartedness and tolerance. Vidaar is an elegant and meaningful choice for parents seeking a classic name with a positive message.
  3. Boy: Vaseem Vaseem is a timeless Muslim boy name with Arabic roots. It means “handsome” or “beautiful” and reflects inner beauty and charm. Vaseem is a classic and sophisticated choice that has stood the test of time.
  4. Girl: Vafiya Vafiya is a classic and timeless Muslim girl name with Arabic origins. It means “loyal” or “faithful” and represents devotion and trustworthiness. With its melodious sound and meaningful connotations, Vafiya is a timeless choice for parents who value traditional names.
  5. Boy: Vakil Vakil is a classic Muslim boy name of Persian origin. It means “representative” or “advocate” and carries the sense of responsibility and leadership. Vakil is a timeless and dignified choice, suitable for families seeking a name that exudes wisdom and integrity.

In conclusion, the process of selecting a name for your baby is an inherently personal decision, and opting for a Muslim name commencing with the letter “V” can infuse your child’s identity with cultural significance. This meticulously curated list offers a plethora of choices, encompassing strong and honorable names for boys, as well as gentle and melodic names for girls. Delve into the meanings behind these names, considering their potential impact on your child’s life. May this compilation of Muslim baby names commencing with “V” inspire you as you embark on this beautiful journey of naming your child, and may their chosen name become a source of pride, blessings, and lifelong happiness.