Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “T”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “S”

Choosing a meaningful and appropriate name for a newborn is an important task for parents of any culture or religion. In the Muslim community, names hold significant value as they often reflect the values, beliefs, and aspirations of the family. When it comes to names starting with the letter “T,” there are numerous beautiful options for Muslim baby boys and girls. From traditional names to more unique choices, this collection encompasses a range of meanings and origins. Whether you seek a name that signifies strength, beauty, or piety, this list will assist you in finding the perfect name for your little one.

The Unsung Heroes and The Visionaries:

Names hold profound meaning in Muslim culture, as they shape an individual’s identity and carry cultural significance. When it comes to selecting a name for their child, Muslim parents seek names that inspire and reflect positive qualities. In this article, we will explore five Muslim boy and girl names that start with the letter “T” under the headings of “The Unsung Heroes” and “The Visionaries.”

  • Tasnim – Tasnim is a beautiful Arabic name that holds spiritual significance. It means “a spring in paradise,” representing purity, serenity, and the ultimate reward for the righteous in the afterlife. Naming a child Tasnim can inspire them to lead a virtuous life filled with inner peace and harmony.
  • Tayyib – Tayyib is an Arabic name that represents goodness and virtue. It signifies someone who possesses qualities of kindness, righteousness, and moral excellence. Naming a child Tayyib can instill a strong sense of empathy and encourage them to always strive for goodness in their interactions and relationships
  • Talha – Talha, an Arabic name meaning “fruitful tree” or “benevolent,” symbolizes generosity and blessings. It represents a person who brings forth goodness, abundance, and positivity into the lives of others. Naming a child Talha can inspire them to have a giving heart, spread kindness, and make a difference in the world.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “T”

Boy Names With “T”

Name Meaning Origin
Taimur Iron Arabic
Talal Nice, Admirable Arabic
Talib Seeker, Student Arabic
Tamir One who owns date palm trees Arabic
Tariq Morning star, Night visitor Arabic
Taufiq Success, Divine help Arabic
Tauheed Oneness, Unity of God Arabic
Tawfiq Success, Reconciliation Arabic
Taymullah Servant of God Arabic
Tayyab Pure, Clean Arabic
Tayyib Good, Pure Arabic
Tazim Honor, Respect Arabic
Thabit Firm, Established Arabic
Thamir Fruitful, Productive Arabic
Thaqib Shooting star Arabic
Tharwat Wealth, Power, Influence Arabic
Tijani Crowned with success, Devout Arabic
Tufail Intercessor, Mediator Arabic
Tuhin Snow Arabic
Tumadur Old Arabic name Arabic
Taher Pure, Chaste Arabic
Tahmid Praise, Glorification Arabic
Taim Falcon, Hawk Arabic
Taqi God-fearing, Pious Arabic
Tareef Rare, Uncommon Arabic
Tawqir Honour, Great respect Arabic
Tawseef Praise, Eulogy Arabic
Taysir Facilitation, Ease Arabic
Thaqeef Name of a tribe Arabic
Tijarah Commerce, Trade Arabic
Tabarak Magnified, Blessed Arabic
Tabish Heat, Brilliance Arabic
Talha A type of tree Arabic
Talibah Seeker after knowledge Arabic
Tamjid Praise, Glorification Arabic
Tamkeen Dignity, Power, Stability Arabic
Tanweer Enlightening, Illuminating Arabic
Tarek Morning star, Nightcomer Arabic
Tarif Unique, Rare Arabic
Tasneem A spring in Paradise Arabic
Tashfeen Sympathetic, Compassionate Arabic
Taslim Greeting, Salutation Arabic
Taufeer Abundance, Excess Arabic
Tawbah Repentance, Penance Arabic
Tayib Pleasant, Agreeable Arabic
Tayseer Making easy, Facilitating Arabic
Tehseen Praise, Admiration Arabic
Tharik The one who knocks at the door Arabic
Tijil Moon Arabic
Touqad A bundle of wood Arabic
Tubaan Happy, Delighted Arabic
Tufayl Good companion, Polite Arabic
Tulayb Seeking, Desiring Arabic
Turab Dust, Soil Arabic
Turan Brave, Courageous Persian
Turaif District, Province Arabic
Turfa Rare, Unusual Arabic
Tusaam Obedient, Compliant Arabic
Tuvya God is good Hebrew
Tawheed Oneness, Unity of God Arabic
Taufan Storm, Tempest Arabic
Tawazun Balance, Equilibrium Arabic
Tehami One who lives by the sea Arabic
Tufan Storm, Flood Arabic
Turaab Variant of Turab, meaning Dust, Soil Arabic
Tamazur Brilliance, Sharpness Arabic
Tameem Perfection, Completeness Arabic
Tamzid Praise, Glorification Arabic
Taqaddam Advance, Progress Arabic
Tarab Joy, Delight Arabic
Tazmeen One who admires Arabic
Tufailah Mediator, Intercessor Arabic
Tuhami Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Tawqeer Honor, Respect, Veneration Arabic
Tazimuddin Honoring the religion (Islam) Arabic
Tahir Pure, Clean Arabic
Talaat Appearance, Countenance Arabic
Tamanna Wish, Desire Arabic
Tamim Strong, Perfect, Complete Arabic
Tariqah Morning star, Night visitor Arabic
Tasawwur Imagination, Conception Arabic
Tawakkul Trust in God, Reliance Arabic
Thamirah Fertile land Arabic
Tufaylah Gentle, Kind Arabic
Turhan Happy, Joyful Persian
Taalim Education, Instruction Arabic
Taban Bright, Radiant Persian
Tafiq Success, Prosperity Arabic
Tahsin Praise, Admiration Arabic
Takrim Respect, Honor Arabic
Talhaa Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Tamimul Generous, Liberal Arabic
Tarifuddin Awareness of religion Arabic
Tasdeeq Confirmation, Verification Arabic
Tawseefur Adorer, Praise-giver Arabic
Thameem Complete, Perfect Arabic
Tufayr Little bird Arabic
Taha Pure, Clean, Name of a Surah in the Quran Arabic
Taj Crown, Jewel Persian
Turki Of Turkish origin Turkish
Tala Gold, Young Palm Tree Arabic
Tariq Morning Star, Nightcomer Arabic
Taufiq Success, Prosperity Arabic
Tawfik Success, Prosperity Arabic
Tazmeem One who admires Arabic
Tehseen Praise, Admiration Arabic
Thabit Firm, Stable Arabic
Tufail Kind, Generous Arabic
Tariqah Path, Way Arabic
Tawfeeq Success, Prosperity Arabic


Girl Names With “T”

Name Meaning Origin
Taaliah Rising, ascension Arabic
Tabeedah Unique, matchless Arabic
Tabinda Bright, shining, sparkling Persian
Tafida Paradise Arabic
Tahani Congratulations, greetings Arabic
Tahira Pure, chaste, virtuous Arabic
Taiba Repentant, virtuous, pious Arabic
Taif Vision, specter, ghost Arabic
Taima Oasis in the desert Arabic
Taira Star, meteor Arabic
Taja Crown, glory, honor Arabic
Tajalli Manifestation, appearance Arabic
Tajwar Crown, royalty Persian
Takreem Honor, respect, dignity Arabic
Talat Countenance, appearance Persian
Tamadur Precious, valuable Arabic
Tamkinat Dignity, grace, honor Arabic
Tammana Wish, desire, aspiration Arabic
Tamseel Exemplar, parable Arabic
Tanaz Delicate body, slender Persian
Taneem Fountain, spring, source Arabic
Tania Fairy queen, delicate, soft, tender Russian
Tanveer Ray of light, illumination Persian
Taqdees Holiness, sanctity, purity Arabic
Tareefa Praise, admiration, compliment Arabic
Tariqa Path, way, method Arabic
Tasbeeh Glorification, hymn of praise Arabic
Taskeen Comfort, tranquility, serenity Arabic
Tasleem Submission, obedience, acceptance Arabic
Tasmia Naming, giving a name Arabic
Tathir Purification, sanctification Arabic
Tawfiq Success, fortune, divine help Arabic
Tawheed Oneness, unity, monotheism Arabic
Tazeen Adornment, decoration Persian
Tehreem Respect, honor, reverence Arabic
Tufaila Kindness, goodness, charity Arabic
Tuhfa Gift, present, offering Arabic
Tukhfa Gift, present, token Arabic
Turfa Eminent, superior, noble Arabic
Turkan Sovereign, empress, queen Persian
Tazeem Honor, respect, reverence Arabic
Tawakkul Trust, reliance, confidence Arabic
Tariqah Spiritual path, mysticism Arabic
Tazkia Purification, cleansing Arabic
Thameenah Precious, valuable, esteemed Arabic
Thania Second, following, next Arabic
Thara Wealth, riches, fortune Arabic
Thurayya Pleiades, star cluster Arabic
Tooba Blessed tree in paradise Arabic
Tufaylah Diminutive of Tufaila, kindness, goodness Arabic
Turaiya Bird, small starling Arabic
Tareen Pure, clean, chaste Persian
Tasbih Glorification, praise, rosary Arabic
Taseen Verse in the Quran Arabic
Taybah Pure, good, virtuous Arabic
Tayma Strong wind, thunderstorm Arabic
Tawana Fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment Persian
Tawbah Repentance, penitence, contrition Arabic
Tawfiqa Success, prosperity, fortune Arabic
Taysir Ease, facilitation, simplification Arabic
Thabitah Firm, steadfast, resolute Arabic
Thajwar Agile, lively, active Arabic
Tharwat Wealth, prosperity, abundance Arabic
Thulayma Nightingale Arabic
Tisam Smiling, happiness, joy Arabic
Tufailah Kind, compassionate, benevolent Arabic
Tazmeen Adornment, embellishment Arabic
Tahseen Praise, appreciation, admiration Arabic
Taliba Seeker, aspiring Arabic
Tamadurah Precious, valuable Arabic
Tameemah Perfect, complete Arabic
Tamimi My nation, my people Arabic
Tanha Lonely, solitary, single Persian
Tarana Melody, song, music Persian
Tareeqa Way, path, method Arabic
Tasawwur Imagination, visualization Arabic
Tasdeeq Validation, confirmation, endorsement Arabic
Taseer Influence, impact, effect Arabic
Tashfeen Sympathy, compassion Arabic
Tashnuba Euphoria, bliss, ecstasy Persian
Tasleema Salutation, greeting, salutation Arabic
Tawakul Trust, reliance, confidence Arabic
Tawanaa Desire, aspiration, wish Arabic
Tawfiqah Success, prosperity, good fortune Arabic
Tawhid Oneness, monotheism, unity Arabic
Thabitah Firm, resolute, steadfast Arabic
Tharwah Wealth, abundance, riches Arabic
Thikra Remembrance, commemoration Arabic
Thuraya Star, constellation, cluster Arabic
Toobah Repentance, forgiveness, turning to Allah Arabic
Tufayl Humble, meek, gentle Arabic
Tulayb Student, disciple Arabic
Tumadur Diamond, precious stone Arabic
Turfaa Benevolent, compassionate, kindhearted Arabic
Taaj Crown, tiara Arabic
Tabbassum Smile, cheerfulness Arabic
Tabish Warmth, shine, brilliance Persian
Tahiyya Greetings, salutation Arabic
Tahirah Pure, clean, virtuous Arabic
Tahmina Precious, expensive, valuable Persian
Taiya Bird, colorful, melodious Arabic
Tajdaar Crowned, with a tiara, ruler Persian
Tala Gold Arabic
Talibah Seeker, student, pursuer Arabic
Tamarind Fruit tree with sour pulp Arabic
Tanbir Intelligent, wise Arabic
Tanirah Success, victory Arabic
Tarafah Praiseworthy, admirable Arabic
Tarannum Melody, song Arabic
Tareenah Pure, clean, chaste Arabic
Tarin Pure, clean, clear Arabic
Tasdiq Verification, confirmation, attestation Arabic
Tasfia Purification, cleansing, purification Arabic
Tasmara Songbird Arabic
Tathirah Pure, clean, purified Arabic
Tawakkaltu I put my trust in Allah Arabic
Tawbahah Repentance, penance Arabic
Tawfeeqah Success, prosperity, good fortune Arabic
Taybah Good, pure, virtuous Arabic
Tayyaba Pure, chaste, virtuous Arabic
Tehreema Respect, honor, reverence Arabic
Thamina Generous, openhanded Arabic


Meanings and Origins:

  • Taha: Derived from the Arabic word for “pure,” Taha represents a quality of cleanliness and spiritual purity.
  • Talha: This name is associated with a fruitful tree and symbolizes fertility, abundance, and growth.
  • Tariq: Meaning “morning star,” Tariq conveys the idea of guidance and illumination, shining light on the path ahead.
  • Thabit: Derived from the Arabic word for “firm” or “constant,” Thabit signifies strength, stability, and steadfastness.

Noteworthy Names:

  • Tamim: Tamim means “perfect” or “complete.” It is a name that signifies wholeness and integrity.
  • Tawfiq: Tawfiq is a name that carries the meaning of “divine guidance” and “success.” It represents being blessed and achieving success through divine favor.

Meanings and Origins:

  • Tahira: Meaning “pure” or “chaste,” Tahira represents a sense of moral purity and righteousness.
  • Tasneem: This name refers to the “fountain of paradise,” symbolizing eternal blessings and serenity.
  • Taybah: Taybah signifies “pure” and “good.” It represents a person of virtuous character and high moral standing.
  • Thara: Thara means “wealth” and “provision.” It represents abundance and blessings in life.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Muslim Baby Name:

Spiritual Significance:

When selecting a Muslim baby name, it is essential to consider the spiritual connotations and meanings associated with the name. Parents often seek names that reflect positive qualities, virtues, and blessings.

Pronunciation and Ease of Spelling:

Choosing a name that is easy to pronounce and spell is beneficial both for the child and those they interact with. Opting for simpler names can prevent confusion and ensure a smooth experience throughout their lives.

Cultural and Family Connections:

Many Muslim families choose names that honor their cultural heritage or have special significance within their families. This strengthens the bond with their roots and adds a unique touch to the name’s meaning.

Gender-Appropriate Names:

Considering the gender appropriateness of a name is important. Islamic tradition encourages using distinct names for boys and girls, ensuring clarity and respect for gender identity.

Resources for Finding Muslim Baby Names:

Islamic Literature: Islamic literature, including the Quran and Hadiths, offers a wealth of inspiration for meaningful Muslim names. Exploring these sacred texts can provide a deeper understanding of the names and their religious significance.

Online Databases and Websites:

Numerous online databases and websites offer comprehensive collections of Muslim baby names, along with their meanings and origins. These resources make it convenient for parents to search and filter names based on specific criteria.

Consulting Scholars and Elders:

Seeking guidance from Islamic scholars or consulting with respected elders in the family can provide valuable insights and suggestions for suitable Muslim baby names. Their wisdom and knowledge can help ensure the name aligns with Islamic principles and