Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “S”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “S”

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is an exciting and meaningful endeavor for every parent. In Islamic culture, names hold immense significance as they are believed to influence a child’s character and future. Muslim baby names starting with the letter “S” offer a rich array of options, each carrying its own symbolism and beauty. This article will explore the world of Muslim baby names beginning with “S” and provide inspiration for parents seeking meaningful and unique names for their baby boys and girls.

The Unsung Heroes

Choosing a name for a boy that embodies courage and strength can inspire him to become a resilient individual who faces challenges head-on. Here are five Muslim boy names starting with “S” that reflect these qualities:

  1. Sami
    • Meaning: “elevated” or “exalted”
    • Significance: This name symbolizes ambition and the desire for spiritual elevation.
  2. Sultan
    • Meaning: “ruler” or “king”
    • Significance: A name that represents leadership and authority, reminding the child to be confident and responsible.
  3. Saif
    • Meaning: “sword”
    • Significance: This name signifies bravery and the ability to protect and defend.
  4. Shakir
    • Meaning: “thankful” or “grateful”
    • Significance: Naming a child Shakir encourages gratitude and appreciation for life’s blessings.
  5. Saeed
    • Meaning: “happy” or “fortunate”
    • Significance: A name that promotes a positive outlook and encourages the pursuit of happiness.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “S”

Boy Names With “S”

Name Meaning Origin
Saad Happiness, Good fortune Arabic
Saadat Prosperity, Happiness, Good luck Arabic
Saadi One who is happy Arabic
Saadullah Joy of Allah Arabic
Saafir Ambassador, Mediator Arabic
Saahir Wakeful, Aware Arabic
Saajid One who worships Allah Arabic
Saalih Virtuous, Good, Chaste Arabic
Saalim Safe, Sound, Perfect Arabic
Saamir Entertaining companion Arabic
Saariyah Clouds at night Arabic
Sabah Morning Arabic
Sabih Beautiful, Handsome Arabic
Sabil Path, Way Arabic
Sabir Patient, Enduring Arabic
Sabit Strong, Firm, Established Arabic
Sabri Patient, Enduring Arabic
Sabuh Bright, Radiant Arabic
Sadiq Truthful, Sincere Arabic
Sadun Happy, Fortunate Arabic
Saeed Happy, Fortunate Arabic
Safdar Brave, Lion Arabic
Safeer Emissary, Ambassador Arabic
Safi Pure, Clean Arabic
Safir Ambassador, Mediator Arabic
Safwan Rock, Solid Arabic
Sagar Ocean, Sea Persian
Saghir Small, Young Arabic
Sahab Cloud Arabic
Sahar Awake, Alert Arabic
Sahib Companion, Friend Arabic
Sahil Guide, Shore Arabic
Sahir Wakeful, Aware Arabic
Sahm Arrow, Dart Arabic
Sajid One who prostrates Arabic
Sajjad One who does much prostration Arabic
Sakhr Rock, Stone Arabic
Saleem Safe, Sound, Perfect Arabic
Salif Previous, Former Arabic
Salih Virtuous, Good, Chaste Arabic
Salim Safe, Sound, Perfect Arabic
Salman Safe, Sound Arabic
Samad Eternal, Absolute Arabic
Sameer Entertaining companion Arabic
Samir Entertaining companion Arabic
Sanaullah Worshipper of Allah Arabic
Sani Brilliant, Splendid Arabic
Saqib Shining, Glittering Arabic
Sarfaraz Head held high, Honored Persian
Sari Noble, Chief Arabic
Sarmad Eternity, Everlasting Persian
Sarosh Angel, Divine Inspiration Persian
Sarwar Leader, Chief Persian
Sattar Veiler, Concealer Arabic
Saud Fortunate, Happy Arabic
Savaiz Praise, Glow Arabic
Sawar Mounted, Horseman Arabic
Sayeed Leader, Noble Arabic
Sayf Sword Arabic
Sayid Master, Lord, Chief Arabic
Sayyar Mobile, Going Arabic
Seif Sword Arabic
Seifullah Sword of Allah Arabic
Shaaf One who gives health Arabic
Shaamil All-inclusive, Comprehensive Arabic
Shaan Condition, Business, Affair Persian
Shabaz Falcon Persian
Shabbar Patient, Enduring Arabic
Shad Happy, Cheerful Persian
Shadan Joyful, Cheerful Persian
Shadi Singer Arabic
Shafay Intercessor, Mediator Arabic
Shafeeq Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Shafqat Affection, Compassion Arabic
Shahab Shooting star, Meteor Persian
Shahid Witness, Martyr Arabic
Shahin Falcon Persian
Shahroz Bright face Persian
Shahzad Prince, Son of a King Persian
Shahzeb Decorated King Persian
Shair Poet Arabic
Shajar Trees Arabic
Shakeel Handsome, Comely Arabic
Shaker Thankful Arabic
Shakil Handsome, Well-formed Arabic
Shakir Thankful, Grateful Arabic
Shams Sun Arabic
Shamsuddin Sun of the Religion (Islam) Arabic
Sharaf Honor, Nobility Arabic
Shareef Noble, Honorable Arabic
Sharif Noble, Distinguished Arabic
Shariq Radiant, Shining Arabic
Shaukat Grandeur, Dignity Arabic
Shawqi Affectionate, Tender Arabic
Shehryar King Persian
Shihab Flame, Blaze Arabic
Shiraz A city in Iran Persian
Shoaib A Prophet's Name Arabic
Shuja Brave, Valiant Arabic
Suhail Name of a Star, Gentle Arabic
Suhaib Of Reddish Hair or Complexion Arabic
Suhayb Reddish or Sandy (Hair) Arabic
Suhayl Gentle, Easy, Name of a Star Arabic
Suhaan Beautiful Arabic
Suheb Love Arabic
Suhuyb Reddish or Sandy (Hair) Arabic
Sulaiman A Prophet's Name (Solomon) Arabic
Sulayman A Prophet's Name (Solomon) Arabic
Sultaan Sultan, Ruler Arabic
Sultan Ruler, King, Emperor Arabic
Sumair Charming, Entertaining Companion Arabic
Sumeer Entertaining Companion Arabic
Sunbul Spike, Ear of Grain Arabic
Suraj Sun Arabic
Suroor Joy, Happiness Arabic
Surya Sun Arabic
Syed Leader, Noble Arabic
Syeed Noble, Leader Arabic


Girl Names With “S”

Name Meaning Origin
Saba Morning breeze, Zephyr Arabic
Sabah Morning, Dawn Arabic
Sabira Patient, Persevering Arabic
Sabrina From the River Severn Celtic/Arabic
Sadiya Fortunate, Blessed Arabic
Saeeda Happy, Prosperous Arabic
Safa Purity, Clarity, Serenity Arabic
Safiyya Pure, Best friend Arabic
Sahlia Easy, Facile Arabic
Sahira Wakeful, Alert Arabic
Sakina Tranquility, Peace, Calmness Arabic
Salima Safe, Sound, Unharmed Arabic
Salma Peaceful, Safe Arabic
Salsabil A spring in paradise, Sweet water Arabic
Samah Generosity, Forgiveness Arabic
Samaira Enchanting, Protected by God Arabic
Sameena Happy, Cheerful, Beautiful Arabic
Samina Healthy, Fertile Arabic
Samira Companion in evening conversation, Entertainer Arabic
Sana Brilliance, Splendor, Radiance Arabic
Sania Brilliant, Radiant Arabic
Sara Princess, Noblewoman Arabic/Hebrew
Sarina Serene, Calm Arabic/Persian
Sawsan Lily of the valley Arabic
Shabnam Dew, Morning dew Persian
Shadha Aromatic Arabic
Shadiya Singer, Happy Arabic
Shafaq Twilight, Redness of the sky Arabic
Shahd Honey Arabic
Shahida Witness, Testifier Arabic
Shahla Dark flower, Bluish-black Persian
Shahnaaz Pride of the king Persian
Shahnaz Pride, Glory Persian
Shahrazad City-born, Free Persian
Shahzadi Princess Persian
Shaima Good-natured, Mark of beauty Arabic
Shaina Beautiful, Radiant Arabic
Shakila Well-shaped, Beautiful Arabic
Shalina Courteous, Modest Arabic
Shama Candle, Lamp Arabic
Shamaila Symbolic, Expressive Arabic
Shameen Precious, Semiprecious stone Arabic
Shamina Fragrant, Good-smelling Arabic
Shamira Guardian, Protector Arabic
Shams Sun Arabic
Shamsa Piece of the sun, Sunflower Arabic
Shanza Woman of dignity Arabic
Sharifa Noble, Honorable Arabic
Shariqah Rising sun Arabic
Shazia Rare, Extraordinary Arabic
Sheen Shine, Elegance Arabic
Sheherbano Lady of the city, Princess Persian
Shehla Dark brown, Dark Arabic
Shehrbano Princess, Daughter of the city Persian
Shereen Sweet, Pleasant Persian
Shifa Healing, Curing Arabic
Shireen Sweet, Charming Persian
Shiza A gift, Present Arabic
Shukria Thankful, Grateful Arabic
Shumaila Beautiful face Arabic
Sibgha Color, Dye Arabic
Sidra Tree of heaven, Star Arabic
Sifaat Attributes, Qualities Arabic
Sika Money, Coins Arabic
Simra Heaven, Sky Arabic
Sitara Star Persian
Siwar Bracelet, Armlet Arabic
Sofiya Wisdom Arabic/Greek
Soha Star Arabic
Sohaila Moonlit, Gentle moonlight Arabic
Solmaz Everlasting beauty Persian
Somayya High, Exalted Arabic
Sonia Golden, Beautiful Persian
Soraya A cluster of stars, Pleiades Persian
Soukaina Tranquility, Peace Arabic
Suhaila Smooth, Soft, Fluent Arabic
Suha Name of a star, Reddish star Arabic
Suhana Beautiful, Pleasant Arabic
Suhayla Smooth, Soft, Fluent Arabic
Suhaymah Small arrow Arabic
Sukaina Comfort, Ease, Peaceful Arabic
Sukayna Serenity, Tranquility Arabic
Sumaira Brownish, Diminutive of brown Arabic
Sumaiya Pure, Exalted Arabic
Sumayya Martyr, High above Arabic
Sumbal Bunch of flowers Persian
Sundus Silk brocade, Fine silk Arabic
Suraiya Cluster of stars, The Pleiades Arabic
Suraya The Pleiades, Cluster of stars Arabic
Suri Princess, Noblewoman Persian
Surina Wise, Knowledgeable Persian
Suroor Joy, Happiness, Delight Arabic
Surya The sun Arabic
Suwayda Black, Dark Arabic
Syeda Lady, Noblewoman Arabic
Sakeena Tranquility, Peace of mind Arabic
Saleema Safe, Sound, Perfect Arabic
Salwa Solace, Comfort, Quail Arabic
Sameera Companion in evening conversation Arabic
Samiha Generous, Giving Arabic
Samiya Elevated, Exalted Arabic
Samra Soft, Light brown Arabic
Saniyah Brilliant, Splendid Arabic
Saraqa The Milky Way Arabic
Sareena Calm, Serene Arabic
Sariah Clouds at night Arabic
Sarra Joy, Happiness Arabic
Sayeda Lady, Chief Arabic
Sayyida Lady, Noblewoman Arabic
Seema Face, Expression Arabic
Selma Peace, Security Arabic
Serene Calm, Tranquil Arabic
Shada Happiness, Joy Arabic
Shadiyah Singer Arabic
Shafiqah Compassionate, Tender Arabic
Shafiqa Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Shahnur The light of the king Persian
Shaista Polite, Cultured, Well-mannered Persian
Shalimar Abode of love Persian
Sharikah Partner, Companion Arabic



The Visionaries

Empowering Wisdom and Creativity

For a girl, selecting a name that embodies wisdom and creativity can instill confidence and a passion for knowledge. Here are five Muslim girl names starting with “S” that encompass these qualities:

  1. Sara
    • Meaning: “princess”
    • Significance: This name symbolizes nobility and encourages a sense of self-worth and dignity.
  2. Samira
    • Meaning: “entertaining companion” or “wind”
    • Significance: A name that reflects creativity and a free-spirited nature, inspiring the child to explore their imagination.
  3. Sana
    • Meaning: “radiance” or “brilliance”
    • Significance: This name represents intellectual brilliance and the pursuit of knowledge.
  4. Safia
    • Meaning: “pure” or “virtuous”
    • Significance: Naming a child Safia promotes moral integrity and a commitment to righteousness.
  5. Saida
    • Meaning: “happy” or “fortunate”
    • Significance: A name that encourages a positive outlook and gratitude for life’s blessings.

In conclusion, the selection of Muslim boy and girl names starting with the letter “S” provides a diverse range of options that embody various virtues and qualities. Choosing a name for a child is a significant responsibility,