Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “R”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “R”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby is an exciting and significant endeavor, and if you’re searching for Muslim baby names that start with the letter “R,” you’ve landed in the right place. Within Islamic culture, names hold immense importance as they often embody the desired qualities and virtues parents wish for their children to possess. The letter “R” presents a wealth of exquisite and profound names for both boys and girls. This collection encompasses a diverse array of options, ranging from traditional names steeped in history and spirituality to modern and distinctive choices. Delve into this compilation as you embark on the delightful journey of finding a name that resonates with your faith and values.

The Unsung Heroes:

These names represent individuals who, through their actions and virtues, have made a significant impact on their communities and the world, yet their stories may not be widely known. Here are five Muslim boy/girl names starting with the letter “R” that reflect the spirit of these unsung heroes:

  1. Raheem (Boy): Meaning “compassionate” or “merciful,” Raheem is a name that embodies the kindness and empathy shown by those who silently work to uplift others in need.
  2. Raziya (Girl): Raziya, meaning “content” or “satisfied,” reminds us of the inner strength and resilience displayed by individuals who remain steadfast in the face of adversity.
  3. Rashid (Boy): Derived from the Arabic word for “guided” or “righteous,” Rashid represents individuals who strive to guide others towards the path of goodness and righteousness, even if their efforts go unnoticed.
  4. Rida (Girl): Rida, meaning “satisfaction” or “pleasure of Allah,” represents those who seek to please Allah and find contentment in fulfilling their duties towards Him and humanity, without seeking recognition or praise.
  5. Rais (Boy): Rais, which means “leader” or “captain,” symbolizes those individuals who lead by example, inspiring others with their actions and dedication, even if their contributions remain uncelebrated.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “R”

Boy Names With “R”

Name Meaning Origin
Raad Thunder Arabic
Raafat Kindness, Compassion Arabic
Raahil One who Travels Arabic
Raamis Good-looking Arabic
Raashid Rightly Guided Arabic
Raaud Garden Arabic
Raafeeq Friend Arabic
Raahim Merciful Arabic
Rabah Gainer Arabic
Rabar Courageous Arabic
Rabi Spring Arabic
Rabia Spring Arabic
Rabit Connector Arabic
Radhi Content Arabic
Radhwan Satisfaction Arabic
Radi Satisfied Arabic
Radwan Rejoicing Arabic
Raees Rich, Wealthy Arabic
Rafee High, Exalted Arabic
Rafeeq Friend Arabic
Raffi Exalted, Sublime Arabic
Rafid Helper Arabic
Rafiq Companion Arabic
Raghib Desirous Arabic
Rahal Traveller Arabic
Raheel One who leaves home in the early morning Arabic
Rahim Merciful, Compassionate Arabic
Rahman Merciful, Compassionate Arabic
Raihan Sweet-smelling Plant Arabic
Rais Leader Arabic
Raja Hope, Wish Arabic
Rajab Seventh Month of the Islamic Calendar Arabic
Rajih Having the upper hand Arabic
Raji Hoping, Full of hope Arabic
Rajih Having the upper hand Arabic
Raji Hoping, Full of hope Arabic
Rakin Respectful Arabic
Rameez Symbol Arabic
Ramih Archer Arabic
Ramiz Symbolic Arabic
Rana To Gaze, Look Arabic
Rani To Gaze, Look Arabic
Raouf Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Raseem One who Designs Arabic
Rashad Rightly Guided Arabic
Rashid Rightly Guided Arabic
Rasim Planner, Designer Arabic
Rasul Prophet Arabic
Rayan Watered, Luxuriant Arabic
Rayees Rich, Wealthy Arabic
Rayhaan Sweet-smelling Plant Arabic
Rayhan Sweet Basil Arabic
Rayn It is the name of a gate of the heaven Arabic
Razeen Calm, Composed Arabic
Razi Satisfied, Pleased Arabic
Razik Provider Arabic
Razzaq Provider Arabic
Reehan Fragrance Arabic
Reem Gazelle Arabic
Rehan Fragrance Arabic
Reyad Garden Arabic
Reyhan Sweet Basil Arabic
Riaz Garden, Meadow Arabic
Ridwan Satisfaction, Acceptance Arabic
Rifaa High Status Arabic
Rifat High Status Arabic
Rihab Vastness, Broadness Arabic
Rihan Fragrant Plant Arabic
Rikaz Treasure Arabic
Rizq Sustenance Arabic
Rizwan Acceptance, Good Will Arabic
Rohail Noble Arabic
Rohan Ascending, Growing Arabic
Roshan Bright, Shining Persian
Rubaan Lamp, Light Arabic
Rubayi My Ruby Arabic
Ruben Behold, A son Hebrew
Ruhan Spiritual Arabic
Ruhi Spiritual Arabic
Rukan Steady, Confident Arabic
Rukhsar Cheeks Arabic
Rukn Pillar, Support Arabic
Rumaan Symbol, Mark Arabic
Rumail Old Arabic Name Arabic
Rumays Small Rome Arabic
Ruqayya Gentle, Kind Arabic
Ruwayfi Gentle Wind Arabic
Ryan Little King Irish
Raza Pleasure, Contentment Arabic
Razzak Provider Arabic
Reza Pleasure, Contentment Persian
Raafe Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Rafeeqe Friend Arabic
Raghid Pleasant, Good-natured Arabic
Raji' Hoping, Full of Hope Arabic
Rameez Symbol, Sign Arabic
Ramin Guardian, Protector Persian
Rashdan Guidance Arabic
Razeef Caring, Tender-hearted Arabic
Raziq Provider, Sustainer Arabic
Raseel Messenger Arabic
Rashed Guided, Right-minded Arabic
Rasheeq Graceful, Elegant Arabic
Rauf Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Rayd Leader, Pioneer Arabic
Raziuddin Contentment of the Religion Arabic
Ridha Satisfaction, Approval Arabic
Rifaat Elevation, High Status Arabic
Rizwanullah Goodwill of Allah Arabic
Raafeeq Companion, Friend Arabic
Raahimah Merciful, Kind Arabic
Rabiah Greenery, Spring Arabic
Radeem Servant of the Gracious One Arabic
Rafeeqe Kind, Compassionate Arabic
Rafidah Supporter, Helper Arabic
Raghib Aspiring, Desirous Arabic
Rahmatullah Mercy of Allah Arabic
Raisul Leader, Chief Arabic
Ramadhan Ninth month of the Islamic calendar Arabic
Rameen Obedient, Submissive Arabic
Rami Loving, Affectionate Arabic
Ramlah A type of scent Arabic
Ranaa To gaze, Look Arabic
Rania Contented, Satisfied Arabic
Rashedul Righteous, Pious Arabic
Rasmi Traditional, Formal Arabic
Rayed Leader, Pioneer Arabic
Rehman Merciful, Compassionate Arabic
Rezaan Goodwill, Favor Arabic
Riza Contentment, Approval Arabic
Rizqullah Sustenance of Allah Arabic
Robiul Lord of the World Arabic
Rohaan Spiritual, Pure Arabic
Romir Intelligent, Wise Arabic
Roshen Bright, Illuminated Persian
Rukanuddin Steady in Religion Arabic
Ruqayb Watchful, Alert Arabic
Rushil Charming, Attractive Arabic
Rustam Brave, Valiant Persian
Rafa Kindness, Mercy Arabic
Raheelah One who travels in the night Arabic
Raif Kind, Merciful Arabic
Rajaa Hope, Desire Arabic
Rajihah One who is inclined to something Arabic
Rakhshan Bright, Shining Persian
Rameezan Month of Ramadan Arabic
Ranaan Joy, Happiness Arabic
Raniq Sweet-smelling, Fragrant Arabic
Raqeeb Watchful, Observer Arabic
Raseer Wise, Sagacious Arabic
Rasiq Deep, Profound Arabic
Razeem Resolute, Determined Arabic
Razique One who provides Arabic
Rehaam Compassionate, Merciful Arabic
Rehbaar Guide, Leader Arabic
Rehmat Mercy, Blessing Arabic
Riazuddin Contentment of the Religion Arabic
Rizqin Gift, Bestowal Arabic
Raaif Compassionate, Kind Arabic
Raah Free, Unrestrained Arabic
Raashan Wise, Sagacious Arabic
Raaz Secret, Mystery Arabic
Radwanullah Good Will of Allah Arabic
Rafaa High, Exalted Arabic
Rafiqul Companion of Allah Arabic
Raham Merciful, Compassionate Arabic
Rahbar Guide, Leader Arabic
Rahmanullah Mercifulness of Allah Arabic
Raisuddin Leader in the Religion Arabic
Rajab Ali Honorable Person Arabic
Ramee Loving, Affectionate Arabic
Ramzan Month of Fasting Arabic
Ranae To gaze, Look Arabic
Raqim Writer, Recorder Arabic
Rasekh Receiver, Acceptor Arabic
Rasheem One who is wise and brave Arabic
Rashidul Righteous, Upright Arabic
Rayyanul Gate of Heaven Arabic
Raaqib Observer, Watcher Arabic
Raashid One who follows the right path Arabic
Rabiaf Spring, Garden Arabic
Raddad Supporter, Helper Arabic
Radiyy Content, Pleased Arabic
Radwaan Name of an angel in Islam Arabic
Raeesuddin Leader in Religion Arabic
Rafeequl Kind-hearted, Companion of Allah Arabic
Rafiiq Companion, Friend Arabic
Raghibul Aspiring, Desiring Arabic
Rahaim Compassionate, Merciful Arabic
Rahmatullahi Mercy of Allah Arabic
Raifah Compassionate, Kind Arabic
Rakan Noble, Respected Arabic
Ramy Loving, Affectionate Arabic
Rana To gaze, Look Arabic
Raseen Calm, Composed Arabic
Rashedul Islam Guided by Islam Arabic
Rashiduddin Rightly Guided in Religion Arabic
Rayhaan Sweet-smelling plant Arabic
Rafee Sublime, Exalted Arabic
Rafsan Delightful, Pleasant Arabic
Raheeb Fearful, Apprehensive Arabic
Rahman Merciful, Compassionate Arabic
Rajab Seventh month of the Islamic calendar Arabic
Rakanullah Noble Servant of Allah Arabic
Ramiel Thunder of God Arabic
Rashedul Right-minded, Wise Arabic
Rasul Messenger, Apostle Arabic
Rawad Fresh, Tender Arabic
Rayan Watered, Luxuriant Arabic
Raydhan Garden, Meadow Arabic
Rayhan Sweet Basil Arabic
Razan Sensible, Discerning Arabic
Razin Composed, Calm Arabic
Rezaul Pleasure, Contentment Arabic
Riaan Little King Arabic
Rida Approval, Satisfaction Arabic
Rifaan Compassionate, Kind Arabic
Rukanul Firm, Stable Arabic
Raami Loving, Affectionate Arabic
Raazi Willing, Pleased Arabic
Radd Content, Satisfied Arabic
Rafsanjani Joyous, Happy Persian
Rahil One who travels Arabic
Rahmatulah Blessing of Allah Arabic
Rajaae Hopeful, Desirous Arabic
Rameez Symbolic, Sign Arabic
Rashad Righteous, Upright Arabic
Rashdan Guidance, Guidance of Allah Arabic
Rashid Guided, Righteous Arabic
Rayen Lush, Fertile Arabic
Rayyan Gate of Paradise Arabic
Razeen Intelligent, Wise Arabic
Razi Composed, Calm Arabic
Raziqin Providers, Sustainers Arabic
Ridwan Pleasure, Satisfaction Arabic
Rifqi Kindness, Gentleness Arabic
Rizqullahi Blessing, Sustenance from Allah Arabic


Girl Names With “R”

Name Meaning Origin
Rabi Spring, breeze Arabic
Rida Contentment, satisfaction Arabic
Rukhsar Cheek, face Persian
Rasha Young gazelle Arabic
Rania Queenly, serene Arabic
Rima White ant Arabic
Ruqaya Name of the Prophet's Arabic
Ruqayyah Name of the Prophet's Arabic
Raisa Leader, chief Russian
Raja Hope, desire, wish Arabic
Rasha Young gazelle Arabic
Ramsha Brilliant Arabic
Ramlah Sand colored Arabic
Rana To gaze, look Arabic
Rashmi Ray of light Hindi
Rasia Rose-colored Urdu
Ridaa Favored by Allah Arabic
Rihana Sweet basil Swahili, Arabic
Rimsha Bouquet Arabic
Riza Pleasure, contentment Persian
Rabab White cloud Arabic
Rahma Mercy, love Arabic
Rasha Young gazelle Arabic
Razia Satisfied, pleased Arabic
Rubeina Brightness Arabic
Rukaya Name of the Prophet's Arabic
Rumeysa Symbol of beauty Arabic
Rabea Springtime, garden Arabic
Rabia Fourth Arabic
Rafia Sublime Arabic
Raisah Leader Arabic
Raaida Leader, pioneer Arabic
Rabeea Garden, springtime Arabic
Radeyah Content, satisfied Arabic
Radwa Contentment Arabic
Rafa Happiness Arabic
Raffa Kindness, mercy Arabic
Rafiqa Friend, companion Arabic
Raghad Pleasant smell Arabic
Raghiba Desiring, wishing Arabic
Rahaf Delicate, tender Arabic
Raima Lovable Arabic
Raisah Leader Arabic
Rajaah Hopeful, desiring Arabic
Rajiha Hopeful, longing Arabic
Rajiya Hoping, expectant Arabic
Rakhsh Splendid, brilliant Persian
Ramlia Sand-colored Arabic
Ranaa Delight Arabic
Raniah Queen, noblewoman Arabic
Ranya Pleasant, agreeable Arabic
Rashaad Guidance, direction Arabic
Rashida Wise, mature, prudent Arabic
Rashmiyya Beaming Arabic
Rayann Fragrant Arabic
Rayyan Gate of heaven, luxuriant Arabic
Razana Fascinating Arabic
Razila Simple, honest Arabic
Reemah Gazelle Arabic
Rehab Rest, comfort Arabic
Rehana Fragrant Arabic
Reina Peaceful Arabic
Ridaan Acceptance, consent Arabic
Ridhwaan Acceptance, good will Arabic
Ridwana Contentment Arabic
Rifaa High rank Arabic
Rifayah Compassion, pity Arabic
Riffat Elevation Arabic
Rihanaa Sweet basil Arabic
Rizwana Paradise, approval Arabic
Ruaida Support, helper Arabic
Ruwayda Gentle, sweet Arabic
Ruwaida Support, helper Arabic
Ruwina Sweet basil Arabic
Ruzaynah Delicate, tender Arabic
Rabiha Winner, gainer Arabic
Radia Pleased, satisfied Arabic
Rafeeda Friend, ally Arabic
Raghida Pleasant, nice Arabic
Rahmani Merciful Arabic
Raimah Loving Arabic
Raisana Leader, chief Arabic
Rakhshan Brilliant, shining Persian
Ramisha Happiness Arabic
Ramla Prophet's aunt Arabic
Ranae One who is graceful Arabic
Raniah Gazing, queen-like Arabic
Rashaeda Righteous Arabic
Rashelle Brave one Arabic
Raydah Pleasure, delight Arabic
Rayhan Sweet-smelling Arabic
Rayyanah Door of heaven Arabic
Ridaana Acceptance Arabic
Rihab Vastness, space Arabic
Rihabiah Living in luxury Arabic
Rizqah Blessing, livelihood Arabic
Roshni Light Hindi
Rubaiba Sleep, nap Arabic
Ruhab Flower, blossom Arabic
Ruksaar Beauty, grace Persian
Rumaisa Bouquet, bunch Arabic
Rakhshin Radiant, shining Persian
Ramlah Sand-colored Arabic
Raniya Gazing, looking Arabic
Rashad Straight path Arabic
Rasheeda Wise, mature Arabic
Rashidah Rightly guided Arabic
Rayyaan Full, satiated Arabic
Razeena Discerning Arabic
Reemalyn Gazelle-like beauty Arabic
Rubina Red gemstone Persian


The Visionaries: These names represent individuals who possess a visionary mindset, aiming to make a positive impact on society through their ideas and actions. Here are five Muslim boy/girl names starting with the letter “R” that embody the spirit of these visionaries:

  1. Rayyan (Boy): Rayyan, meaning “full of life” or “luxuriant,” represents individuals who envision a world abundant with opportunities and work tirelessly to bring their visions to fruition.
  2. Rabia (Girl): Derived from the Arabic word for “spring,” Rabia symbolizes those individuals who bring a fresh perspective and a rejuvenating spirit to their endeavors, inspiring change and progress.
  3. Rifat (Boy): Rifat, meaning “elevation” or “high rank,” signifies individuals who aspire to elevate society through their intellectual pursuits, innovative ideas, and commitment to excellence.
  4. Rania (Girl): Rania, derived from the Arabic word for “queen” or “one who is contented,” represents visionary individuals who strive to empower others and create a harmonious community, where everyone can flourish.
  5. Razaq (Boy): Razaq, meaning “provider” or “sustainer,” embodies individuals who envision a world where no one suffers from poverty or hunger, and work diligently to create sustainable solutions to address societal needs.

To conclude, Muslim baby names commencing with the letter “R” offer a vast selection that carries deep meanings and spiritual significance. Whether you seek a name rooted in Islamic heritage or desire a more contemporary and unique option, the assortment of names starting with “R” presents a rich tapestry for your baby boy or girl. It is crucial to contemplate the attributes and qualities associated with each name, selecting one that harmonizes with your aspirations for your child. May this guide aid you in discovering a name that brings happiness, blessings, and a strong sense of identity to your precious little one.