Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Q”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Q”

Choosing a meaningful and auspicious name for a newborn is an important aspect of Muslim culture. When it comes to Muslim baby names starting with the letter “Q,” there is a rich variety of options that carry deep significance and evoke a sense of spirituality. These names not only reflect the beauty of the Arabic language but also embody values cherished by the Islamic faith. From strong and noble choices for boys to delicate and graceful options for girls, Muslim names beginning with “Q” offer a plethora of possibilities for parents seeking a name with a profound meaning.

Trends and Modern Choices:

When it comes to selecting Muslim baby names starting with the letter “Q,” there is a fascinating array of trendy and modern options available. These names beautifully blend contemporary influences with the richness of Islamic traditions, appealing to parents seeking a name that reflects the changing times. Here, we present five trendy and modern choices for Muslim baby boys and girls, infused with cultural significance and a touch of modernity.

  • Qasim: Meaning “one who divides” or “distributor,” Qasim is a name that exudes strength and fairness while carrying a trendy flair. It maintains its connection to Islamic heritage while resonating with modern sensibilities.
  • Qamar: Derived from the Arabic word for “moon,” Qamar is a trendy and unisex name that symbolizes beauty, illumination, and the gentle radiance of the moon. It brings a touch of contemporary charm while retaining its timeless appeal.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Q”

Boy Names With “Q”

Name Meaning Origin
Qaabil Able, Capable Arabic
Qabeel Son of Adam Arabic
Qadeem Ancient Arabic
Qadim Ancient, Antique Arabic
Qahtan Name of a tribe Arabic
Qais Firm, Lover Arabic
Qamar Moon Arabic
Qambar Servant of Imam Ali Arabic
Qanit Obedient Arabic
Qaraar Rest, Firmness Arabic
Qareeb Near, Close Arabic
Qari Reader, Reciter Arabic
Qasid Messenger, Courier Arabic
Qasif Discoverer, Revealer Arabic
Qasim Divider, Distributor Arabic
Qatadah Tree with hard wood Arabic
Qatil Murderer Arabic
Qavi Strong, Powerful Arabic
Qawee Strong, Powerful Arabic
Qays Firm, Lover Arabic
Qazan Balance Arabic
Qazi Judge, Magistrate Arabic
Qeemti Precious Arabic
Qimat Value, Worth Arabic
Qindeel Lamp, Light Arabic
Qiran Two persons Arabic
Qisaf One who smashes Arabic
Qismat Fate, Destiny Arabic
Qiwam One who takes care Arabic
Qudamah Courageous, Brave Arabic
Qudoos Holy, Sacred Arabic
Qudrat Power, Might Arabic
Quds Holy City of Jerusalem Arabic
Qudsi Holy, Divine Arabic
Qurban Sacrifice, Offering Arabic
Qutb Pole, Pivot Arabic
Qutub Pole, Axis Arabic
Qutuz Conqueror Arabic
Qwey Alive Arabic
Qyas Judge, Decision maker Arabic
Qaswarah One who brings victory Arabic
Qasimah Distributor, Divider Arabic
Qaysar King, Emperor Arabic
Qisafir Traveler, Voyager Arabic
Qudsiyah Sacred, Holy Arabic
Qunbur Cucurbit, Gourd Arabic
Qanitah Obedient, Submissive Arabic
Qarif Autumn Arabic
Qawwas Brave, Daring Arabic
Qaylah Gracious, Generous Arabic
Qaaim Residing, Staying Arabic
Qabid Constrictor, Restrainer Arabic
Qabool Accepted, Agreeable Arabic
Qadeer Powerful, Capable Arabic
Qadri Capable, Competent Arabic
Qaisar Emperor, King Arabic
Qambarali Servant of Ali Arabic
Qamaruddin Moon of the religion Arabic
Qanafizh Winner, Victor Arabic
Qanbar Root, Base Arabic
Qareem Generous, Noble Arabic
Qariulain Two lights, Two bright ones Arabic
Qasifah Discoverer, Revealer Arabic
Qaswar Victorious, Successful Arabic
Qatan Small, Short Arabic
Qatawneh One who cuts and breaks Arabic
Qatilah Killer, Murderer Arabic
Qayam Upright, Standing Arabic
Qazanfar Treasure, Wealth Arabic
Qazzaz Weaver, Cloth seller Arabic
Qiblah Direction of prayer (towards Kaaba) Arabic
Qirat Beautiful recitation of Quran Arabic
Qismah Destiny, Fate Arabic
Qudam Brave, Courageous Arabic
Qudratullah Power of Allah Arabic
Qulayb Walks with a limp Arabic
Qumail Arrows Arabic
Qurbanali Sacrifice of Ali Arabic
Qutab Tall, Leader Arabic
Qutaybah Irritable, Impatient Arabic
Quthb Axis, Pivot Arabic
Qwaider Brave, Daring Arabic
Qyamuddin Standing for religion Arabic
Qyamulhaq Defender of truth Arabic
Qyass Decision maker, Judge Arabic
Qaylah Generous, Giving Arabic
Qaid Leader, Commander Arabic
Qalb Heart, Soul Arabic
Qanitun Devout, Pious Arabic
Qareebullah Nearness to Allah Arabic
Qareemullah Noble servant of Allah Arabic
Qarsaf Good cover, Protection Arabic
Qasifan Explorer, Discoverer Arabic
Qasimuddin Distributor of the religion Arabic
Qasir Short, Small Arabic
Qatada Tree with hard wood Arabic
Qawi Strong,  
Qiblatayn Two directions (referring to Mecca and Medina) Arabic
Qirbah Pouch, Bag Arabic
Qishshah Storyteller, Narrator Arabic
Qiwamuddin Supporter of the religion Arabic
Qiyam Standing, Residing Arabic
Qiyas Reasoning, Deduction Arabic
Qoraysh Name of a tribe Arabic
Qudsiyyah Holy, Divine Arabic
Qurbanullah Sacrifice for Allah Arabic
Qusay Distant, Remote Arabic
Qawim Strong, Powerful Arabic
Qayyam Self-sustaining, Standing Arabic
Qazafi Courageous, Brave Arabic
Qazzafi One who cuts and trims trees Arabic
Qimatullah Value of Allah Arabic
Qiratullah Beautiful recitation of Allah's name Arabic
Qudratullah Might of Allah Arabic
Qurbanali Sacrifice for Ali Arabic
Qusayy Distant, Remote Arabic
Qutaibah Curious, Inquisitive Arabic


Girl Names With “Q”

Name Meaning Origin
Qabila Able, wise Arabic
Qadira Powerful, capable Arabic
Qaisara Queen-like Arabic
Qamara Moon-like Arabic
Qaniah Contented, satisfied Arabic
Qantara Bridge Arabic
Qara Rare, precious Arabic
Qarinah Companion, friend Arabic
Qasida Poem, ballad Arabic
Qatina Solid, firm Arabic
Qaylah Brave Arabic
Qaysar Emperor Arabic
Qimat Valuable Arabic
Qirat Beautiful recitation Arabic
Qismah Destiny, fate Arabic
Qudsiyah Holy, sacred Arabic
Quddusiyyah Sacred, holy Arabic
Qudsiyyah Sacred, holy Arabic
Qudsia Holy, sacred Arabic
Qurratulain Delight of the eyes Arabic
Qutaylah Irrigation channel Arabic
Qutbuddin Pole of the faith Arabic
Qutuz Victory Arabic
Qaisar Emperor Persian
Qalb Heart Persian
Qasim Divider, distributor Persian
Qubilah Consolation Persian
Quds Holy, sacred Persian
Qurratulayn Delight of the eyes Persian
Qays Firm, strong Arabic
Qamra Moon-like Arabic
Qirrat Beautiful recitation Arabic
Qadeera Powerful, capable Arabic
Qasira Short Arabic
Qairah Noble, respected Arabic
Qalila Close friend, beloved Arabic
Qamila Beautiful Arabic
Qaseema Divider, distributor Arabic
Qayma Leader, commander Arabic
Qayyima Upright, just Arabic
Qudsiah Holy, sacred Arabic
Qumaira Moonlit Arabic
Qutiba Writer Arabic
Qaysah Brave Arabic
Qutaybah Irrigation channel Arabic
Qadriyah Capable, powerful Arabic
Qahtan Name of a tribe Arabic
Qalibah Variant of "Qalib" meaning "heart" Arabic
Qamariyah Moon-like Arabic
Qasima Divider, distributor Arabic
Qisaf Moon-like Arabic
Qudra Power, capability Arabic
Qunoot Supplication, invocation Arabic
Qurratu'l-Ayn Delight of the eyes Arabic
Qadimah Ancient, historical Arabic
Qadriyyah Capable, powerful Arabic
Qairina Noble, respected Arabic
Qanita Pious, devout Arabic
Qareena Companion, friend Arabic
Qasoomah One who divides and distributes Arabic
Qatrunnada A drop of dew Arabic
Qawama Upright, just Arabic
Qawiyyah Strong, powerful Arabic
Qaylah Brave Arabic
Qaysah Brave Arabic
Qayyimah Upright, just Arabic
Qirfa Brave Arabic
Qirrat Beautiful recitation Arabic
Qisaf Moon-like Arabic
Qistina Justice Arabic
Qomar Moon-like Arabic
Qubbat Dome Arabic
Qubool Acceptance Arabic
Qudrat Power, ability Arabic
Quds Holy, sacred Arabic
Quddusiyya Sacred, holy Arabic
Quenna Intelligent, wise Arabic
Qurratulain Delight of the eyes Arabic
Qusaylah Old Arabic name Arabic
Qutaybah Irrigation canal Arabic
Qutuz Victory Arabic
Qudra Capability, power Arabic
Qurrat Delight, comfort Arabic
Qasima Divider, distributor Arabic
Qushayriyah From Qushayr, a place in Arabia Arabic
Qahera Conqueror Arabic
Qamarun Moon Arabic
Qaseemah Distributor Arabic
Qurratuain Delight of the eyes Arabic
Qutaibah Name of a Sahabi Arabic
Qirat Beautiful recitation Arabic
Qabalah Responsibility Arabic
Qadiya Judge Arabic
Qahhar Almighty, conqueror Arabic
Qalibah Beloved, close friend Arabic
Qamila Beautiful Arabic
Qamarah Moon Arabic
Qasmah Fate, destiny Arabic
Qudsiyah Sacred, holy Arabic
Qanita Devout, pious Arabic
Qasidah Poem, ballad Arabic
Qatifa Clean, pure Arabic
Qawiya Strong, powerful Arabic
Qaysara Empress, queen-like Arabic
Qila Fort, castle Arabic
Qimma Leader, chief Arabic
Qinnasrin Two eagles Arabic
Qist Justice Arabic
Qubilah Consolation Arabic
Qudsiah Holy, sacred Arabic
Qurratulain Delight of the eyes Arabic
Qutulun Mongolian princess Arabic
Qadriya Powerful, capable Arabic
Qaifa Clean, pure Arabic
Qaisra Queen-like Arabic
Qalila Beloved, intimate friend Arabic
Qamariah Moon-like Arabic
Qaribah Neighbor, close Arabic
Qasima Divider, distributor Arabic
Qindeel Light, lamp Arabic
Qirat Beautiful recitation Arabic
Qudwah Example, role model Arabic
Qurratulain Delight of the eyes Arabic
Qusayrah Old Arabic name Arabic
Qutbunnisa Pole star, noble lady Arabic
Qadimah Ancient, historical Arabic
Qasra Palace Arabic
Qaswara Brave, courageous Arabic
Qaylah Brave Arabic
Qaysar Emperor Arabic
Qudratullah Power of Allah Arabic
Qurbani Sacrifice Arabic
Qutub Pole, axis Arabic
Qalbiyah Beloved, close to the heart Arabic
Qamarina Moon-like Arabic
Qawsar A river in paradise Arabic
Qaylah Brave Arabic
Qudsiah Sacred, holy Arabic
Qurratulain Delight of the eyes Arabic


  • Qudsia: For those seeking a unique and modern choice for girls, Qudsia is an excellent option. Meaning “sacred” or “holy,” it reflects spirituality and carries a sense of divine significance in a modern context.
  • Qais: This trendy name for boys captures the essence of passion and desire. Qais represents intense affection and devotion, offering a modern expression of love and commitment.
  • Qirat: Derived from the Quran, Qirat means “recitation” or “beautiful reading.” It holds a contemporary resonance, emphasizing the importance of reciting and understanding the holy scriptures in today’s world.

In conclusion, exploring Muslim baby names beginning with the letter “Q” allows parents to delve into a treasure trove of meaningful and soulful appellations. Whether it’s a name that conveys strength and virtue for a baby boy or a name that exudes grace and elegance for a baby girl, the choices are abundant and resonant. Each name carries a unique essence that reflects the beauty of the Arabic language and the values cherished by the Islamic faith. By selecting a name from this diverse collection, parents can honor their cultural heritage while bestowing a timeless and profound identity upon their beloved child.