Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “N”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “N”

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is one of the most exciting decisions for a new parent. This guide will provide a comprehensive list of Muslim baby boys and girls names beginning with the letter “N.” These names are enriched with beautiful meanings and historical significance, rooted in the Islamic tradition. Each name carries with it a unique identity and charm that can shape your child’s character and personality. The list aims to make your search easier while respecting the religious sentiments attached to Muslim names.

The Rising Stars:

Every generation brings forth individuals who shine brightly, leaving their mark on the world. In this section, we present five Muslim baby boy and girl names starting with the letter “N” that embody the spirit of rising stars and trailblazers. These names are not only unique but also carry a sense of ambition, strength, and determination. Bestow one of these names upon your child, and let them embark on a journey of greatness.

  1. Naima (Girl): Meaning “blessing” or “delightful,” Naima captures the essence of a rising star. It symbolizes a child who brings joy and happiness to others, while also carrying a sense of purpose and destiny.
  2. Nadir (Boy): Nadir signifies “rare” or “precious.” Just like a rare gem, this name represents a child who possesses exceptional qualities and stands out from the crowd. It inspires them to explore uncharted territories and leave a lasting impact.
  3. Noura (Girl): Derived from the Arabic word for “light,” Noura epitomizes the brightness and brilliance of a rising star. It symbolizes a child who illuminates the world around them and spreads positivity wherever they go.
  4. Nasir (Boy): Meaning “helper” or “supporter,” Nasir represents a child who becomes a guiding light for others. With their compassionate nature and determination, they pave the way for success and inspire those around them.
  5. Nada (Girl): Nada, meaning “generosity” or “kindness,” reflects the character of a rising star who exemplifies compassion and selflessness. This name encourages a child to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “N”

Boy Names With “N”

Name Meaning Origin
Naadir Rare, Precious Arabic
Naail Winner, Gainer, Benefiter Arabic
Naaji Savior, Safe Arabic
Naasih Advisor, Counselor Arabic
Nabeel Noble, Intelligent, Wise Arabic
Nabil Noble, Generous, Kind Arabic
Nadhir Warner, Cautioner Arabic
Nadim Friend, Companion Arabic
Nadir Rare, Precious Arabic
Naeem Comfort, Ease, Blessing Arabic
Nafees Precious, Pure Arabic
Nafi Useful, Beneficial Arabic
Nafis Precious, Valuable, Treasured Arabic
Nageen Precious Stone, Gemstone Persian
Nahyan Halted, Stopped Arabic
Naim Happiness, Comfort, Joy Arabic
Naji Safe, Intimate, Close Arabic
Najib Noble, Distinguished, Excellent Arabic
Najjar Carpenter Arabic
Najm Star, Planet, Constellation Arabic
Naseem Breeze, Fragrance, Fresh Air Arabic
Naseer Helper, Protector, Defender Arabic
Nashit Energetic, Dynamic, Lively Arabic
Nasif Just, Equitable, Fair Arabic
Nasim Breeze, Zephyr Arabic
Nasir Helper, Supporter, Protector Arabic
Nasser Victorious, Triumphant Arabic
Nasyr Supporter, Helper, Assistant Arabic
Nawaf High, Eminent, Exalted Arabic
Nawal Gift, Blessing, Bestowal Arabic
Nawar Flower Arabic
Nawaz Kindness, Compassion, Generosity Persian
Nawfal Generous, Noble, Distinguished Arabic
Nazeer Warner, Cautioner, Prophet Arabic
Nazih Pure, Chaste, Honest, Innocent Arabic
Nazim Organizer, Arranger, Manager Arabic
Nazir Observer, Spectator, Supervisor Arabic
Nidal Struggle, Combat, Fight Arabic
Nihal Joyous, Happy, Contented Arabic
Nimir Tiger Arabic
Nisar Sacrifice, Offering, Contribution Arabic
Nizar To See Clearly, To Appear, To Manifest Arabic
Noor Light, Illumination Arabic
Nouman Blood, Soul Arabic
Nuaim Soft Breeze, Soft Wind Arabic
Nuha Intelligence, Wisdom, Mindfulness Arabic
Numan Blood, Soul Arabic
Nuri Light, Radiance, Brilliance Arabic
Nusayr Supporter, Helper, Assistant Arabic
Nusrat Victory, Help, Support Arabic
Nuzhat Pleasure, Delight, Happiness Arabic
Nabeelullah Noble Servant of Allah Arabic
Nadheer Warning, Caution Arabic
Nadimullah Companion of Allah Arabic
Nadirullah Rare, Precious Servant of Allah Arabic
Nafeesullah Precious Servant of Allah Arabic
Nafisullah Valuable Servant of Allah Arabic
Najibullah Noble Servant of Allah Arabic
Najmuddin Star of the Faith Arabic
Nasrullah Help of Allah, Victory of Allah Arabic
Nawazish Kindness, Compassion, Generosity Persian
Nazeef Pure, Clean, Chaste, Innocent Arabic
Nazimuddin Organizer of the Faith Arabic
Noman Men of Blessing Arabic
Nooh Prophet Noah Arabic
Noufal Generous, Liberal, Gracious Arabic
Numaan Old Arabic Name Arabic
Nuruddin Light of the Faith Arabic
Nusrah Help, Victory, Support Arabic
Nuzool Descent, Arrival, Appearance Arabic
Nabeil Noble, Generous, Intelligent Arabic
Nabhan Noble, Outstanding, Arabic
Nadal Fortune, Wealth, Success Arabic
Nadif Pure, Clear, Chaste Arabic
Nafeesur Precious Gemstone of Islam Arabic
Nafiah Profitable, Beneficial Arabic
Nafiur Beneficial, Useful Arabic
Nafiz Winner, Gainer, Succeeder Arabic
Nagib Noble, Distinguished, Eminent Arabic
Nahar Day, Light Arabic
Nahd To Guide, To Direct, To Show the Way Arabic
Nahed Calm, Serene, Tranquil Arabic
Naiman Happy, Comfortable, Joyful Arabic
Najah Success, Prosperity, Salvation Arabic
Najdat Brave, Courageous, Valiant Arabic
Najeeb Noble, Generous, Excellent Arabic
Najem Star, Planet, Meteor Arabic
Najid Courageous, Valiant Arabic
Najjarin Carpenter Arabic
Najmeddin Star of the Faith Arabic
Nakir Precious, Rare, Unique Arabic
Namdar Renowned, Famous Persian
Nami Prosperity, Success Arabic
Naseeb Destiny, Fate, Fortune Arabic
Nasheet Energetic, Full of Life, Lively Arabic
Nashir Helper, Supporter, Assistant Arabic
Nasih Advisor, Counselor, Guide Arabic
Nabilan One who is Noble Arabic
Nadal Fortune, Wealth, Success Arabic
Nadeef Pure, Clean, Chaste Arabic
Nadi Caller, Announcer Arabic
Nadimuddin Companion of the Faith Arabic
Naeemullah Blessing of Allah Arabic
Nagibullah Excellent of Allah Arabic
Nahdi Guide, Director Arabic
Nahel A Drinking Camel Arabic
Nahid Precious, Rare, Unique Persian
Nahil Derived from the Word "Nahl" Arabic
Naiem Blessing, Happiness Arabic
Naimullah Happiness of Allah Arabic
Najiullah Savior of Allah Arabic
Najjarinullah Carpenter of Allah Arabic
Najmeddine Star of the Religion Arabic
Nalif Friendly, Sociable Arabic
Namdarullah Famous Servant of Allah Persian
Namin Pure, Clean Arabic
Namiullah Blessing of Allah Arabic
Naseebullah Fortune of Allah Arabic
Nasheed Chant, Hymn, Song Arabic
Nasheetullah Energetic Servant of Allah Arabic
Nasko Pure, Virtuous Arabic
Nasserullah Victorious Servant of Allah Arabic
Nawarallah Flower of Allah Arabic
Nayeem Pleasant, Comfortable, Joyful Arabic


Girl Names With “N”

Name Meaning Origin
Nabah Noble, high-born Arabic
Nabeeha Intelligent, smart, bright Arabic
Nabeela Noble, magnanimous Arabic
Nabiha Intelligent, talented, clever Arabic
Nabila Noble, outstanding, distinguished Arabic
Nadia Hope, generous, caller, delicate Arabic
Nadira Rare, precious, precious gemstone Arabic
Nadirah Rare, unique, uncommon Arabic
Nadiyah Caller, announcer, giver Arabic
Nafeesa Precious, rare, unique Arabic
Nafiah Profitable, beneficial, advantageous Arabic
Nageenah Precious stone, gemstone Arabic
Nahal A young plant, a new shoot Persian
Naima Comfort, ease, tranquility Arabic
Najat Salvation, deliverance Arabic
Najeeba Noble, distinguished, honorable Arabic
Najia Safe, secure, saved Arabic
Najiba Noble, distinguished, honorable Arabic
Najwa Confidential talk, intimate conversation Arabic
Naseem Breeze, gentle wind Arabic
Nasia Miracle, wondrous event Arabic
Nasira Victorious, helper, supporter Arabic
Nasma Breeze, breath, life force Arabic
Nasreen Wild rose, narcissus, precious, rare Persian
Nasrin Wild rose, narcissus, precious, rare Persian
Nawal Gift, present, favor Arabic
Nawar Flower, blossom Arabic
Naya Beautifully formed, fresh, new Arabic
Nayab Rare, unique, precious Persian
Nayla Achiever, winner, successful Arabic
Nazia Pure, virtuous, chaste Arabic
Nazifa Pure, chaste, virtuous Arabic
Nazima Star, leader, organizer Arabic
Nazira Observer, supervisor, rare, precious Arabic
Neema Blessing, grace, favor Arabic
Nida Call, voice, message Arabic
Nighat Sight, view, scene Persian
Nihal Happy, joyous, cheerful Arabic
Nikhat Fragrance, perfume, scent Persian
Niloufar Water lily, lotus Persian
Nimra Soft, pleasant, gentle Arabic
Nisaa Women, ladies, companions Arabic
Nisaar Sacrifice, devotion, offering Arabic
Nishat Joy, happiness, comfort Persian
Nisreen White rose, sweet-smelling flower Arabic
Nisrin White rose, sweet-smelling flower Arabic
Nithar Gift, present, offering Arabic
Noha Intelligence, wisdom, knowledge Arabic
Noman Pious, devout, obedient Arabic
Noreen Light, shining, bright Arabic
Noushin Sweet, gentle, delicate Persian
Noor Light, radiance, brilliance Arabic
Noora Light, shining, radiant Arabic
Noreen Light, shining, bright Arabic
Nuha Mind, intellect, wisdom Arabic
Numa Beautiful, graceful, elegant Arabic
Nuri Light, brightness, radiance Arabic
Nusaiba One who is of good character, virtuous Arabic
Nuzhat Pleasure, amusement, delight Persian
Nyla Winner, achiever, successful Arabic
Naaila Acquirer, earner, achiever Arabic
Naaz Pride, dignity, grace Persian
Nabeeha Intelligent, smart, bright Arabic
Nabiha Intelligent, talented, clever Arabic
Nabeel Noble, generous, magnanimous Arabic
Nabiya High-born, noble, distinguished Arabic
Nabihah Noble, eminent, distinguished Arabic
Nadir Rare, unique, uncommon Arabic
Nafisah Precious, valuable, rare Arabic
Nageena Precious gemstone, jewel Arabic
Nahida Elevated, exalted, high Arabic
Nahla Drink, nectar, water Arabic
Naiema Blessing, comfort, tranquility Arabic
Naila Attainer, achiever, successful Arabic
Naimah Comfort, ease, tranquility Arabic
Najwa Secret conversation, intimate talk Arabic
Nalia Successful, achiever, winner Arabic
Nargis Narcissus flower, daffodil Persian
Naseema Gentle, kind, soft-hearted Arabic
Nasima Breeze, breath, soul Arabic
Nasira Victorious, helper, supporter Arabic
Nasmaa Breath of life, breeze Arabic
Nasreena Wild rose, sweet-smelling flower Arabic
Nasrinah Wild rose, sweet-smelling flower Arabic
Nawra Blossom, flower, beautiful Arabic
Naz Pride, arrogance, vanity Persian
Nazanin Sweetheart, beloved, darling Persian
Nazeefa Pure, chaste, virtuous Arabic
Nazeerah Rare, precious, unique Arabic
Nazima Organizer, leader, star Arabic
Nazirah Observer, supervisor, rare, precious Arabic
Neelofar Water lily, lotus Persian
Nidaa Call, voice, message Arabic
Nighar Sight, view, glimpse Persian
Nabeehah Intelligent, bright, clever Arabic
Nadeeda Equal, just, fair Arabic
Nadirah Rare, precious, unique Arabic
Nadjiyah Safe, secure, protected Arabic
Nadwah Council, assembly, gathering Arabic
Naeema Blessing, comfort, bliss Arabic
Naeemah Blessing, comfort, tranquility Arabic
Nafeesah Precious, pure, valuable Arabic
Nafhat Breeze, gentle wind Arabic
Nagma Melody, song, music Arabic
Nahara Daytime, light, radiance Arabic
Nahed Pure, chaste, virtuous Arabic
Nahlah Drinking, water Arabic
Naimah Tranquility, peace, calmness Arabic
Naira Shining, glittering, brilliant Arabic
Najiha Successful, prosperous, fortunate Arabic
Najwa Whisper, secret conversation Arabic
Nakisa Delicate, soft, tender Persian
Namira Bright, shining, sparkling Arabic
Nargiza Narcissus flower, daffodil Persian
Nasar Help, support, victory Arabic
Nasihah Advisor, counselor, guide Arabic
Nasira Protector, helper, supporter Arabic
Nasiyah One who gives valuable advice Arabic
Nasmaa Breeze, breath Arabic
Nasreenah Sweet-smelling flower, wild rose Arabic
Nassima Breeze, gentle wind, fragrant Arabic
Nawlah Gift, favor, grace Arabic
Nayaab Rare, precious, unique Persian
Nayifah High-born, noble, distinguished Arabic
Nazifa Pure, chaste, virtuous Arabic
Nazihah Chaste, pure, virtuous Arabic
Nazirah Observer, supervisor, rare, precious Arabic
Nebras Light, radiance, shining Arabic


The Trailblazers:

Trailblazers are pioneers who lead the way and challenge the status quo. In this section, we present five Muslim baby boy and girl names that start with the letter “N” and embody the spirit of trailblazers. These names carry a sense of courage, innovation, and visionary thinking. By bestowing one of these names upon your child, you inspire them to break barriers and leave an indelible mark on the world.

  1. Nizar (Boy): Nizar signifies “one who illuminates” or “radiant.” It represents a child who possesses visionary qualities and leads others through their innovative ideas and forward-thinking approach.
  2. Nadira (Girl): Meaning “rare” or “exceptional,” Nadira reflects the spirit of a trailblazer. It symbolizes a child who challenges norms, embraces uniqueness, and leaves a lasting impression on society.
  3. Naeem (Boy): Naeem represents “blessings” or “prosperity.” This name embodies a child who paves the way for success, not only for themselves but also for others. They possess the ability to create opportunities and inspire change.
  4. Noor (Girl): Derived from the Arabic word for “light,” Noor signifies the radiance and brilliance of a trailblazer. It represents a child who brings enlightenment, breaks stereotypes, and leads with grace and wisdom.
  5. Naseem (Boy): Meaning “gentle breeze” or “fresh air,” Naseem symbolizes a child who brings a breath of fresh perspective and innovation. They have the power to transform ideas, challenge conventions, and create a positive impact.

Naming your child is a journey of love, reflection, and discovery. We hope this diverse compilation of Muslim baby boys and girls names starting with the letter “N” has made your quest a little bit easier. Each name is imbued with profound meaning and significance, serving as a blessing for your child. May these names provide a strong foundation for your child’s life, evoking respect for tradition and a sense of identity. The choices are many, but remember, the best name is the one that resonates deeply with you and your family.