Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “L”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “L”

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is an exciting and significant task. It carries an immense responsibility as it shapes the identity that the child will carry into adulthood. When it comes to Muslim baby names, they are often deeply rooted in rich history, culture, and spirituality, each carrying a beautiful meaning. This article focuses on Muslim baby names starting with the letter ‘L’, offering a range of choices for your little boy or girl. Each name here carries its own unique tale, resonating with love, grace, strength, and serenity. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey of discovery together.

The Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes are the quiet warriors in the fabric of our society. Their noble qualities often go unnoticed, yet they hold immense significance. The following are five Muslim names starting with ‘L’, encapsulating the spirit of these uncelebrated champions.

  1. Latif: An Arabic origin name meaning ‘gentle’ or ‘kind’, embodying the soft strength of an unsung hero.
  2. Layth: Signifying ‘lion’ in Arabic, Layth symbolizes bravery, courage, and valiant efforts.
  3. Luqman: Hailing from the Quran, Luqman epitomizes wisdom and patience, key attributes of silent heroes.
  4. Lina: A name with Arabic roots, Lina stands for ‘tender’ and ‘devoted’, defining the caring aspect of unsung heroes.
  5. Lamis: Meaning ‘soft to the touch’ in Arabic, Lamis showcases the gentle nature of these quiet warriors.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “L”

Boy  Names With “L”

Name Meaning Origin
Laaib Player Arabic
Labeeb Sensible, intelligent Arabic
Laith Lion Arabic
Lamees Soft to the touch Arabic
Lamis Soft, gentle Arabic
Lateef Kind, gentle Arabic
Latif Gentle, kind Arabic
Luqman Name of a famous sage Arabic
Lutfi Kind and friendly Arabic
Lu'ay Shield Arabic
Labib Understanding, intelligent Arabic
Lais Lion Arabic
Lajlaj A companion of the Prophet Arabic
Lami Bright Arabic
Latifullah Kindness of Allah Arabic
Layth Lion Arabic
Laithi Lion-like Arabic
Lamiya Dark-lipped Arabic
Lashir Bringer of good news Arabic
Latim Gentle, kind Arabic
Latuf Kind, gentle Arabic
Laqeet Intelligent Arabic
Lari Crowned with laurels Arabic
Lashawn Well-spoken Arabic
Lashirah A companion of the Prophet Arabic
Latifah Gentle, kind Arabic
Latoyah The joyful one Arabic
Layan Gentle rain Arabic
Laythi Lion-like Arabic
Laham Intuition, inspiration Arabic
Laiq Worthy, deserving Arabic
Laithan Lion Arabic
Lajl A companion of the Prophet Arabic
Lakshan Symbol, mark Arabic
Latip Gentle, kind Arabic
Latisha Joyful, happy Arabic
Latiq Gentle, kind Arabic
La'tayyim A famous jurist Arabic
Lawan Bright, shining Arabic
Lazim Essential, necessary Arabic
Layeeq Worthy, deserving Arabic
Laytham Lion Arabic
Lisan Tongue, language Arabic
Liyakat Worth, value Arabic
Luqmaan Name of a famous sage Arabic
Labibah Sensible, intelligent Arabic
Lafi Glorious, magnificent Arabic
Laiqa Worthy, deserving Arabic
Lamia Brilliant, radiant Arabic
Lamisah Soft, gentle Arabic
Lashonda Well-spoken Arabic
Lateefa Kind, gentle Arabic
Lathif Gentle, kind Arabic
Latifur Kind, friendly Arabic
Laithan Lion Arabic
Lamiyah Bright Arabic
Lashar Bringer of good news Arabic
Latifat Gentle, kind Arabic
Latifullahi Kindness of Allah Arabic
Layeeqa Worthy, deserving Arabic
Layyan Soft to the touch Arabic
Lutfan Kindness, friendliness Arabic
Labeeq Sensible, intelligent Arabic
Lahmi Intuition, inspiration Arabic
Laisan Lion Arabic
Lajlal Reverence, grandeur Arabic
Lameez Soft to the touch Arabic
Lashirin Bringers of good news Arabic
Latheef Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifan Gentle, kind Arabic
Layali Nights Arabic
Layla Night Arabic
Layyin Gentle, soft Arabic
Lutfiyya Kind and friendly Arabic
Laban Fragrant Arabic
Laeeq Worthy, deserving Arabic
Laqeesh Intelligent Arabic
Lashkar Army, troops Arabic
Lathim Gentle, kind Arabic
Latyf Gentle, kind Arabic
Layaliyya Nights Arabic
Laylaa Night Arabic
Laythiyya Lion-like Arabic
Lazam Essential, necessary Arabic
Labanah Milk Arabic
Labeed Poet Arabic
Laiyan Soft to the touch Arabic
Lajawab Unmatched, unrivaled Arabic
Lakhmi Intuition, inspiration Arabic
Lamiyyah Radiant, brilliant Arabic
Lashari Bringer of good news Arabic
Lateefat Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifia Gentle, kind Arabic
Latifullahil Kindness of Allah Arabic
Layeeqah Worthy, deserving Arabic
Laythiya Lion-like Arabic
Lazeez Delicious, tasty Arabic
Labid A companion of the Prophet Arabic
Lafiya Health, well-being Arabic
Laisah Lion Arabic
Lajbar Bringer of good news Arabic
Lamiyah Radiant, brilliant Arabic
Latasha Joyful, happy Arabic
Latifun Kind, friendly Arabic
Latiman Gentle, kind Arabic
Layanah Gentle rain Arabic
Layyanah Soft to the touch Arabic
Lazeeza Delicious, tasty Arabic
Laqeetah Intelligent Arabic
Lashirah Bringer of good news Arabic
Latifiaa Gentle, kind Arabic
Latifun-Naasir Kind and victorious Arabic
Laulaan Name of a Sahabi Arabic
Lawhaan Name of a Sahabi Arabic
Layees Lion Arabic
Laythi Lion-like Arabic
Laziq Delicious, tasty Arabic
Labeebah Sensible, intelligent Arabic
Lahi'ah The intelligent one Arabic
Lahin A handsome man Arabic
Laisan A lion Arabic
Laqit Intelligent Arabic
Lashawan Well-spoken Arabic
Lashawna Well-spoken Arabic
Lashay Gift of God Arabic
Lashaz Joyful, happy Arabic
Latifun-Nasir Kind and victorious Arabic
Latifun-Nasr Kind and victorious Arabic
Lattif Gentle, kind Arabic
Latwan Respect, honor Arabic
Laufiq Successful, prosperous Arabic
Lawahiz Intuitive, insightful Arabic
Layyinun Gentle, soft Arabic
Lazmi Necessary, essential Arabic
Labibullah Intelligent servant of Allah Arabic
Lajlaluddeen Majesty of the faith Arabic
Lashkar Ali Army of Ali (a Sahabi) Arabic
Lateefahtul Haq Kindness of the truth Arabic
Latifun Nasirun Kind and victorious Arabic


Girl Names With “L”

Name Meaning Origin
Laaiqah Worthy, deserving Arabic
Labeeba Intelligent, wise Arabic
Laila Night, dark beauty Arabic
Laiba Playful, charming Arabic
Lalah Flower, rose Arabic
Lama Lips, tongue Arabic
Lamah Brilliancy, luster Arabic
Lamia Radiant, glowing Arabic
Lamis Soft to the touch Arabic
Lamya Dark-lipped, beautiful Arabic
Lamyaa Dark-lipped Arabic
Laraib Faultless Arabic
Laraibah Without any doubt Arabic
Lashirah Wise Arabic
Lateefa Gentle, kind Arabic
Lateefah Gentle, kind Arabic
Latifah Gentle, kind Arabic
Latifah Gentle, kind Arabic
Laya Divine, night Arabic
Layali Nights Arabic
Layla Night, dark beauty Arabic
Layyah Twist, flexure Arabic
Leeba Innocent, tender Arabic
Leena Plant of dates, soft Arabic
Lila Night, beauty Arabic
Lilah Night, beauty Arabic
Lina Tender, delicate Arabic
Lisha Happiness, joy Arabic
Lubabah The innermost essence Arabic
Lubanah Pine resin Arabic
Lubna Storax tree Arabic
Lujayn Silver Arabic
Lulu Pearl Arabic
Lulua Pearl Arabic
Lumah Pearl Arabic
Lutfiyah Kind, gentle Arabic
Lu'luah Precious pearl Arabic
Lutfiyah Kind, gentle Arabic
Lyla Night, beauty Arabic
Lylah Night, beauty Arabic
Labibah Wise Arabic
Labeedah Intelligent, wise Arabic
Labeeqa Intelligent, wise Arabic
Labibah Sensible, intelligent Arabic
Lahifa Intelligent, wise Arabic
Lahim Gentle, kind Arabic
Lailah Beauty, night Arabic
Laitha Strong, lioness Arabic
Laiqa Worthy, deserving Arabic
Laiqah Deserving, qualified Arabic
Lalarukh A rosy-cheeked girl Persian
Lamha Moment, time Arabic
Lamiah Radiant, lustrous Arabic
Lamma Tongue Arabic
Lamyaah Soft to the touch Arabic
Lateefah Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifah Gentle, kind Arabic
Layaliyy Nights Arabic
Layina Soft, tender Arabic
Laylaa Sweetheart, night Arabic
Layyinah Gentle, delicate Arabic
Lazeena Intelligent, graceful Arabic
Lazimah Firm, resolute Arabic
Linaa Tender, delicate Arabic
Lujain Silver Arabic
Lutfiah Kind, gentle Arabic
Labeebah Wise, intelligent Arabic
Laiyin Soft, gentle Arabic
Lamiyah Lustrous, radiant Arabic
Lareeb Ambitious, beautiful Persian
Lareen Soft-spoken, gentle Persian
Latashia Joyful, happy African
Lateefaah Kind, gentle Arabic
Latheefah Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifaa Pleasant, kind Arabic
Latikah Gentle, kind Arabic
Latiyah Soft, gentle Arabic
Lavleen Pure-hearted, innocent Punjabi
Laylanie Soft, gentle Arabic
Layliana Night, beauty Arabic
Liha Beautiful, sweet Arabic
Liyana Soft, gentle Arabic
Liyanna Beautiful, unique Arabic
Lizaan Tongue, language Arabic
Lubab Innermost essence Arabic
Lubena Purity, clarity Arabic
Lubia Love, affection Arabic
Lublubah Affectionate, loving Arabic
Lutfiya Kindness, gentleness Arabic
Lutfiyya Kind-hearted, gentle Arabic
Lutufiya Gracefulness, elegance Arabic
Lutufiyya Gracious, kind Arabic
Lafiza Fresh air Arabic
Lailuma The shining moon Pashto
Laimun Lemon Arabic
Lala Tulip flower Persian
Lalya Soft, gentle Arabic
Lamees Pure silk Arabic
Lamyah Brilliant, radiant Arabic
Laneeza Soft, delicate Arabic
Lareesa Smart, wise Arabic
Lariya Shy, reserved Arabic
Laseen Gentle, soft-spoken Arabic
Lashira Insightful, perceptive Arabic
Lashirah Intelligent, wise Arabic
Lateffah Kind, gentle Arabic
Lathifa Kindness, gentleness Arabic
Lathifah Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifa Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifat Kindness, gentleness Arabic
Latifatu Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifia Kind-hearted, gentle Arabic
Latifiah Kindness, gentleness Arabic
Latifatul Kind, gentle Arabic
Latifullah Kindness, gentleness of Allah Arabic
Layaly Nights Arabic
Layanna Beautiful, unique Arabic
Laylaa' The one who comes at night Arabic
Laythiya Gentle, soft Arabic
Laziqa Delicious, pleasant Arabic
Lazzat Pleasure, enjoyment Arabic
Leenah Soft, delicate Arabic


The Visionaries

Visionaries are the architects of the future, seeing beyond the ordinary with their innovative minds. Here are five Muslim names beginning with ‘L’ that encompass the spirit of these trailblazers.

  1. Labib: This Arabic name translates to ‘sensible’ or ‘intelligent’, characteristics inherent in visionaries.
  2. Lubna: Stemming from an old Arabic name for a type of tree, Lubna represents growth and continuous development, hallmarks of a visionary.
  3. Lujayn: This unique name stands for ‘silver’ in Arabic, reflecting the preciousness and value of visionary thoughts.
  4. Laaibah: A feminine name meaning ‘most beautiful’, Laaibah represents the aesthetic vision that often accompanies forward-thinking.
  5. Lutfi: With Arabic roots meaning ‘kind’ or ‘gentle’, Lutfi encapsulates the benevolent spirit common to many visionaries.

The joy of welcoming a child into the world is made even more special when you find that perfect name that resonates with your hopes and dreams for them. We hope this comprehensive list of Muslim baby names beginning with ‘L’ has assisted you in your search. Each name carries a profound meaning, capturing a facet of the beauty, grace, strength, and spiritual depth that Islamic culture offers. Remember, the name you choose will be a lifelong gift to your child, so take your time and choose a name that will be a source of pride and inspiration for them.