Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “J”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “J”

Welcoming a new baby is a joyous occasion filled with anticipation and decisions, one of the most significant being the choice of a name. In the Islamic tradition, selecting a meaningful name starting with a particular alphabet letter is a common practice. This comprehensive guide presents a rich collection of Muslim baby boys and girls names starting with the letter “J”.This guide presents a thoughtful selection of Muslim names, each echoing the profound Islamic virtues that you may wish to bestow upon your little one.

The Rising Stars

Every generation brings a new wave of names that catch the imagination of parents. These “Rising Stars” are Muslim names that have started to shine in popularity recently, often due to their unique sound, beautiful meanings, or cultural significance. Each name tells a story, conveying values and hopes that parents may wish to instill in their newborns. Here are five Muslim baby names starting with “J” that are gaining momentum:

  1. Jahan: Meaning “world” or “universe”, it is a name grand in its scale and aspiration.
  2. Jamil: Translating to “beautiful” or “handsome”, it’s a name that is as appealing as its meaning.
  3. Javed: A name that means “eternal” or “everlasting”, symbolizing a parent’s enduring love.
  4. Jumana: A beautiful name which translates to “silver pearl”.
  5. Jehanzeb: A unique name that means “beautiful” and “decorative”.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “J”

Boy  Names  With “J”

Name Meaning Origin
Jabbar Powerful, Mighty Arabic
Jabir Consoler, Comforter Arabic
Jad Gift Arabic
Jafar Stream, Rivulet Arabic
Jahangir Conqueror of the world Persian
Jahdami Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Jahanzeb Beautifully ornamented world Persian
Jahdari A flower in paradise Arabic
Jahiz Overtake, conquer Arabic
Jaish Excellent, Good Arabic
Jalal Majesty, Grandeur Arabic
Jalil Great, Exalted Arabic
Jamal Beauty, Handsomeness Arabic
Jameel Beautiful, Handsome Arabic
Janan Heart, Soul Arabic
Jareer One who sings, Chirps Arabic
Jawad Generous Arabic
Jawhar Jewel, Gem Arabic
Jaza Reward, Recompense Arabic
Jazib Attractive, Charming Arabic
Jibril Archangel Gabriel Arabic
Jihan The world, Universe Arabic
Jumanah Silver Pearl Arabic
Junaid Soldier, Warrior Arabic
Junayd Young Warrior Arabic
Juned Warrior, Soldier Arabic
Juzar Competent, Skilled Arabic
Juzayy Strong, Able Arabic
Jaad Light, Luminous Arabic
Jaafar Small River, Stream Arabic
Jaan Life, Soul Persian
Jabeer Mighty, Brave Arabic
Jabran Consolation, Comfort Arabic
Jadon Thankful Hebrew
Jafri Respectful Arabic
Jahan World, Universe Persian
Jahdari Name of a Sahabi Arabic
Jahm Sullen, Frowning Arabic
Jahsh Brave, Bold Arabic
Jalaal Glory, Grandeur Arabic
Jalaluddin Glory of the Faith Arabic
Jaleel Great, Revered Arabic
Jamshed Sun, Light Persian
Jasim Brave, Valiant Arabic
Jasir Brave, Bold Arabic
Jathbiyya Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Jauhar Jewel, Precious Stone Arabic
Jawahir Jewels Arabic
Jawan Young, Youthful Persian
Jawaun Son of Jacob, Yahweh may protect Hebrew
Javid Eternal, Everlasting Persian
Jawaad Generous, Giving Arabic
Jazlaan Happiness, Delight Arabic
Jazuli Name of a famous Sufi saint Arabic
Jibran Result, Reward Arabic
Jibril Archangel Gabriel Arabic
Jilan Life, Heart Arabic
Jinnah Brave, Bold Arabic
Jiyad Abundance, Plenty Arabic
Juman Pearl Arabic
Junaidi Name of a Sufi saint Arabic
Junayn Young Warrior Arabic
Junid Warrior, Soldier Arabic
Juraib Little Man Arabic
Jurayj Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Jusuf God will add Hebrew
Jutayj Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Jaadallah Gift of Allah Arabic
Jaballah Beautiful Arabic
Jaber Strong, Brave Arabic
Jabir Consoler, Comforter Arabic
Jafar Rivulet, Small Stream Arabic
Jahanafirin Spreader of good Persian
Jahanbakhsh Gift of the world Persian
Jahandar Emperor, King Persian
Jahangir World conqueror, Ruler Persian
Jahid Hardworking, Striving Arabic
Jahir Distinguished, Eminent Arabic
Jair He shines, He gives light Hebrew
Jais Victorious French
Jaki Dignified Arabic
Jalees Companion, Friend Arabic
Jaliluddin Glory of religion, Faith Arabic
Jam Gathered, Collected Arabic
Jammaz Name of a companion of the Prophet Arabic
Jami Gatherer, Collector Arabic
Jamiluddin Beauty of religion, Faith Arabic
Jana Gift from God Arabic
Janbaz Brave, Courageous Persian
Jani Gift from God Arabic
Jari Powerful, Strong Arabic
Jasar Brave, Courageous Arabic
Jashan Celebration, Festivity Persian
Jashim Powerful, Strong Arabic
Jasimuddin Brave, Courageous Arabic
Jasiruddin Brave, Courageous Arabic
Jawadullah Generosity of Allah Arabic
Javed Eternal, Immortal Persian
Javi Silent, Peaceful Arabic
Javidan Eternity, Everlasting Persian
Jawahirullah Jewels of Allah Arabic
Jawdat Excellence, Virtue Arabic
Jawed Immortal, Everlasting Persian
Jazibullah Charming of Allah Arabic
Jazlan Prosperous, Successful Arabic
Jazuli Name of a famous Sufi saint Arabic
Jebran Reward, Result Arabic
Jibrail Arabic name for Archangel Gabriel Arabic
Jiwad Quality of being alive Arabic
Jiyadullah Abundance of Allah Arabic
Jiyar Harvest, Crop Arabic
Jizan Name of a mountain Arabic
Jnan Knowledge, Wisdom Sanskrit
Joher Jewel, Precious Stone Arabic
Juma Friday, Congregation Arabic
Jumah Congregation, Friday Prayer Arabic
Jummal Name of a Sahabi Arabic
Jumanah Pearl, Gem Arabic
Junaidullah Helper of Allah Arabic
Junaydullah Servant of Allah Arabic
Junedullah Army of Allah Arabic
Jundullah Army of Allah Arabic
Jurairah A bird Arabic
Juzaruddin Competent in religion Arabic
Jyran Longing, Desire Arabic


Girl Names With”J”

Name Meaning Origin
Jabeen Forehead Arabic
Jabira Comforter Arabic
Jabrayah Love Arabic
Jadwa Gift, Present Arabic
Jahanara Queen of the World Persian
Jahida Hardworking Arabic
Jala Clarity, Elucidation Arabic
Jalilah Magnificent, Great Arabic
Jamila Beautiful, Elegant Arabic
Jana Harvest Arabic
Jannah Paradise Arabic
Janina God is Gracious Arabic
Jariyah One who Helps Arabic
Jasmin Flower Persian
Jawahir Precious Stones Arabic
Jawda Goodness, Kindness Arabic
Jawharah Jewel Arabic
Jaza Reward Arabic
Jazirah Island Arabic
Jemila Beautiful Arabic
Jenaan Garden, Paradise Arabic
Jenin Paradise Arabic
Jerusha Inheritance Arabic
Jibrilah Archangel Gabriel Arabic
Jihan Universe, World Arabic
Jinan Gardens, Paradise Arabic
Jumanah Silver Pearl Arabic
Junainah Garden of Paradise Arabic
Junaydah Young Fighter, Warrior Arabic
Juriyah Breezes Arabic
Jusayrah Short Arabic
Juzamah Sheath Arabic
Jwahar Jewels Arabic
Jaffa Lovely Hebrew
Jahan The World Persian
Jaleh Dew, Early Morning Dew Persian
Janan Heart, Soul Arabic
Jathibiyya Narrator of Hadith Arabic
Jawahir Gems Arabic
Jawharah Precious Stones Arabic
Jericho City of the Moon Arabic
Jihana Sunflower Arabic
Jinane Garden of Paradise Arabic
Johara Jewel Arabic
Johi Jewel Arabic
Jonairah Paradise Arabic
Juman Silver Pearl Arabic
Jumanah Pearl Arabic
Junaid Young Warrior Arabic
Junayd Young Warrior Arabic
Junaynah Garden of Paradise Arabic
Jusufa God will Increase Arabic
Juwairiyah Little Gem Arabic
Joud Generosity Arabic
Jouri Myrtle Tree Arabic
Jumana Silver Pearl Arabic
Jumanah Silver Pearl Arabic
Jumaymah Promised Arabic
Jumaynah Gemstone Arabic
Jumrah Piece of Coal Arabic
Jumyana Gemstone Arabic
Junaina Garden of Paradise Arabic
Junainah Garden of Paradise Arabic
Junaydah Warrior Arabic
Junaynah Garden of Paradise Arabic
Jundiyah Fighter Arabic
Juyal Lovely Flower Arabic
Juhaina Young Lady Arabic
Joudi Generous Arabic
Jazia Reward, Compensation Arabic
Jannatul Heaven's Garden Arabic
Jaida Precious Stone Arabic
Jinaan Gardens, Paradise Arabic



While some parents prefer newer, emerging names, others are drawn to timeless classics that have stood the test of time. These “Trailblazers” are traditional Muslim names that have been loved across generations for their enduring charm and profound meanings. Often, they pay homage to important figures in Islamic history, maintaining a deep connection to the faith and culture. Here are five time-honoured Muslim baby names beginning with “J”:

  1. Jabir: Meaning “comforter” or “one who consoles”, it’s a name with a nurturing spirit.
  2. Junaid: A popular name meaning “warrior” or “fighter”, symbolizing strength and courage.
  3. Jafar: An esteemed name meaning “stream” or “river”, signifying flow and tranquility.
  4. Jasmin: Deriving from the fragrant flower jasmine, it represents purity and elegance.
  5. Jehan: A classic name meaning “world” or “universe”, symbolizing breadth of vision and ambition.

Every name we bestow holds a universe of potential for the bearer. The names you’ve discovered in this guide, all commencing with the cherished letter “J”, are interwoven with the grand tapestry of Islamic tradition and cultural wisdom. These names aren’t just tags; they’re profound expressions of hope, character, and faith, perfectly suited for your little one. It’s our sincerest hope that this guide has assisted you in your search for that perfect name, and may it mark the start of a blessed journey into parenthood.