Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “H”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “H”

Choosing a meaningful and appropriate name for a newborn is a significant aspect of Muslim culture. When it comes to names beginning with the letter “H,” there is a rich variety of options that carry deep significance and reflect the Islamic heritage. These names hold special meanings and often embody virtues that parents wish to instill in their children. From traditional to modern, each name starting with “H” carries a unique charm. In this collection, we explore a diverse array of Muslim baby boy and girl names that begin with the letter “H,” allowing parents to find inspiration and connect with their religious and cultural roots.

Trends and Modern Choices

In the world of names, the trend is always evolving. There’s a blend of traditional elements combined with a modern touch, reflecting personal beliefs and a cosmopolitan outlook. Here are five modern and trending Muslim names for boys and girls starting with the letter “H”:

Haris (Boy) – This trendy name has Arabic origins and means ‘vigilant’ or ‘guardian’.

Hana (Girl) – A modern, popular choice that signifies ‘happiness’ or ‘bliss’.

Hadid (Boy) – An appealing name of Arabic origin meaning ‘iron’ and symbolizes strength.

Hadiya (Girl) – A contemporary and popular name that means ‘gift’ in Arabic.

Hayyan (Boy) – This stylish name has an Arabic origin and it signifies ‘alive’ or ‘life’.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “H”

Boy  Names  With “H”

Name Meaning Origin
Habib Beloved Arabic
Hadi Guide, Leader Arabic
Hafiz Protector, Guardian Arabic
Haidar Lion Arabic
Hakeem Wise, Intelligent Arabic
Haleem Patient, Tolerant Arabic
Hamdan Praiseworthy Arabic
Hamid Praiseworthy, Grateful Arabic
Hamza Lion Arabic
Hanif True believer in monotheism Arabic
Haris Guardian, Protector Arabic
Haroon Prophet Aaron Arabic
Hasan Handsome, Good Arabic
Hashim Crusher, Bringer of peace Arabic
Hassan Good, Handsome Arabic
Haytham Young hawk Arabic
Hazim Resolute, Firm Arabic
Hisham Generous Arabic
Hossam Sword Arabic
Houd A prophet in Islam Arabic
Hudhaifah Companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hudhayfah Old Arabic name Arabic
Husam Sword, Protection Arabic
Hussein Handsome, Beautiful Arabic
Huthayfa Old Arabic name Arabic
Huzayfah Old Arabic name Arabic
Huzayl Old Arabic name Arabic
Hafidh Protector Arabic
Hujjat Argument, evidence Arabic
Hushaym Old Arabic name Arabic
Hujaim Old Arabic name Arabic
Huthayl Old Arabic name Arabic
Hazaq Strong, firm Arabic
Hukam Command, authority Arabic
Harb War Arabic
Harith Farmer, cultivator Arabic
Hamal Lamb Arabic
Hamim Intimate, close friend Arabic
Hamzaa The uncle of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hareem Sanctuary, sacred area Arabic
Harun Prophet Aaron Arabic
Hasnain Two good, blessed people (refers to the Prophet Muhammad and his grandson) Arabic
Hatim Generous, selfless Arabic
Hawari Disciple Arabic
Haydar Lion Arabic
Hayyim Life Arabic
Haziq Intelligent, clever Arabic
Heba Gift, blessing Arabic
Hibah Gift, grant Arabic
Hidayat Guidance, instruction Arabic
Hifz Protection, preservation Arabic
Hijazi From the region of Hijaz (in Saudi Arabia) Arabic
Hikmat Wisdom, knowledge Arabic
Himmat Courage, determination Arabic
Hishmat Dignity, respect Persian
Huda Guidance, direction Arabic
Hud A prophet in Islam Arabic
Hudhafah Old Arabic name Arabic
Hudhayl Old Arabic name Arabic
Hudun Steadfastness, constancy Arabic
Hujaym Old Arabic name Arabic
Humaid Praised, commendable Arabic
Humam Brave, courageous Arabic
Humayd Praised, commendable Arabic
Humza Lion Arabic
Hunaid Helper, supporter Arabic
Hurairah Little cat Arabic
Hurr Free, independent Arabic
Husain Handsome, good Arabic
Husamuddin Sword of religion Arabic
Husni Beauty, handsomeness Arabic
Huzefa Name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Huzoor Presence, attention Arabic
Haiden He who is guided Arabic
Hail Acclaim, praise Arabic
Haisam Lion Arabic
Haitham Young hawk Arabic
Haji One who has performed the Hajj pilgrimage Arabic
Hajib Doorkeeper, chamberlain Arabic
Hakam Judge, arbitrator Arabic
Hakim Wise, knowledgeable Arabic
Hala Aura, radiance Arabic
Halim Patient, tolerant Arabic
Hamal Lamb Arabic
Hamdi Praiseworthy, commendable Arabic
Hamdullah Thanks to Allah Arabic
Hamim Close friend, intimate Arabic
Hamzah Lion Arabic
Hariz Energetic, passionate Arabic
Haroun Prophet Aaron Arabic
Harthama A companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hasam Sword Arabic
Hasib Respected, honorable Arabic
Hatim Generous, selfless Arabic
Hawshab A companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hayat Life Arabic
Haysam Sword, lion Arabic
Hidayah Guidance, instruction Arabic
Hikmet Wisdom, knowledge Turkish
Hilya Adornment, decoration Arabic
Hishamuddin Generosity of the religion Arabic
Hizir Name of a prophet in Islamic tradition Arabic
Hudaifa Companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hujayra From the name of a mountain in Saudi Arabia Arabic
Humoud Praise, commendation Arabic
Hunayn Name of a battle in Islamic history Arabic
Husaini Belonging to Husayn (a revered figure in Islam) Arabic
Husnain Two beautiful ones (refers to the Prophet Muhammad and his grandson) Arabic
Huzayfa Name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Haidarali Lion-like, brave like Ali (a revered figure in Islam) Arabic/Persian
Hafed Guardian, protector Arabic
Hakeemullah Wise one of Allah Arabic
Halil Close friend Arabic
Hamad Praise, commendation Arabic
Hamalaw Lamb-like Arabic
Hameedullah Thankful to Allah Arabic
Hamoud Praise, commendation Arabic
Hasanain Two good ones (refers to the Prophet Muhammad and his  
Hasham Generous, tolerant Arabic
Hashir One who gathers people Arabic
Hatib Messenger, ambassador Arabic
Hawas Desire, passion Arabic
Hayal Imagination, fantasy Turkish
Hayyan Alive, lively Arabic
Hazimullah Determined in the way of Allah Arabic
Hazrat Respect, reverence Arabic
Hikmetullah Wisdom of Allah Turkish
Hishmatullah Dignity of Allah Persian


Girl Names With “H”

Name Meaning Origin
Hadeel To coo like a pigeon Arabic
Hadiya Gift Arabic
Hafiza Protector, guardian Arabic
Hafsah Young lioness, cub Arabic
Haima Snow Arabic
Hajirah One who emigrates Arabic
Hala Sweetness, halo Arabic
Halima Gentle, mild, patient Arabic
Hamama Pigeon Arabic
Hamida Praiseworthy Arabic
Hanan Mercy, compassion Arabic
Haniya Happy, contented Arabic
Haseena Beautiful, pretty Arabic
Hashirah One who assembles Arabic
Hasina Good, beautiful Arabic
Hawa The first woman Arabic
Hayat Life, existence Arabic
Hazima Steadfast, determined Arabic
Henna Plant used for coloring Arabic
Hibah Gift, grant Arabic
Hidayah Guidance, direction Arabic
Hina A flowering shrub Arabic
Hind India Arabic
Hira Mount of light Arabic
Hoda Guidance, right path Arabic
Hooria Angelic, celestial Arabic
Huda Guidance, right path Arabic
Humaira Reddish, pinkish Arabic
Humayra Reddish, pinkish Arabic
Husna Beauty, excellence Arabic
Huyam Love, passion Arabic
Hadeeqa Garden Arabic
Hafthah Preserved, protected Arabic
Haimi Golden Arabic
Halaqah Circle, group Arabic
Halwa Sweet Arabic
Hamamah A dove Arabic
Hamdanah Praiseworthy, commendable Arabic
Hanifa Pure, upright Arabic
Haniyah Longing, yearning Arabic
Harisah Guardian, protector Arabic
Hasana Good, virtuous Arabic
Hawwa The first woman Arabic
Hayah Life, existence Arabic
Hayam Deliriously in love Arabic
Hazeena Treasure, valuable possession Arabic
Hazimah Resolute, determined Arabic
Hennaan Affectionate, loving Arabic
Hidayat Guidance, direction Arabic
Hikmah Wisdom, intelligence Arabic
Hinaa A flowering shrub Arabic
Hindah Old Arabic name meaning female deer Arabic
Hiraeth Longing, yearning for home Arabic
Hiyam Love, affection Arabic
Hodaifa Leader of the faithful Arabic
Hoor Nymphs of paradise Arabic
Hudaifa Wise, prudent Arabic
Hudhafah Old Arabic name meaning lion's cub Arabic
Hujaymah Old Arabic name meaning covered with sand Arabic
Humam Generosity, nobility Arabic
Humaiza Sensitive, emotional Arabic
Humamah Brave, courageous Arabic
Humaydah Praise-worthy Arabic
Husayni Of Husayn, grandson of Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Huthayfa Old Arabic name meaning long-haired Arabic
Huzayfah Old Arabic name meaning small and slender Arabic
Haala Aureole Arabic
Haaroon Arabic name meaning "mountain of strength" Arabic
Habeel Arabic name meaning "breathing" Arabic
Haddadah Old Arabic name meaning blacksmith Arabic
Hadeeqah Park, garden Arabic
Hadirah One who is present, attentive Arabic
Hafeezah Protector, guardian Arabic
Hafsahah Daughter of Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hagirah One who emigrates Arabic
Haidarah One who comes back Arabic
Hailah Shy, modest Arabic
Hakeemah Wise woman, intelligent Arabic
Hakiimah Wise, learned woman Arabic
Halaq Circle, ring Arabic
Haleemah Gentle, patient woman Arabic
Hamdiyyah Praising Allah Arabic
Hamidah Praising, thankful Arabic
Hamimat Pious, devoted woman Arabic
Hana Happy, joyful Arabic
Hanane Affection, tenderness Arabic
Hanifah Devout, believer in one God Arabic
Haniyyah Pleasant, agreeable Arabic
Harir Silk Arabic
Harisah Watchful, vigilant Arabic
Hasibah Respected, esteemed Arabic
Hasnaa Beautiful Arabic
Hawaa Passionate, ardent Arabic
Hayfaa Delicate, slender woman Arabic
Hayrunnisa Good woman, beloved of the Prophet Arabic
Hazar Thousand, innumerable Arabic
Hazina Precious, priceless Arabic
Hennaan Affectionate, loving woman Arabic
Hidayah Guidance, instruction, direction Arabic
Hikmah Wisdom, intelligence Arabic
Hilaal Crescent moon Arabic
Hilm Forbearance, patience Arabic
Hina Henna plant Arabic
Hira Cave, mountain Arabic
Hirra Free, noble, precious Arabic
Hisaam Sword, dagger Arabic
Hoda Guidance, instruction Arabic
Homa Persian mythical bird Persian
Humaira Reddish, rosy Arabic
Huriya Angel, houri Arabic
Hurya Beautiful, heavenly maiden Arabic
Hushaima Smiling, happy Arabic
Husn Beauty, elegance Arabic
Husniyah Beautiful, graceful Arabic
Huzayfah Small and slender Arabic
Huzayl Old Arabic name meaning generous Arabic
Hadi Guide, leader Arabic
Hadir Present, attentive Arabic
Hafsa Cub, young lioness Arabic
Hafsah Cub, young lioness Arabic
Hajar Rock, stone Arabic
Hajir Emigrant, one who moves from one place to another Arabic
Halah Plowman, cultivator Arabic
Haleh Halo, aureole Persian
Hamama Dove, pigeon Arabic
Hamda Praiseworthy, commendable Arabic
Hamdiyah Praising, thankful Arabic
Hameeda Praiseworthy, commendable Arabic
Hamidah Praising, thankful Arabic
Hanadi Tender, delicate Arabic
Hananah Affectionate, loving Arabic
Hanifa True believer in one God Arabic
Haniyya Contented, pleased Arabic
Harb War, battle Arabic
Harim Sanctuary, forbidden Arabic


Classic and Timeless Names

Certain names have stood the test of time, retaining their charm and appeal through generations. They often possess profound meanings and a sense of familiarity that connects us to our roots. Here are five classic and timeless Muslim names starting with the letter “H”

Hasan (Boy) – A classic Muslim name of Arabic origin, meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘good’.

Halima (Girl) – A timeless choice that means ‘gentle’ or ‘patient’ in Arabic. This was the name of Prophet Mohammed’s wet nurse.

Hamza (Boy) – This name, of Arabic origin, has a historic resonance in Islam. It means ‘strong’ or ‘staunch’.

Hafsa (Girl) – A classic Muslim name that means ‘lioness’ in Arabic. It was the name of a wife of Prophet Mohammed.

Hakim (Boy) – A timeless and traditional choice, Hakim means ‘wise’ or ‘judicious’ in Arabic.

In conclusion, selecting a name for a newborn is a decision that holds immense importance in the Muslim community. The selection of names beginning with the letter “H” offers a wide range of choices, each with its own beautiful meaning and Islamic significance. From timeless classics to contemporary gems, these names provide parents with a chance to honor their faith while bestowing a name that will shape their child’s identity. Whether it’s a baby boy or girl, the names starting with “H” are a testament to the rich heritage and values upheld by the Muslim community. By embracing these names, parents can ensure their child’s journey begins with a name that holds deep cultural and religious significance.