Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “G”

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “G”

Selecting the perfect name for your Muslim baby is a momentous decision that holds immense significance for parents. When exploring names beginning with the letter “G,” you embark on a journey through a diverse collection of options, each bearing cultural and religious importance. These names encapsulate the beauty of Islamic traditions while honoring the heritage and values cherished by Muslim families. Whether you seek a name for a baby boy or girl, the choices starting with “G” offer a tapestry of timeless classics and contemporary favorites. Within this rich assortment, you’ll discover a name that not only resonates with your faith but also imparts a meaningful and cherished identity to your child.

Trends and Modern Choices:

These names are a blend of modern influences and cultural fusion. They carry the essential meaning and tradition, but their contemporary sound makes them appealing to today’s parents. Many of these names are unique, trending, and yet rooted in Muslim culture.

Ghali: This name means “valuable” or “dear”. A short and simple name, Ghali has a modern appeal to it.

Ginan: A lovely name for a girl, Ginan means “secret, wisdom”. It’s not commonly heard, making it a unique choice.

Ghaniya: Ghaniya means “wealthy” or “rich”. It’s a feminine name with a luxurious connotation, fitting for modern times.

Ghalib: This name means “victor”, or “dominant”. Ghalib is a powerful, masculine name with a modern feel to it.

Ghayda: Ghayda means “young and delicate”. It is an elegant and modern name choice for a baby girl.

Muslim Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “G”

Boy Names With “G”

Name Meaning Origin
Ghazi Warrior, conqueror Arabic
Ghafir Forgiver, pardoner Arabic
Ghaffar Most forgiving, one of the names of Allah Arabic
Ghalib Victor, dominant Arabic
Ghani Rich, wealthy, one of the names of Allah Arabic
Ghufran Forgiveness, pardon Arabic
Ghulam Servant, slave Arabic
Ghayoor Self-respecting, honorable Arabic
Ghayyur Jealous, zealous Arabic
Ghiyath Helper, supporter Arabic
Ghayyas Helper, reliever Arabic
Ghauth Helper, savior Arabic
Ghashir Preacher, one who gives good news Arabic
Ghazzal Fluent, eloquent Arabic
Ghazawan Warrior, companion of the Prophet (PBUH) Arabic
Ghazali Deer-like, a famous Muslim philosopher Arabic
Ghumaysa Bravery, courageousness Arabic
Ghaydaan Delicate, tender Arabic
Ghirrid Singing, cooing (like a bird) Arabic
Ghazalan Spinner, one who spins thread Arabic
Ghaidan Tender, delicate Arabic
Ghunaim One who is granted victory Arabic
Ghaznawi Related to Ghazni, an ancient city in Afghanistan Arabic
Ghifari From the Ghifar tribe Arabic
Ghazawat Battles, military campaigns Arabic
Ghazwan Conqueror, one who conquers Arabic
Ghalia Precious, valuable Arabic
Ghassan Youth, prime of life Arabic
Ghaith Rain, abundance Arabic
Ghazif Conqueror, one who overcomes Arabic
Gharib Stranger, foreigner Arabic
Ghars Planting, sowing Arabic
Ghadef Agile, quick Arabic
Ghaylan Green, fresh Arabic
Ghuyur Dignity, self-respect Arabic


Girl Names With “G”

Name Meaning Origin
Gohar Precious stone, gem Persian
Gul Rose, flower Persian
Gulbahar Spring rose, flower Persian
Gulnaz Rose-like beauty, charm Persian
Gulpari Rose fairy Persian
Gulrukh Face like a rose Persian
Gulshan Rose garden Persian
Gulzar Rose garden, scattered roses Persian
Ghada Graceful girl, young and delicate Arabic
Ghadah Beautiful, delicate Arabic
Ghadir Stream, brook Arabic
Ghafira Protector, forgiver Arabic
Ghaida Soft, gentle Arabic
Ghalia Precious, valuable Arabic
Ghaliya Valuable, dear, beloved Arabic
Ghaneemah Spoils of war, war bounty Arabic
Ghausiya Helper, supporter Arabic
Ghazala A graceful doe Arabic
Ghina Wealth, richness Arabic
Ghuncha Flower bud Persian
Ghaziyah Female warrior, conqueror Arabic
Gharam Love, affection Arabic
Gharami Passionate, loving Arabic
Ghufran Forgiveness, pardon Arabic
Ghumaysa Dark-eyed beauty Arabic
Ghusun Branches of a tree Arabic
Ghusniyah Bird's nest Arabic
Gul-e-Rana Rose-like face, charming Persian
Gulab Rose, rosewater Persian
Gulchehra Rose-faced, beautiful Persian
Gulmira Beautiful like a rose Persian
Gulnar Pomegranate flower Persian
Gulnazira Beautiful like a rose, charming Persian
Gulrang Color of roses Persian
Gulsum Beautiful face with a sweet smile Persian
Gultaj Crown of roses Persian
Gulten Beautiful, like a rose Persian
Gulzad Born in a garden of roses Persian
Gulzarika A small rose garden Persian
Gul Afshan Sprinkling roses Persian
Gul Andam Beautiful, adorned with flowers Persian
Gulay Moon-faced beauty Persian
Gulbenk A beautiful rose Persian
Gulbeyaz White rose Turkish
Gulbuddin Rose of religion Persian
Guldemet An ornament of roses Turkish
Guldeste Rose bouquet Kurdish
Guldeğer A precious rose Turkish
Gule Smile, rose Kurdish
Gulefer Beautiful as a rose Kurdish
Gulejna Rose-colored, like a rose Persian
Guler Smiling, happy Turkish
Guleser Smiling like a rose Turkish
Guley Beautiful, rose-like Kurdish
Gulezahra The beauty of a rose Persian
Gulgul Rose-like, fragrant Kurdish
Gullida Rose-like beauty Persian
Gulmanat Like a rose, beautiful Persian
Gulmehr Beautiful like the sun Persian
Gulnigar Beautiful as a rose, charming Persian
Gulnaaz Beautiful like a rose, charming Persian
Gulnazik Delicate and beautiful like a rose Persian
Gulperî Rose fairy, beautiful like a rose Kurdish
Gulroj A rose garden Persian
Gulsima Rose-like, beautiful Persian
Gulaab Rose, rose-colored Urdu
Guldasta A bouquet of flowers Urdu
Guleena One with a smile like a flower Persian
Gullu Flower Turkish
Gulzar-e-Habib Rose garden of the beloved Urdu
Gauhar Precious stone, gemstone Arabic/Persian
Gawaher Jewels, precious stones Arabic
Gayathri A hymn, verse Sanskrit
Ghaida Soft, gentle Arabic
Ghasna Bud, flower Arabic
Ghufrana Forgiveness, pardon Arabic
Goharbanu Lady of precious stones Persian
Gulbahar Spring of roses Persian
Gulbadan Having a body like a rose Persian
Gulshanara A rose in a garden Persian
Gulwali A flower like a rose, a rose garden Pashto
Gulzar-e-Taj A garden of crowns Urdu
Gulestan A garden of flowers Persian
Guli Rose, flower Uzbek
Gullistan A garden of flowers Persian
Ghufranullah Forgiveness of Allah Arabic
Ghazalah A female gazelle Arabic
Ghaida'a Young and delicate Arabic
Ghadira Stream or rivulet Arabic
Ghamza A gesture or signal, a wink Arabic
Ghazawan Companion or friend Arabic
Ghali Noble or precious Arabic
Ghasnaa Bud or flower Arabic
Ghizlan A fragrant tree or shrub Arabic
Ghinaa Wealth, abundance Arabic
Ghurra Blossoming flower, radiant Arabic
Ghania Rich, wealthy Arabic
Ghizlane A cluster of flowers Arabic
Ghaydaa Young and delicate, tender Arabic
Ghalibah Dominant, victorious Arabic


Classic and Timeless Names:

These names have endured the test of time. Their deep historical and religious significance makes them perennial choices for parents. These names are steeped in tradition, providing a strong cultural and religious connection.

Ghazanfar: A masculine name, Ghazanfar means “lion”. It’s a name that conveys strength and courage, timeless qualities admired throughout history.

Ghazala: Meaning “graceful like a doe”, Ghazala is a beautiful and classic name choice for a girl.

Ghazi: Ghazi means “warrior” or “champion”. It’s a name that has been used throughout Islamic history and remains a powerful choice today.

Ghulam: Ghulam means “servant” or “boy”. This name is classic and carries the humbling significance of being a servant of God.

Ghada: Meaning “delicate young girl”, Ghada is a name that beautifully captures timeless femininity.

In conclusion, Muslim baby names commencing with the letter “G” bestow a treasure trove of possibilities for parents seeking a name that carries profound significance. Each name encapsulates the essence of Islamic heritage, embracing the cultural tapestry and spiritual values cherished by Muslim communities. Whether you gravitate towards traditional and enduring names or modern and trendy options, the names starting with “G” resonate with a timeless beauty that transcends generations. With careful consideration and heartfelt intention, you can choose a name that becomes a source of pride, identity, and spiritual connection for your child, instilling a strong sense of belonging within the Muslim ummah and enriching their life’s journey.