Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Y”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Y”

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an exciting journey, and if you’re looking for Hindu baby names starting with the letter “Y,” you’re in the right place. The letter “Y” brings forth a unique charm, with names that are rich in meaning and rooted in Indian culture. Hindu names beginning with “Y” are often associated with strength, wisdom, and spirituality. From traditional favorites to modern delights, this collection of names offers a plethora of options for your baby boy or girl. So, let’s dive into this list and discover the beautiful Hindu names that begin with the letter “Y.”

Trends and Modern Choices:

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of modern and trendy Hindu names. These names often reflect a blend of traditional roots with a contemporary touch. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names that start with the letter “Y” and fit the trends and modern choices:



  • Meaning “youthful” or “energetic,” Yuvan is a popular modern name for boys that signifies vitality and enthusiasm.


  • Derived from the Sanskrit word “yasha,” meaning “fame” or “glory,” Yash is a stylish and trendy name with a strong and positive connotation.


  • Meaning “prince” or “heir apparent,” Yuvraj is a fashionable choice for parents who desire a name that denotes royalty and leadership.


  • With its meaning “truth” or “reality,” Yatharth represents the modern inclination towards seeking authenticity and sincerity.


  • This contemporary name for girls means “young lady” or “maiden.” Yuvika portrays a sense of grace and elegance, appealing to modern naming trends.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Y”

Boy Names With “Y”

Name Meaning Origin
Yash Fame, Glory, Success Hindi
Yashas Fame, Glory Hindi
Yashasvi Successful, Glorious, Famous Hindi
Yashmit Full of fame, Glorious Hindi
Yashodev Lord of fame and glory Hindi
Yashovardhan One who increases fame and glory Hindi
Yashpal Protector of fame and glory Hindi
Yashraj King of fame Hindi
Yashwant One who desires fame and glory Hindi
Yatin Ascetic, Devoted Hindi
Yatish Lord of devotees Hindi
Yatendra Lord of ascetics Hindi
Yayati An ancient Hindu king Hindu Mythology
Yogesh Master of Yoga, Lord of Yoga Hindi
Yogi One who practices Yoga Hindi
Yogendra Master of Yoga, Lord of Yoga Hindi
Yojit Planner, Strategist Hindi
Yudhajit Victorious in War Hindi
Yukta Attentive, Skillful Hindi
Yashodhan Rich in fame and glory Hindi
Yashkaran One who brings fame and glory Hindi
Yashvardhan One who enhances fame and glory Hindi
Yashodhar Bearer of fame and glory Hindi
Yashobhav Having the essence of fame Hindi
Yashprabhu Lord of fame and glory Hindi
Yashpreet Love for fame and glory Hindi
Yashveer Brave and glorious Hindi
Yashwardhan Protector of fame and glory Hindi
Yatnesh Lord of efforts Hindi
Yagna Ceremonial rites, Sacrifice Sanskrit
Yagya Sacrifice, Vedic ritual Sanskrit
Yasharth Reality of fame, True meaning Hindi
Yashodhara One who has achieved fame and glory Hindi
Yug Era, Generation, Time period Hindi


Girl Names With “Y”

Name Meaning Origin
Yashaswini One who is successful and glorious Hindi
Yashika Successful, famous Hindi
Yashita Successful, prosperous Hindi
Yashoda Foster mother of Lord Krishna Hindi
Yashvi Fame, success, and prosperity Hindi
Yamini Nocturnal, night, or a beautiful night Hindi
Yuvati Young woman, maiden Hindi
Yukta Attentive, skillful, united with Hindi
Yugandhara Bearing the fragrance of the ages, eternal Hindi
Yuvashree Goddess of youth and beauty Hindi
Yuthika Multitude, abundance Hindi
Yauvani Youthful, full of youth Hindi
Yashashri One who has great fame Hindi
Yashitha One who is praised or successful Hindi
Yashawanthi One who desires fame and success Hindi
Yasoda Foster mother of Lord Krishna, variant of Yashoda Hindi
Yashodhara One who has achieved great fame Hindi
Yashasvi Successful, prosperous, variant of Yashvi Hindi
Yuktika Attentive, skillful, united with, variant of Yukta Hindi
Yutika A flower, also refers to abundance Hindi
Yuktitha One who possesses wisdom and skill Hindi
Yuvakshi A young woman with beautiful eyes Hindi
Yajneshwari Goddess Durga, one who is skilled in performing rituals Hindi
Yauvanika One who possesses youthful beauty Hindi
Yashmitha One who has a bright smile and brings happiness Hindi
Yashovathi One who is endowed with fame and wealth Hindi
Yatharthini One who represents reality, truth Hindi
Yuktakshara One who is composed of the right syllables Hindi
Yashogatha One who has a story of fame and success Hindi
Yashomati One who is prosperous and fortunate Hindi
Yashonee One who is successful and accomplished Hindi
Yashwini One who is successful and has a winning personality Hindi
Yashikaa One who is successful and famous Hindi
Yashavani Voice of fame, voice of success Hindi
Yashra One who brings happiness and success Hindi
Yagyashree One who is accomplished in performing rituals Hindi
Yasharthi One who seeks fame, success, and truth Hindi
Yashvitha One who is blessed with success and prosperity Hindi
Yashreen One who has an aura of success and fame Hindi
Yashmita One who smiles with fame and success Hindi
Yashviha A successful, accomplished, and prosperous person Hindi
Yashvanti One who desires success and fame Hindi
Yuvashakti The power of youth, youthful strength Hindi
Yashasvita One who possesses fame, success, and glory Hindi


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic Hindu names have stood the test of time and continue to be favored by many parents. These names have a rich cultural heritage and often carry deep meanings. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names that start with the letter “Y” and have a timeless appeal:



  • Derived from the Sanskrit words “yoga” (union) and “isha” (lord), Yogesh means “lord of yoga” or “master of meditation.” It symbolizes spiritual wisdom and serenity.


  • Meaning “one who has fame” or “possessing glory,” Yashwant is a classic choice for parents seeking a name that signifies achievements and reputation.


  • Combining the words “yuvan” (youthful) and “ish” (lord), Yuvanesh denotes “lord of the youth” or “leader of the young.” It carries a sense of authority and guidance.


  • This name means “sacrifice” or “worshipper.” Yajat reflects the deep-rooted traditions of Hinduism and highlights devotion and spirituality.


  • Derived from the ancient Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, Yudhisthir is the name of one of the Pandava brothers. It means “firm in battle” or “steadfast in righteousness” and holds great historical and mythological significance.



  • Meaning “night” or “nocturnal,” Yamini represents the beauty and mystery of the nighttime. It is a timeless name that exudes grace and elegance.


  • Derived from the Sanskrit words “yasha” (fame) and “da” (giver), Yashoda means “one who bestows fame.” It is the name of Lord Krishna’s foster mother and carries deep spiritual meaning.


  • This classic name signifies “glorious” or “famous.” Yashvi has a timeless charm and is often chosen by parents who appreciate traditional values and virtues.


  • Derived from the Sanskrit word “yoga” (union), Yogita means “one who is skilled in yoga” or “unified.” It reflects inner strength and a sense of balance.


  • Named after the sacred river Yamuna, this classic name is associated with purity and divine grace. Yamuna holds great significance in Hindu mythology and is considered a timeless choice for girls.

In conclusion, Hindu baby names starting with the letter “Y” present a wonderful assortment of choices, each carrying its own significance and beauty. Whether you seek a traditional name with historical roots or a contemporary moniker with a touch of modernity, this collection has something to offer every parent. From Yash, symbolizing fame and success, to Yashoda, a name embodying motherly love, these names evoke a sense of cultural heritage and profound meaning. Delve into the world of Hindu baby names beginning with “Y” and find the perfect name that resonates with your aspirations for your little one, ensuring they embark on a journey filled with purpose and pride.