Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “U”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “U”

Choosing a meaningful name for your baby is an important decision, and if you’re looking for Hindu baby names starting with the letter “U,” you’ve come to the right place. Hindu names are deeply rooted in rich traditions and carry profound meanings. This list of names beginning with “U” offers a diverse selection that combines ancient wisdom and contemporary appeal. From unique and rare choices to more common and popular options, these names embody the cultural heritage of Hinduism. Whether you seek a strong and masculine name for a baby boy or a graceful and elegant name for a baby girl, this compilation is sure to inspire you.

The Rising Stars:

In Hindu culture, names hold immense significance as they reflect the hopes and aspirations parents have for their children. Under the category of “The Rising Stars,” we present five Hindu boy and girl names that start with the letter “U.” These names symbolize ambition, potential, and the desire to soar high, making them perfect choices for parents who wish to inspire their children to become future trailblazers.

Urvi (Girl)

  • Urvi translates to “earth” or “the planet.” This name represents the foundation from which great achievements can spring forth. It signifies a connection with nature, stability, and nurturing qualities.

Uma (Girl)

  • Uma is derived from the Sanskrit word for “light” or “splendor.” This name encapsulates grace, beauty, and radiance. Uma is also an alternative name for the Hindu goddess Parvati, who embodies strength and devotion.

Udbhav (Boy)

  • Udbhav means “origin” or “source.” This name represents the innate ability to initiate change, innovate, and bring new ideas to life. It reflects the qualities of leadership, creativity, and visionary thinking.

Udbhav (Boy)

  • Udbhav means “origin” or “source.” This name signifies the ability to initiate change, innovate, and bring new ideas to life. It reflects qualities of leadership, creativity, and a visionary mindset.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “U”

Boy Names With “U”

Name Meaning Origin
Uday To rise, Sunrise Hindi
Udit Grown, Awakened, Shining Hindi
Ujjwal Bright, Clear, Splendor Hindi
Umang Enthusiasm, Happiness, Excitement Hindi
Upendra Lord Vishnu, An element Hindi
Utkarsh Progress, Advancement, To rise Hindi
Uttam Best, Excellent Hindi
Ujesh One who bestows light Hindi
Udar Generous, Kindhearted Hindi
Ushank A part of the dawn, Morning ray Hindi
Utkrisht Superior, Of high quality Hindi
Unmesh Flash of intelligence, Opening of the third eye Hindi
Upanay Leader, One who leads Hindi
Ulagan A man of the world, Well-rounded Hindi
Upkar Favor, Gift, Kindness Hindi
Udyam Effort, Enterprise, Undertaking Hindi
Ushapati Husband of Dawn, Sun God Hindi
Utsav Celebration, Festival Hindi
Unnat Elevated, High, Progressed Hindi
Ulagappan Creator of the world, God Hindi
Ushakanta The sun, Radiant like the sun Hindi
Umakant Name of Lord Shiva, Beloved of Goddess Parvati Hindi
Upanshu Chanting of hymns softly Hindi
Ujas Bright, Light before dawn Hindi
Ullas Joy, Delight, Happiness Hindi
Ujval Splendid, Bright, Clear Hindi
Utpal A water lily, Lotus Hindi
Ushapavin Dispeller of darkness, Sun God Hindi
Unnikrishnan Lord Krishna, Young Krishna Hindi
Urvang Mountain Hindi
Udyat Rising, Ascending Hindi
Ushnisin Lord Shiva, Wearing a crown Hindi
Ushnik A Rishi, Sage Hindi
Utkil Strong, Powerful Hindi
Ujjayant Conqueror, Victorious Hindi
Udgita A hymn, Melodious song Hindi
Udyan Garden, Pleasure ground Hindi
Ugam Rising, Origin Hindi
Ujeshwara Lord of Light, Supreme light Hindi
Uddish Lord Shiva, God of the sky Hindi
Utpreksh A high point, A high position Hindi
Uddiran To lift, To elevate Hindi
Ujagar Famous, Renowned, Illustrious Hindi
Udant Correct message, Right news Hindi
Ushakiran Ray of morning sunlight Hindi
Udyogi Hardworking, Diligent, Industrious Hindi
Uthpal Blue lotus, A type of flower Hindi
Utkar Excellence, High rank Hindi
Udyatbhanu Rising sun, Ascending sun Hindi
Ushap Early morning sunlight, Dawn Hindi
Ujjvalit Illuminated, Brightened Hindi
Uktan Rising, Ascending Hindi
Udyanam Assembly, Congregation Hindi
Uthaman A good person, A virtuous man Hindi
Unmukta Free, Liberated Hindi
Ushakiran Rays of the morning sun Hindi
Udantika Satisfaction, Fulfillment Hindi
Ujitha Conqueror, Victorious Hindi
Udbal Mighty, Strong Hindi
Uchitvikram Righteous valor, Appropriate bravery Hindi
Ulagarasan King of the world, Ruler of the world Hindi
Udarathi Lord Vishnu, One who supports the heavens Hindi
Uchith Appropriate, Right Hindi
Ullasin Joyful, Happy, Delighting Hindi
Udyama Effort, Endeavor, Initiative Hindi
Udhav Friend, A close companion Hindi
Upashruti Divine voice, Celestial message Hindi
Utkrishta Superior, Outstanding Hindi
Uchitdeep An appropriate light, A suitable lamp Hindi
Unmesh Flash of intelligence, Enlightenment Hindi
Utkal Wealth, Riches Hindi
Utharap Son of King Virata, A character in the Mahabharata Hindi
Udyanpal Protector of the garden Hindi
Uthkarsh Progress, Advancement Hindi
Uddeepth Illuminated, Enlightened Hindi
Ujagar Famous, Renowned, Illustrious Hindi
Utkalika Passion, Intense interest Hindi
Ushakanta Sun, Radiant like the sun Hindi
Uthama Best, Excellent, Superior Hindi
Ujaswin Bright, Light before dawn Hindi
Uthav Lift, Raise, Support Hindi
Udipt Fiery, Illuminated Hindi
Uchitha Appropriate, Suitable, Right Hindi
Utsa Source, Origin, Spring Hindi
Ulagar Worldly, Universal Hindi
Upanandan One who brings joy, Delightful Hindi
Ushnish Crown, Diadem Hindi
Utphal Lotus, Water lily Hindi
Udyath Rising, Ascending Hindi
Udbhav Origin, Beginning, Source Hindi
Upvan Garden, A small forest Hindi
Ushapushpam Morning flower, Blossom of dawn Hindi
Ushmadh Light of joy, Bright happiness Hindi
Udyot Shining, Brilliant Hindi
Unmilan Meeting, Joining, Union Hindi
Udrek Blossoming, Flourishing Hindi
Uchitam Right, Appropriate, Just Hindi
Ushapan Drinking the light of dawn Hindi
Upanay To lead, Guide Hindi
Udyogin Hardworking, Diligent, Industrious Hindi


Girl Names With “U”

Name Meaning Origin
Udaya Dawn, sunrise Sanskrit
Uma Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Ujala Bright, clear Hindi
Urmi Wave Sanskrit
Usha Dawn Sanskrit
Upasana Worship Sanskrit
Urmila Enchantress Sanskrit
Unnati Progress, success Hindi
Utpala Lotus flower Sanskrit
Urja Energy Sanskrit
Ushashi Morning Hindi
Uttara North Sanskrit
Upma Example Hindi
Uditi Rising Sanskrit
Urvi Earth Sanskrit
Upasna Prayer Hindi
Udayan Rising Sanskrit
Unma Joy Hindi
Urmimala Garland of waves Sanskrit
Ujwala Bright, radiant Sanskrit
Utkarsha Advancement Sanskrit
Urisha Lord of Earth Sanskrit
Urvashi Celestial maiden Sanskrit
Ushakiran Rays of morning sun Hindi
Urshita Firm, strong Sanskrit
Upadhya Learned, teacher Hindi
Udbhava Origin, source Sanskrit
Urmiya Wave-like Sanskrit
Umang Enthusiasm Hindi
Ushika Morning Sanskrit
Ushika Dawn Hindi
Utpalini Lotus Sanskrit
Urjita Energetic Sanskrit
Urisha God of thunder Sanskrit
Ujeshi Victorious Hindi
Utsa Spring Sanskrit
Urmiya Wave Hindi
Urvija Lotus born Sanskrit
Ushra Fragrance Sanskrit
Ushma Warmth Sanskrit
Ugrakshi Sharp-eyed Sanskrit
Urakta Engrossed Hindi
Urvanshi King of Heart Sanskrit
Uttara Answer Hindi
Utkantha Longing, desire Sanskrit
Udayati Ascending Sanskrit
Utkarshini Prosperity Hindi
Urjaswathi Powerful Sanskrit
Upika Singer Hindi
Uddipta Illuminated Sanskrit
Udit Arisen Hindi
Uravashi Queen of Apsaras Sanskrit
Upal  stone      Bengali,Hindu Sanskirt
Ushnisha Turban-like Sanskrit
Urvashini Of Urvashi Sanskrit
Ujas Brightness Hindi
Utkarsa Elevation Hindi
Urmiyah Resembling waves Hindi
Unjali Offering Hindi
Urmika Small wave Hindi
Upada Beneficial Hindi
Utsavi Festive Hindi
Urjani Powerful, vigorous Sanskrit
Uttara Daughter of King Virata Sanskrit
Upasa Nearness, proximity Hindi
Upala Sandy shore Sanskrit
Urvashi Most beautiful of Apsaras Sanskrit
Upika Singer Sanskrit
Ukti Saying, speech Sanskrit
Urmiya Resembling waves Sanskrit
Upasri Worshipper Hindi
Urjasha Energetic, enthusiastic Sanskrit
Urjasi Powerful, energetic Sanskrit
Ushal Morning Hindi
Urshita Excellent, bright Hindi
Urjita Fierce, powerful Hindi
Urushita Firm, strong Hindi
Udayini Rising Hindi
Udbala Strong, powerful Sanskrit
Ujeshna Brightness, radiance Sanskrit
Ujwani Bright, shining Hindi
Uktika Speaker Sanskrit
Udayita Sunrise Hindi
Udayita Elevated Sanskrit
Ugamya Approachable Hindi
Urmisha God of thunder Sanskrit
Urmiva Full of waves Sanskrit
Utsuk Eager, enthusiastic Hindi
Utsarga Offering, sacrifice Sanskrit
Utkarshika Elevation, growth Sanskrit
Utkrishta Excellent, superior Sanskrit
Utkantha Yearning, restlessness Hindi
Utkramya Ascending Sanskrit
Utpatti Creation, origin Sanskrit
Utpreksha Desire, expectation Sanskrit
Utsaha Enthusiasm, zeal Sanskrit
Utsava Festival, celebration Sanskrit
Utsavita Celebrated, honoured Sanskrit
Utsarga Sacrifice, offering Hindi
Uttama Best, highest Sanskrit
Ujeshwari Queen of brightness Hindi
Umangana Full of life Hindi
Upalaap Discussion Hindi
Ushara Morning fragrance Sanskrit
Uttaraa A star Hindi
Uktikaa Advice Hindi
Ujjwalamayee Radiant Hindi
Urmidha Connected to waves Hindi
Urshita Joyful Sanskrit
Ushasi Desire Sanskrit
Udyati Elevated Sanskrit
Urjwati Full of energy Hindi
Upaharika Gift giver Hindi
Utpanna Born Sanskrit
Urmitha Friendship Hindi
Uttamika Best Sanskrit
Udayati Ascending Hindi
Ujjayini An ancient city Sanskrit
Ullupi A mythological character Sanskrit
Utkrishtaa Excellence Hindi



Trailblazers are individuals who carve their own path, inspiring others with their groundbreaking achievements. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “U,” inspired by remarkable individuals who left a lasting impact:

Urmila (Girl)

  • Urmila was the name of Lord Rama’s younger sister in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Known for her unwavering loyalty, bravery, and resilience, this name represents determination and fearlessness.

Ujjwal (Boy)

  • Ujjwal means “bright” or “splendid.” It signifies radiance that emanates from within, reflecting positivity, optimism, and enlightenment.

Upasana (Girl)

  • Upasana means “worship” or “devotion.” This name symbolizes a deep spiritual connection and unwavering dedication to a higher power or a chosen cause.

Utkarsha (Girl)

  • Utkarsha translates to “excellence” or “high achievement.” This name embodies the relentless pursuit of greatness and encourages individuals to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

Upendra (Boy)

  • Upendra is a name associated with Lord Vishnu, known as the preserver and protector in Hindu mythology. This name represents strength, guardianship, and a steadfast commitment to righteousness.

In conclusion, the Hindu baby names starting with the letter “U” provide an array of options for parents seeking names that are both culturally significant and aesthetically pleasing. From Uday, meaning “rising sun,” to Uma, representing the Hindu goddess of beauty and power, this compilation encompasses a wide range of meanings, origins, and styles. Whether you prefer traditional and timeless names or prefer to explore more contemporary choices, there is something here to suit every taste. The names beginning with “U” offer an opportunity to infuse your child’s identity with the richness of Hindu traditions, ensuring a name that will be cherished and celebrated for a lifetime.