Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “R”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “R”

Selecting a name for your baby is an exciting and meaningful task that holds immense significance for parents. If you’re on the lookout for Hindu baby names beginning with the letter “R,” you’ve landed in the right spot. Hindu names carry rich cultural and traditional roots, often deriving inspiration from mythology. Names commencing with “R” encapsulate virtues like strength, prosperity, and righteousness. This comprehensive list encompasses a diverse range of options, catering to both traditional and modern preferences. Regardless of whether you seek a name for a baby boy or girl, this compilation of Hindu names commencing with “R” will assist you in discovering the perfect name for your little one.

The Rising Stars and Trailblazers:

Hindu culture has a rich tradition of bestowing meaningful names upon children. In this collection, we present “The Rising Stars and Trailblazers,” five Hindu boy and girl names that begin with the letter “R.” These names are not only melodious but also carry powerful meanings that inspire growth, strength, and leadership. Embrace these names as you celebrate the potential of your little one.

Radha (Girl):

  • Derived from the Hindu mythology, Radha symbolizes divine love and devotion. This name encapsulates the essence of pure love and spirituality, reflecting the nurturing and compassionate qualities that inspire others.

Rajan (Boy):

  • Meaning “king” or “leader,” Rajan represents a strong and charismatic personality. This name carries the essence of leadership and signifies a trailblazer who paves the way for others to follow.

Rhea (Girl):

  • Rhea signifies the powerful energy of the goddess of the same name, representing strength, endurance, and fertility. This name bestows upon its bearer a resilient spirit and the ability to overcome challenges.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “R”

Boy Names With “R”

Names Meanings Origin
Raghav Descendant of Raghu, Lord Rama Hindu
Rahul Conqueror of miseries, Son of Lord Buddha Hindu, Sanskrit
Rajan King, Ruler Hindu
Rajat Silver, Courage Hindu
Rajeev Lotus Hindu
Rajendra Lord of Kings Hindu
Rajesh King of Kings Hindu
Rajiv Lotus Hindu
Rakesh Lord of the night, Moon Hindu
Raman Pleasing, Charming Hindu
Ram Lord Rama, Pleasing Hindu
Ramesh Lord of Rama Hindu
Rishabh Morality, Superior Hindu, Jain
Rishik Ray of light Hindu
Rishit The best, Learned Hindu
Rishi Sage, Poet Hindu
Ritvik Priest Hindu
Rivan Joyful Hindu
Riyaan Little king Hindu
Rohan Ascending, Developing Hindu
Rohit Red, The Sun Hindu
Roshan Bright, Shining Hindu
Rudra Lord Shiva, Mighty Hindu
Rupak Sign, Feature Hindu
Rupin Good looking Hindu
Rushil Charming, Polite Hindu
Rustom Warrior Hindu
Rutvij Priest Hindu
Ruhan Spiritual Hindu
Raunak Brightness, Happiness Hindu
Rayan Door to Heaven Hindu
Raghavendra Leader, Protector Hindu
Rajnish Moon Hindu
Raval Lord Ram's devotee Hindu
Rasik Connoisseur, Elegant Hindu
Ravikiran Sunbeam Hindu
Ravish Sun Hindu
Rehan Fragrant, King Hindu
Riddhiman Possessor of good fortune Hindu
Ridit Comforter Hindu
Rishan Good human being Hindu
Rithwik Priest, Sage Hindu
Ritish Lord of truth Hindu
Rivan Star, Heaven Hindu
Riyansh First rays of sunlight Hindu
Roop Beauty, Appearance Hindu
Ruchir Beautiful, Pleasant Hindu
Rudransh Part of Lord Shiva Hindu
Rujul Simple, Honest Hindu
Rupesh Lord of beauty Hindu
Rushabh A musical note, Superior Hindu
Rutesh Kind-hearted Hindu
Ryan Little king Hindu
Radhesh Lord of Radha, Lord Krishna Hindu
Raftar Speed, Velocity Hindu
Rahil Guide Hindu
Rajdeep Best of kings Hindu
Rajnandini King's daughter Hindu
Raktim Reddish, The Sun Hindu
Ramit Loved Hindu
Randeep The light of the battle Hindu
Rasbihari Lord Krishna Hindu
Ratish God of love, Kamdev Hindu
Ravindra Lord Surya, Sun Hindu
Reet Tradition, Culture Hindu
Rikin Name of a fruit Hindu
Ripudaman Conqueror of enemies Hindu
Rishabhdev Another name for Lord Adinath Jain
Rishav Superior, Morality Hindu
Ritesh Lord of truth, Seasons Hindu
Ritul Truth seeking Hindu
Rituraj King of seasons Hindu
Rochak Interesting, Entertaining Hindu
Rohinish Moon Hindu
Roshit Illuminated Hindu
Rudranshu Shiva's eye Hindu
Rujula Softness, Kindness Hindu
Rupankar Author of beauty Hindu
Rushank Lord Shiva Hindu
Rutujit Conqueror of seasons Hindu
Raahi Traveler, Good companion Hindu
Radhey Lord Krishna, Karna Hindu
Rafat Elevation, High rank Hindu
Rajhans Celestial swan Hindu
Rajul Brilliant, Innocent Hindu
Ramanuj Lord Krishna, Lord Laxman Hindu
Ramkrish Lord Rama, Lord Krishna Hindu
Rangith Well-versed in arts Hindu
Rasesh Lord of joy Hindu
Ratikanta Moon Hindu
Ratnadeep Gem of gems Hindu
Ratnanidhi Ocean of jewels Hindu
Raveendra Lord of the Sun Hindu
Reeyansh First rays of sunlight Hindu
Rikesh Lord of the senses, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Rishiraj King of sages Hindu
Riteshwar Lord of seasons Hindu
Ritvick Priest, Scholar Hindu


Girl Names With “R”

Name Meaning Origin
Radhika Lover of Lord Krishna Sanskrit
Rashi Zodiac sign Hebrew
Riddhi Prosperity, success Sanskrit
Riya Singer, graceful Sanskrit
Ruhani Spiritual, divine Hindi
Rachita Created, prepared Sanskrit
Rupali Beautiful like a gem Hindi
Ria Singer Hindi
Ruchita Beautiful, bright, tasteful Sanskrit
Rashiqa Graceful, elegant Hindi
Ritika Joyful, movement of stars Hindi
Raima Pleasing, a queen Hindi
Rajni Queen, night Hindi
Roshni Light, brightness Hindi
Reva Swift, a star Sanskrit
Rishika Saint, wise Sanskrit
Radha Lord Krishna's consort Hindi
Rashmi Ray of light, sunbeam Hindi
Rekha Line, artwork Hindi
Raashi Collection, assembly Sanskrit
Rianna Queen, goddess Hindi
Rupinder Beautiful, highest beauty Punjabi
Rupal Made of silver, beautiful Hindi
Ruchira Tasty, delicious Sanskrit
Ruchika Elegant, tasteful Sanskrit
Ritu Season Hindi
Roshika Spark, flame Hindi
Ranjana Delightful, amusing Hindi
Rasika Connoisseur, lover of arts Sanskrit
Ratna Gem, precious stone Hindi
Rupasha Beautiful like a fairy Hindi
Rajeshwari Queen, goddess Hindi
Ritambhara Divine truth, adorned with truth Sanskrit
Rijuta Innocence, purity Hindi
Rikisha Chariot rider, a celestial nymph Sanskrit
Romila Heartfelt, sincere Hindi
Rakhee Protection, bond of love Hindi
Rajashri Royalty, splendid  Hindi
Radhiya Content, satisfied Arabic
Rajnandini Princess of the family Hindi
Raktima Reddish, copper-colored Sanskrit
Ramani Beautiful woman Sanskrit
Ranjita Adorned, decorated Sanskrit
Rashika Goosebumps, horripilation Sanskrit
Rashmita Ray of light, smile Hindi
Rati Pleasure, desire Sanskrit
Ravina Sunny, bright Hebrew
Ravya Wealthy, prosperous Sanskrit
Reet Tradition, culture Punjabi
Riaan Little king Sanskrit
Riddhima Full of love, blessed Hindi
Rikita Clever, intelligent Sanskrit
Rimjhim Drizzling rain Hindi
Rishita The best, desirable Sanskrit
Riti Custom, tradition Sanskrit
Riva A river, shore Hebrew
Rivanshi A queen who loves music and dance Hindi
Rohita Red Sanskrit
Roshanara Illuminated, bright Persian    Hindi
Roshika Bright, intelligent Hindi
Ruchir Handsome, good-looking Sanskrit
Rudraani Wife of Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Rujuta Honesty, sincerity Sanskrit
Rupalika Made of silver, beautiful Hindi
Rupkatha Beautiful story Bengali
Rutuja Daughter of the season, autumnal Marathi
RadhaKrishna The divine love between Radha and Krishna Hindi
Rajanya Royalty, nobility Sanskrit
Rajshree Royal, eminent Hindi
Rangoli Traditional Indian art form Hindi
Ranjana Pleasing, delightful Sanskrit
Rashiya Storyteller Arabic
Rasleen One who is absorbed in God's love Punjabi
Ratiha One who brings happiness Sanskrit
Raveena Beauty of the sun Hindi
Rayna Pure, clean Sanskrit
Reshma Silken, delicate Persian
Rhea Flowing, ease Greek
Riaana Sweet basil Hindi
Ridhima Love and affection Hindi
Rijul Innocent, kind Sanskrit
Rikshika Intelligent, sharp Sanskrit
Rima White antelope Hebrew
Rishabhari Holder of wealth Sanskrit
Rishana Saintly, wise Sanskrit
Rishona Firstborn Hebrew
Ritanshi Beautiful, lovely Sanskrit
Rithika The flow of music Hindi
Ritika Movement of the stars Hindi
Ritiika Queen of the night Hindi
Rituja Born in a particular season Sanskrit
Rivanya Full of grace and beauty Sanskrit
Rohini A star, moon Sanskrit
Roshika Lively, spirited Hindi
Rubaina Bright, shining Arabic
Radhika Beloved of Lord Krishna Sanskrit
Raima Pleasing, loving Hindi
Rajani Night Sanskrit
Rajika Lamp, light Hindi
Rajni Night queen Hindi
Rajshri Goddess of royalty Hindi
Rakhi Thread of protection Hindi
Ramsha Happiness, joy Sanskrit
Rangana Colorful Hindi
Raniya Queenly, regal Hindi
Rashi Sign of the zodiac Sanskrit
Rashika Collection, group Hindi
Rati Goddess of love and passion Sanskrit
Raveena Sunny Hindi
Raviya Sunflower Hindi
Ravyanka Intelligent, scholarly Sanskrit
Reena Gemstone Hindi
Reeti Tradition, way of life Sanskrit
Reeva A star, lively Hindi
Reha Star Hindi
Rekha Line, limit Sanskrit
Reshmi Silk Hindi
Rhea Singer, flowing Greek
Riaan Little king Sanskrit
Riddhi Good fortune, prosperity Sanskrit
Ridhima Full of love and affection Hindi
Rijuta Innocent, pure Hindi
Rima White antelope Hebrew
Rishika Saintly, wise Sanskrit
Ritu Season Hindi


Rohit (Boy):

  • Rohit translates to “red” or “the sun’s red light.” It symbolizes vitality, passion, and radiance. This name represents someone who shines brightly in their endeavors and leaves an indelible mark on their path.

Rani (Girl):

  • Meaning “queen,” Rani embodies regality and strength. This name empowers its bearer with grace, elegance, and a natural ability to lead with dignity and poise.

In conclusion, Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “R” offer an extensive array of choices, each with its own profound meaning and cultural significance. From ancient mythological names to contemporary options, this list provides a wide spectrum of names for baby boys and girls. Every name exudes its unique charm, symbolizing qualities such as resilience, wisdom, and abundance. Ultimately, the selection of a name for your child is a deeply personal decision, one that reflects your family’s values and aspirations. May this compilation of Hindu names commencing with “R” serve as a valuable resource in your quest to find the perfect name for your precious bundle of joy.