Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Q”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Q”

Selecting a meaningful and auspicious name for your little one is a significant task for every parent. When it comes to Hindu baby names beginning with the letter “Q,” the options may be limited, but they possess their own distinctive charm. These names reflect the rich cultural heritage of Hinduism and encompass a wide range of meanings and symbolism. Hindu baby names starting with “Q” offer a diverse array of choices, ranging from traditional to modern and trendy. With their roots in ancient mythology or their relevance to contemporary sensibilities, these names are sure to inspire and guide you in finding the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

The Rising Stars:

In Hindu culture, names hold a special significance and often reflect the aspirations and qualities parents hope their children will possess. The Rising Stars represent the upcoming generation of trailblazers, embodying ambition, determination, and a desire to make a positive impact. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “Q” that exemplify these qualities:

  • Boy: Qiran (pronounced kee-rahn)
  • Meaning: Shining,
  • radiant Origin: Arabic

This name conveys the idea of a rising star, symbolizing brightness, brilliance, and the potential to achieve great things.

  • Girl: Quenna (pronounced kweh-nuh)
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: English

This name signifies leadership and strength, evoking the image of a young girl destined to be a trailblazer in her own right.

  • Boy: Qamar (pronounced kuh-mar)
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Origin: Arabic

Representing illumination and grace, this name reflects the celestial qualities associated with a rising star.

  • Girl: Qiana (pronounced kee-ah-nuh)
  • Meaning: Gracious
  • Origin: Arabic

This name encapsulates the elegance and kindness often found in individuals who aspire to bring positive change to the world.

  • Boy: Qavi (pronounced kah-vee)
  • Meaning: Intelligent, powerful
  • Origin: Persian

With a name that translates to “wise” or “knowledgeable,” Qavi embodies the strength and intellect of a rising star.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “Q”

Boy Names With “Q”

Name Meaning Origin
Qaazi Judge, Justice Hindi
Qabil Able, Capable Hindi
Qadeem Ancient, Old Hindi
Qareeb Near, Close Hindi
Qasid Messenger, Courier Hindi
Qawi Strong, Powerful Hindi
Qayyam Firm, Stable Hindi
Qilaar Castle, Fortress Hindi
Qismat Destiny, Fate Hindi
Quamar Moon Hindi
Qaadir Competent, Capable Hindi
Qamruddin Moon of the Faith Hindi
Qasim Distributor, Divider Hindi
Qataar Line, Row Hindi
Qavi Skilled, Able Hindi
Qays Firm, Steadfast Hindi
Qazafi Pure, Clean Hindi
Qimat Value, Price Hindi
Qudratullah God's Power Hindi
Qurban Sacrifice Hindi
Qadir Powerful, Capable Hindi
Qaiser King, Emperor Hindi
Qambar Servant of Hazrat Ali (RA) Hindi
Qasim Divider, Distributor Hindi
Qayyum Self-Subsisting, Self-Sustaining Hindi
Qimatullah God's Value, Price Hindi
Qudsi Holy, Divine Hindi
Qurban Offering, Sacrifice Hindi
Quresh Name of a Tribe, Descendant of Hindi
Qutb Leader, Pole Star Hindi
Qubaan Tongue, Language Hindi
Qasif One who Discovers, Explorer Hindi
Qutubuddin Axis of the Faith Hindi
Qudrat Nature, Power Hindi
Qawim Strong, Robust Hindi
Qatadah Tree Trunk Hindi
Quraishi Descendant of Prophet Muhammad Hindi
Qayyim Maintainer, Sustainer Hindi
Qasim Ali Distributor of Knowledge Hindi
Qudsiya Holy, Divine Hindi
Qabool Accepted, Approved Hindi
Qammar Moon-like, Radiant Hindi
Qareem Generous, Kind Hindi
Qasir Short, Brief Hindi
Qaysar King, Emperor Hindi
Qimatul Haq Value of Truth, Price of Justice Hindi
Qudama Servant, Slave Hindi
Qamarul Huda Moon of Guidance Hindi
Qaswar Brave, Courageous Hindi
Qaumi National, Patriotic Hindi
Qutaybah Irritable, Impulsive Hindi
Qaseem Share, Portion Hindi
Qaadirah Capable, Competent (female version) Hindi
Qurban Ali Sacrifice for Ali Hindi
Qirat Recitation, Reading of Quran Hindi
Qasmi From Qasim, Divider, Distributor Hindi
Qasidah Poem, Ode Hindi
Qaswarah Brave, Courageous (female version) Hindi
Qarib Near, Close Hindi
Qateel Fighter, Brave Hindi
Qudsia Holy, Divine (female version) Hindi
Qaviyah Skilled, Capable (female version) Hindi
Qulsum Daughter of Prophet Muhammad Hindi
Qaideen Leaders, Commanders Hindi
Qawwam Protector, Guardian Hindi
Qutub Axis, Pole Star Hindi
Qaifi Sufficient, Adequate Hindi
Qaddus Holy, Sacred Hindi
Qabid Grasper, Seizer Hindi
Qudamah Servant, Slave Hindi
Quthbul-Akhbar Servant of the Greatest Hindi
Qumail Accomplished, Fulfilled Hindi
Qumasha Melody, Tune Hindi
Qaisar King, Emperor Hindi
Qatib Scribe, Writer Hindi
Qudamah Servant, Slave Hindi


Girl Names With “Q”

Name Meaning Origin
Qiana Gracious Hindu
Qirat Melodious Hindu
Qismat Destiny Hindu
Quinara Wise Hindu
Quisha Pure Hindu
Quora Curiosity Hindu
Qudsiya Holy Hindu
Qaviya Capable Hindu
Qamarika Moonlight Hindu
Qayenaat Universe Hindu
Quinara A woman with a pure soul and heart Sanskrit
Qaneez Beautiful Persian
Qashang Agile Persian
Qirti Fame Hindi
Qismah Destiny Hindi/Arabic
Qamra Moon Hindi
Qanya Younger sister Hindi
Qila Fort Hindi
Qimat Worth Hindi
Qudrat Nature Hindi
Quasar Meteor Hindi
Quella Fountain source Hindi
Quella Fountain source Hindi
Quesha God's grace Hindi
Quisha Good speech Hindi



The Trailblazers are individuals who boldly break barriers, challenge conventions, and pave new paths. These names reflect the spirit of adventure, innovation, and fearlessness that drive them forward. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “Q” that symbolize the spirit of the Trailblazers:

  • Girl: Qadira (pronounced kah-deer-ah)
  • Meaning: Powerful, capable
  • Origin: Arabic

Qadira represents a girl who possesses strength, resilience, and the courage to venture into uncharted territories.

  • Boy: Quillen (pronounced kwill-en)
  • Meaning: Cub, young wolf
  • Origin: English

This name embodies the independent and fearless nature of a young trailblazer, unafraid to venture into new territories.

  • Girl: Quinara (pronounced kwee-nah-rah)
  • Meaning: Courageous
  • Origin: Latin

Quinara signifies a girl who is daring, audacious, and willing to take risks to achieve her goals, leaving a lasting impact.

  • Boy: Qaizar (pronounced kye-zahr)
  • Meaning: Conqueror, victorious
  • Origin: Arabic

Qaizar represents a trailblazer who overcomes obstacles, perseveres against all odds, and achieves remarkable success.

  • Girl: Qiana (pronounced kee-ah-nuh)
  • Meaning: Brave, strong-willed
  • Origin: Celtic

This name embodies the determination and tenacity required to be a true trailblazer, fearlessly charting new paths.

In conclusion, Hindu baby names starting with the letter “Q” may be scarce, but they carry a unique appeal for those seeking a distinctive and significant name for their child. These names showcase the depth of Hindu culture and provide a wide spectrum of options, each carrying its own beauty and significance. Whether you are drawn to names rooted in historical or mythological origins or prefer more contemporary choices, the collection of Hindu baby names beginning with “Q” encompasses a range of possibilities. As you embark on the exciting journey of naming your little one, may this compilation of names serve as a valuable resource to find the perfect name that resonates with your aspirations and dreams for your child’s future.