Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “P”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “P”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby is a joyous and meaningful task, and if you’re looking for Hindu baby names starting with the letter “P,” you’ve come to the right place. Hindu names have deep cultural and spiritual significance, often derived from ancient texts and mythology. In this list, we have curated a diverse range of enchanting and auspicious names for both baby boys and girls. From traditional classics to unique and contemporary choices, these names reflect the rich heritage of Hindu culture. Let’s explore this compilation of Hindu baby names starting with “P” to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

The Rising Stars:

In Hindu culture, names hold special significance as they reflect the aspirations and qualities parents wish for their children. Here are five exceptional Hindu boy and girl names that start with the letter “P,” representing the rising stars of tomorrow.

Boy: Pranav

Meaning “sacred syllable OM,” Pranav symbolizes the essence of the universe. It signifies the eternal energy and divine power that flows through all beings.

Girl: Pari

Pari, meaning “fairy” or “angel,” embodies grace and beauty. It represents a celestial being that brings joy and enchantment into the lives of others.

Boy: Pratham

Pratham means “first” or “foremost.” This name symbolizes ambition, leadership, and the determination to excel in all endeavors, making it suitable for a trailblazer.

Girl: Parineeta

Parineeta signifies a married woman or a devoted partner. It embodies qualities of love, commitment, and loyalty, emphasizing the significance of relationships and family.

Boy: Prateek

Prateek means “symbol” or “representation.” This name reflects someone who is a symbol of a particular virtue or quality, serving as an inspiration and a guiding light.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “P”

Boy Names With “P”

Name Meaning Origin
Parth Prince of the Earth Hindu
Pranav Sacred syllable "Om" Hindu
Pranay Love, Romance Hindu
Pratham First Hindu
Prathamesh Lord Ganesh Hindu
Praveen Skilled, Expert Hindu
Piyush Nectar Hindu
Pradeep Lamp, Light Hindu
Pranjal Simple, Honest Hindu
Prem Love Hindu
Purav East Hindu
Prasoon Flower Hindu
Pratyush Sunrise Hindu
Parikshit Proven Hindu
Paarth Prince of the Earth Hindu
Pankaj Lotus Hindu
Pawan Wind Hindu
Prabhakar Sun Hindu
Prabhu God Hindu
Pradeepan Bright Hindu
Pradyot Light Hindu
Praful Blooming Hindu
Prahlad Excess of Joy Hindu
Pramod Joyful Hindu
Pranavam Holy Word "Om" Hindu
Praneel Emerald Hindu
Prashanth Peaceful Hindu
Prasanna Cheerful Hindu
Prashant Peaceful Hindu
Prashen Lord of Life Hindu
Prashray Protection Hindu
Prasidh Popular Hindu
Pratap Majesty, Glory Hindu
Prateek Symbol Hindu
Prathap Glory Hindu
Praveer Brave, Hero Hindu
Pravit Skillful Hindu
Pravu God Hindu
Prayag Confluence of three rivers Hindu
Prerit Inspired Hindu
Priyank Beloved Hindu
Prithvi Earth Hindu
Priyesh Beloved Hindu
Puja Worship Hindu
Pulkit Happy Hindu
Punarvasu Name of a star Hindu
Punit Pure Hindu
Pushkar Blue lotus Hindu
Pushp Flower Hindu
Piyushkant Moon Hindu
Pyarelal Lord Krishna Hindu
Prachetas Name of Lord Shiva's son Hindu
Prajesh Lord Brahma Hindu
Pramukh Leader Hindu
Pranit Modest Hindu
Prasit Famous Hindu
Prasoonaksh Lotus-eyed Hindu
Pratyaksh Real, Visible Hindu
Pratyutpann Dawn, Sunrise Hindu
Premanand Joy of Love Hindu
Premendra Lord of Love Hindu
Premkumar Son of Love Hindu
Premnath Lord of Love Hindu
Prerak Inspirer Hindu
Prerna Inspiration Hindu
Prithu Earth Hindu
Priyadarshan Beloved, Pleasing to the Sight Hindu
Priyankar Beloved Hindu
Pritam Beloved Hindu
Pritesh Lord of Love Hindu
Pujit Worshipped Hindu
Pulak Joy Hindu
Puran Complete Hindu
Purandar Lord Indra Hindu
Puravansh Ancient Lineage Hindu
Purnanand Complete Joy Hindu
Purshottam Lord Vishnu Hindu
Pushpesh Lord of Flowers Hindu
Pushpendra Lord of Flowers Hindu
Pushpeshwar Lord of Flowers Hindu
Puskara Lotus Hindu
Pyaremohan Lord Krishna Hindu
Pyarelal Beloved Hindu
Parakram Strength       Hindu Hindu
Parashuram Name of Lord Rama's ancestor Hindu
Paras Touchstone Hindu
Parikshit Name of an ancient Indian king Hindu
Parimal Fragrance Hindu
Parin Another name for Lord Ganesha Hindu
Paritosh Satisfaction Hindu
Parth Prince Arjun Hindu
Parthasarathy Charioteer of Arjun Hindu
Parthiv Prince of Earth Hindu
Parvesh Master of Ceremony Hindu
Patanjali Ancient Indian saint and author Hindu
Pathik Traveler Hindu
Pavak Pure Hindu
Pavit Pure Hindu
Prabal Strong, Mighty Hindu
Prabhat Morning Hindu
Prabhav Powerful Hindu
Prabhu Lord, Master Hindu
Prabhudatta Gift of Lord Hindu
Prabuddha Awakened Hindu
Pradeep Lamp Hindu
Pradhyumna Son of Lord Krishna Hindu
Pradyot Luminous Hindu
Praful Blooming Hindu
Pragun Virtuous Hindu
Pragyaparam Supreme Intelligence Hindu
Prahlad Devotee of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Prajit Victorious Hindu
Prakash Light Hindu
Prakriti Nature Hindu
Pramath Fierce Hindu
Pramit Modest Hindu
Pramod Joyful Hindu
Pran Life Hindu
Pranav Sacred syllable Om Hindu
Pranay Love Hindu
Praneel Emerald Hindu
Pranet Leader Hindu
Pranjal Simple, Honest Hindu
Pranit Modest Hindu
Pranjal Honest and Simple Hindu
Pranshu First Ray of Sun Hindu
Prasad Blessing Hindu
Prasanna Clear-minded Hindu
Prashant Calm, Peaceful Hindu


Girl Names With “P”

Name Meaning Origin
Palak Eyelash Hindi
Pari Fairy Sanskrit
Pooja Worship Sanskrit
Prachi Morning Sanskrit
Pragati Progress Sanskrit
Prakriti Nature Sanskrit
Pranali Tradition Sanskrit
Prarthana Prayer Sanskrit
Prerna Inspiration Sanskrit
Prisha Beloved Sanskrit
Pritha Mother of Pandavas Sanskrit
Priya Beloved Sanskrit
Priti Love Sanskrit
Punam Full Moon Sanskrit
Punita Pure Sanskrit
Purnima Full Moon Sanskrit
Pushpa Flower Sanskrit
Padma Lotus Sanskrit
Paridhi Limit Sanskrit
Parinita Expert Sanskrit
Parul Graceful Sanskrit
Pavana Holy Sanskrit
Payal Anklet Hindi
Pehal Beginning Hindi
Poojita Worshipped Sanskrit
Prabha Light Sanskrit
Prabhleen Absorbed in God Punjabi
Prachi East Sanskrit
Pradnya Wisdom Sanskrit
Pragya Intelligence Sanskrit
Prakruti Nature Sanskrit
Prama Knowledge Sanskrit
Pramila One of Arjuna's wives Sanskrit
Pranati Prayer Sanskrit
Pranika Lifespan Sanskrit
Prasansa Praise Sanskrit
Pratibha Talent Sanskrit
Pratigya Promise Sanskrit
Pratima Idol Sanskrit
Pratyusha Dawn Sanskrit
Prerna Encouragement Sanskrit
Prerana Inspiration Sanskrit
Preeti Love Sanskrit
Prem Love Sanskrit
Prema Love Sanskrit
Pritika Beloved Sanskrit
Pritika Flower Sanskrit
Prithika Beloved Sanskrit
Priyanka Beautiful, Loved one Sanskrit
Prity Love Sanskrit
Prityusha Dawn Sanskrit
Prudence Wisdom Sanskrit
Punarnava Renewal Sanskrit
Purnima Full Moon Sanskrit
Pushpa Flower Sanskrit
Padmaj Born from lotus Sanskrit
Padmavati Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Pallavi New leaves Sanskrit
Palomi Dove Sanskrit
Panchali Draupadi Sanskrit
Pankhuri Petal Sanskrit
Paravi Bird Sanskrit
Parnavi Bird Sanskrit
Parthivi Earth Sanskrit
Parul Beautiful Sanskrit
Parvani Full moon Sanskrit
Parveen Star Persian
Pashmina Fine wool Persian
Patali Trumpet flower Sanskrit
Pavi Purifying Sanskrit
Pavitra Pure Sanskrit
Payaswini River Sanskrit
Payoja Lotus Sanskrit
Payton From the village English
Pearl Precious gem English
Pehel Step, Beginning Hindi
Peridot Gemstone English
Phalak Sky Sanskrit
Phoebe Bright, Shining Greek
Pia Beloved Sanskrit
Pihu Chirping of a bird Hindi
Piyali A tree Sanskrit
Pooja Prayer, Worship Sanskrit
Poorvi East Sanskrit
Poulami A river Sanskrit
Prabha Brightness, Light Sanskrit
Prabhleen Absorbed in God's Love Punjabi
Prabhuhi Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Prachi Morning Sanskrit
Pradnya Wisdom Sanskrit
Pragati Progress, Development Sanskrit
Pragya Wisdom, Intelligence Sanskrit
Prakriti Nature Sanskrit
Prama Knowledge Sanskrit
Pramila One of Arjuna's wives Sanskrit
Pranati Prayer Sanskrit
Pranavi Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Praneeta Led forward Sanskrit
Pranjal Honest, Simple, Respectful Sanskrit
Pranjali Offering with folded hands Sanskrit
Pranvi Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Prarthana Prayer Sanskrit
Prashansa Praise Sanskrit
Prashanti Peace Sanskrit
Prashi Flower Hindi
Pratichi East Sanskrit
Pratigya Promise Sanskrit
Pratiksha Wait, Expectation Sanskrit
Pratima Idol Sanskrit
Pratyaksha Perception Sanskrit
Praveena Skilled, Expert Sanskrit
Pravina Skilled, Expert Sanskrit
Preetika Loved one, Beloved Sanskrit
Preksha Vision, Viewing Sanskrit
Prita Dear one, Loved one Sanskrit
Priyal Beloved Sanskrit
Priyasha Delightful Sanskrit
Priyasi Beloved Sanskrit
Promita Idol Sanskrit
Prudhvi Earth Sanskrit
Prutha Daughter of earth Sanskrit
Pujita Worshipped Sanskrit



Trailblazers have always shaped history by breaking new ground and challenging conventions. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names that start with the letter “P,” reflecting the spirit of trailblazers who dare to forge their own paths.

Girl: Prisha

Prisha means “beloved” or “precious.” This name represents a person who is cherished and adored, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and self-love.

Boy: Pranay

Pranay signifies “romantic love” or “affection.” It represents an individual who values emotions and connections, encouraging empathy, and fostering meaningful relationships.

Girl: Priyanshi

Priyanshi translates to “dear one” or “lovely.” This name exemplifies the qualities of warmth, kindness, and compassion, inspiring others to spread love and positivity.

Boy: Pratyush

Pratyush means “sunrise” or “dawn.” It symbolizes a new beginning, enlightenment, and the birth of fresh ideas, making it ideal for someone who breaks boundaries and paves the way for change.

Girl: Pragya

Pragya signifies “wisdom” or “knowledge.” This name reflects intellectual brilliance, insightfulness, and a thirst for learning, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision that carries with it the hopes, dreams, and aspirations you hold for their future. Hindu baby names starting with the letter “P” provide a wealth of options that blend tradition, meaning, and beauty. Whether you seek a name rooted in ancient mythology or prefer a more contemporary choice, this collection has something for every parent. By selecting a Hindu baby name starting with “P,” you honor your cultural heritage while imbuing your child’s identity with a touch of timeless grace. May this list inspire you to find the perfect name that will carry your child through a lifetime of love and prosperity.