Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “N”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “N”

Choosing the right name for your newborn holds immense importance and is a decision filled with joy and responsibility. In Hindu culture, names have deep cultural and religious significance, reflecting the values and beliefs of the community. If you’re specifically looking for Hindu baby names starting with the letter “N,” this compilation offers a diverse selection. Hindu names beginning with “N” are believed to bring positivity, fortune, and strength to the child’s life. From timeless classics like Nandini and Nitesh to contemporary options like Navya and Neil, this collection presents a range of choices to help you find the perfect name for your precious baby.

The Unsung Heroes:

In every society, there are individuals who make significant contributions yet often go unrecognized. These unsung heroes work diligently behind the scenes, making a difference without seeking fame or praise. Here are five Hindu boy/girl names that start with the letter “N,” representing the spirit of these unsung heroes:

Nandini (Girl): Nandini, meaning “delightful” or “the one who brings joy,” represents the unsung heroes who selflessly spread happiness and positivity, brightening the lives of those around them.

Niranjan (Boy): Niranjan, signifying “the pure one” or “one without blemish,” represents those unsung heroes who strive for excellence in their actions, displaying unwavering dedication and integrity in all they do.

Neha (Girl): Neha, which translates to “affection” or “love,” symbolizes the unsung heroes who tirelessly offer support, care, and empathy to others, enriching their lives with a profound sense of compassion.

Nihal (Boy): Nihal, meaning “fulfilled” or “contented,” embodies the unsung heroes who find satisfaction in making a difference, even if their contributions often go unrecognized. They radiate inner happiness and inspire others through their selfless acts.

Nisha (Girl): Nisha, symbolizing “night” or “the bearer of hope,” represents the unsung heroes who provide solace and guidance during challenging times. Like a guiding light, they offer support and strength to those in need.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “N”

Boy Names With “N”

Name Meaning Origin
Naresh King Sanskrit
Naman Salutation; Honour Sanskrit
Nihal Gratified; Happy Punjabi
Nishant Night's End; Dawn Sanskrit
Nitesh Master of the Night Sanskrit
Nirav Quiet; Silent Sanskrit
Nishit Sharp Sanskrit
Nitin New; Pure Sanskrit
Nishad Seventh note in music; Sky Sanskrit
Nihit Predestined; Fixed Sanskrit
Nihar Mist; Dew Sanskrit
Nimit Destiny; Fate Sanskrit
Nipun Skilled; Expert Sanskrit
Nirbhay Fearless Hindi
Nischal Calm; Steady Sanskrit
Nishchal Steady; Unwavering Sanskrit
Nimitz Aimed; Focused Germanic
Nirmal Pure Sanskrit
Nishith Nighttime; Dark Sanskrit
Nabhya Central; Noble Sanskrit
Nachiket Fire; Name of a sage Sanskrit
Naeem Blessing Arabic
Nagesh Lord of the Mountains Sanskrit
Nagendra King of the Snakes; Lord of Mountains Sanskrit
Naggar Praise; Glory Arabic
Nahush Name of an ancient king; A dragon Sanskrit
Naksh Moon Sanskrit
Nala Stem of a lotus; Successful; Wise Sanskrit
Nalin Lotus Sanskrit
Namanjeet Victory of Salutation Sanskrit
Namdev God's name Sanskrit
Namish Lord Vishnu Sanskrit
Namit Humble; Bowed Sanskrit
Namrata Modesty Sanskrit
Nandan Delightful; Son of Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Nandish Lord Shiva's attendant Sanskrit
Nandit Happy Sanskrit
Nara Human Sanskrit
Narayan Lord Vishnu; Refuge of Man Sanskrit
Narender King of Men; King of the Nation Sanskrit
Nari Brave; Strong Sanskrit
Narinder King of Men; King of the Nation Sanskrit
Narottam Best among Men; Lord Vishnu Sanskrit
Narsimha Half-man, Half-lion; Lord Vishnu Sanskrit
Nartan Dance; Dancer Sanskrit
Narun Leader Hindi
Natesh Lord of Dancers; Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Naveen New; Fresh Hindi
Navin New; Fresh Sanskrit
Navneet Fresh Butter Hindi
Navraj New Kingdom; New Rule Hindi
Nayakan Hero Tamil
Neel Blue Sanskrit
Neelabh Blue Sky Sanskrit
Neelaksh Blue-eyed; Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Neelanjan Blue; Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Neeraj Lotus; Born from Water Sanskrit
Neerav Silent; Calm Sanskrit
Neerja Lotus Sanskrit
Nihal The One who is Happy Punjabi
Nihanth The One who is Killer Hindi
Niket Home; House Sanskrit
Nikhil Complete; Whole Sanskrit
Nikit Earth Russian
Nilay Home; Refuge Sanskrit
Nimesh Momentary; Twinkling of an Eye Sanskrit
Nimit Limit; Destiny Sanskrit
Nipun Skilled Sanskrit
Niranjan Pure; Unblemished Sanskrit
Niral Calm; Quiet Hindi
Niramay Pure; Faultless Sanskrit
Niranjan Pure; Spotless Sanskrit
Nirav Silent Sanskrit
Nirmay Pure; Spotless Sanskrit
Nirmal Pure Sanskrit
Nirmalya Pure; Unblemished Sanskrit
Nirmayi Pure; Spotless Sanskrit
Niroop Form; Appearance Sanskrit
Nirvan Liberation; Enlightenment Sanskrit
Nischal Steady; Calm Sanskrit
Nishad Seventh Note of the Octave; A Raagini Sanskrit
Nishant Dawn; End of Night Sanskrit
Nishar Dawn Arabic
Nishchal Steady; Calm Sanskrit
Nishesh Whole; Complete Sanskrit
Nishikant Lord of Night; Moon Sanskrit
Nishit Sharp; Night Sanskrit
Nitara Having Deep Roots; Constant Sanskrit
Nitesh Master of the Right Path; Lord of Justice Sanskrit
Nitin Master of the Right Path; New Sanskrit
Nitya Eternal; Constant Sanskrit
Nivas Dwelling; Home Sanskrit
Nivasin Resident; Inhabitant Sanskrit
Nizhal Shade Tamil
Nrip King Sanskrit
Nripa King Sanskrit
Nripesh King of Kings Sanskrit
Nripjit Victorious King Sanskrit
Nrit Dance Sanskrit
Nritya Dance; Art Sanskrit


Girl Names With “N”

Name Meaning Origin
Naina Eyes Hindi
Nalini Lotus Sanskrit
Namita Humble, modest Hindi
Nandini Daughter, delightful Sanskrit
Nandita Happy, joyful Sanskrit
Narmada A river in India Sanskrit
Nausheen Sweet, pleasant Persian
Navdeep New lamp Hindi
Navneet Fresh, new Hindi
Navya New, young Sanskrit
Neelam Blue gemstone Hindi
Neelima Blue, sapphire Sanskrit
Neha Love, rain Hindi
Nidhi Treasure Sanskrit
Niharika Dew drops Sanskrit
Nilima Blue, sapphire Sanskrit
Nimi Princess Sanskrit
Nisha Night Hindi
Nishtha Devotion Hindi
Nita Moral Hindi
Nithya Eternal, everlasting Sanskrit
Nitya Constant, eternal Sanskrit
Nivedita Dedicated, surrendered Sanskrit
Niyati Fate, destiny Sanskrit
Nupur Anklet Hindi
Nusrat Help, victory Arabic
Nuzhat Pleasure, delight Arabic
Nyra Beauty, light Hindi
Nabila Noble Arabic
Nadira Rare, precious Arabic
Nafeesa Precious gemstone Arabic
Nahid Star Persian
Naima Comfort, tranquility Arabic
Najma Star Arabic
Najwa Confidential talk, secret whisper Arabic
Nalayani Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Namrata Politeness, modesty Hindi
Nandana Daughter Sanskrit
Nandika Lakshmi, a goddess Sanskrit
Nandini delight, to rejoice Sanskrit
Nandita Cheerful, happy Hindi
Nanhita Beneficial Hindi
Nandni Daughter Hindi
Nanhi Small, little Hindi
Naolin Pretty Hindi
Narayani Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Nargis Daffodil Persian
Nasrin Wild rose Persian
Natesha Goddess of drama Sanskrit
Nauka Boat Hindi
Nautica Sea-related English
Naveli Fresh, new Hindi
Navika Sailor Hindi
Navleen New absorbed Punjabi
Navisha New beginning Sanskrit
Navreet New beginning Punjabi
Nayana Eyes Sanskrit
Neeharika Dew drops Hindi
Neelaja Blue lotus Sanskrit
Neelanjana Blue-eyed Sanskrit
Neelkamal Blue lotus Hindi
Neelkanthi Blue-throated Sanskrit
Neelofar Water lily Persian
Neelu Blue gemstone Hindi
Neera Amrit, holy water Sanskrit
Neesha Night, darkness Hindi
Neeti Policy, ethics Hindi
Nehal Gratified, contented Arabic
Nehr River Punjabi
Nela Blue Tamil
Nemi King Sanskrit
Nia Brightness, radiance Welsh
Niamh Brightness, beauty Irish
Nidheeshwari The goddess of wealth Sanskrit
Nighat Sight, view Arabic
Nihar Mist, dew Hindi
Nikara Nature Sanskrit
Niharika Nebula, galaxy Sanskrit
Nikhita The earth Sanskrit
Nikisha Sharp Hindi
Nilakshi Blue-eyed Sanskrit
Nilaya Home sanskrit
Nimita Fixed, determined Sanskrit
Nimmi Smiling Hindi
Nimra Soft, lioness Arabic
Nipa One who watches over Sanskrit
Niral Calm, serene Hindi
Nirmala Pure Sanskrit
Nishtha Faith, dedication Sanskrit
Nishika Night Sanskrit
Nishita Alert, vigilant Sanskrit
Nishka Honest, pure Sanskrit
Nishtha Faith, dedication Sanskrit
Nita Moral, well-behaved Sanskrit
Niti Moral, policy Hindi
Nitya Constant, eternal Sanskrit
Nivedita Surrendered to God Sanskrit
Nivriti Bliss, detachment Sanskrit
Nivya Secluded Sanskrit
Niyati Fate, destiny Sanskrit


The Visionaries:

Visionaries possess a unique ability to see beyond the present, envisioning a future brimming with possibilities. Their innovative thinking and forward-looking approach inspire others to strive for greatness. Here are five Hindu boy/girl names that start with the letter “N,” reflecting the essence of these visionaries:

Naveen (Boy): Naveen, meaning “new” or “fresh,” represents the visionary individuals who bring novel ideas and perspectives to the table. They challenge conventional thinking, pushing the boundaries of innovation and progress.

Nandita (Girl): Nandita, signifying “cheerful” or “joyful,” embodies the visionaries who radiate positivity and enthusiasm. They inspire others with their infectious energy, infusing optimism and a sense of possibility into every endeavor.

Nirav (Boy): Nirav, meaning “quiet” or “calm,” represents the visionary individuals whose composed demeanor allows them to delve into profound contemplation. They possess a tranquil mind, enabling them to envision transformative ideas and solutions.

Nishaan (Boy): Nishaan, symbolizing a “marker” or “symbol,” captures the visionary’s ability to leave an indelible mark on society. They blaze trails, leaving behind a legacy of groundbreaking achievements and transformative change.

Namrata (Girl): Namrata, meaning “humility” or “modesty,” represents the visionary individuals who possess a grounded nature despite their exceptional ideas. They inspire others not only with their visionary thinking but also through their humility and ability to connect with people.

In conclusion, the Hindu baby names beginning with the letter “N” encompass the rich tapestry of Hindu traditions and customs. Each name carries a distinct meaning, connecting your child to their cultural heritage. Whether you opt for a traditional name like Nandita or a more modern choice like Niharika, remember to consider the significance, sound, and personal preferences when making your selection. May this collection of names inspire you as you embark on the delightful journey of naming your little one, ensuring that their name becomes a source of pride and joy throughout their life.