Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “M”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “M”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby is an exciting and significant endeavor for any parent. If you are in search of Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “M,” you have come to the right place. Hindu names hold profound cultural and spiritual meanings, reflecting the wealth of traditions and beliefs within the religion. The letter “M” carries a special significance in Hinduism, symbolizing auspiciousness and strength. Within this diverse collection, you will discover a broad array of options, ranging from traditional to contemporary, each with its own allure and significance. Join us on this exploration as we uncover meaningful and beautiful Hindu baby names that begin with the letter “M”!

Names Inspired by Nature:

Nature has always been a wellspring of inspiration for parents seeking meaningful names for their children. Here are five Hindu boy/girl names that start with the letter “M” and draw inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world:

  1. Mira (Girl): Meaning “sea” or “ocean,” Mira reflects the vastness and tranquility of water. This name embodies a sense of serenity, depth, and fluidity, inspired by the peacefulness and grace of the ocean.
  2. Manav (Boy): Derived from the Sanskrit word for “human,” Manav represents the interconnectedness of humans with the natural world. It symbolizes our role as caretakers of the Earth and carries a sense of responsibility and empathy.
  3. Maya (Girl): Maya is a name inspired by the illusion and magic of nature. It signifies the transformative and enchanting qualities found in the natural world, evoking a sense of mystery, beauty, and creativity.
  4. Mohan (Boy): Mohan means “charming” or “attractive.” This name reflects the captivating allure of nature, drawing parallels between the mesmerizing qualities of the natural world and an individual’s charismatic presence.
  5. Malaya (Girl): Malaya is derived from the Sanskrit word for “mountain.” It symbolizes strength, stability, and resilience, drawing inspiration from the majestic grandeur and groundedness of mountains.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “M”

Boy Names With “M”

Name Meaning Origin
Madan Cupid, God of Love Hindu
Manav Man, Humankind Hindu
Mohit Enchanted, Charmed Hindu
Mihir Sun, Radiance Hindu
Manish Wise, Lord of the Mind Hindu
Mukul Bud, Blossom Hindu
Mahesh Great Lord, Shiva Hindu
Manoj Born of the Mind Hindu
Mohan Charming, Fascinating Hindu
Madhav Sweet Like Honey Hindu
Manishankar Lord Shiva Hindu
Madhukar Honeybee, Sweet One Hindu
Manoranjan Amusement, Pleasure Hindu
Manu Founder of Human Race Hindu
Mayank Moon, Pure Gold Hindu
Manas Mind, Intellect Hindu
Mahendra Great Indra Hindu
Manishwar Lord of the Mind Hindu
Mohandas Devotee of Mohan Hindu
Mahipal King, Lord of the Earth Hindu
Mridul Soft, Gentle Hindu
Manik Jewel, Gemstone Hindu
Mukesh Lord of the Muka Hindu
Manavendra King of Humans Hindu
Mohitkumar Enchanted Prince Hindu
Mohitendra Enchanted King Hindu
Manjit Conqueror of the Mind Hindu
Maheshwar Lord of Mahesh Hindu
Madhur Sweet, Pleasant Hindu
Mohanlal Beloved Mohan Hindu
Madhusudan Slayer of Madhu Hindu
Manindra King of Mind Hindu
Mohanraj King of Love Hindu
Mohitpal Protector of the Enchanted Hindu
Mahim Greatness, Dignity Hindu
Manjul Beautiful, Charming Hindu
Mohanish Lord of Fascination Hindu
Mahavir Great Warrior Hindu
Manasvi Plucked flower, voice of heart Hindu
Mihit Fog, Mist Hindu
Meet Friend Hindu
Mahasvin Glorious, Eminent Hindu
Manthan Churning Hindu
Mohul Attractive Hindu
Mokshit Liberated Hindu
Mridang Musical Instrument Hindu
Mithun Couple, Zodiac Sign Hindu
Madhavan Lord Vishnu Hindu
Manuvel God is with us Hindu
Mayur Peacock Hindu
Mayankesh Lord of the Moon Hindu
Manhar One who holds the mind Hindu
Mihiraj Sunbeam Hindu
Mahavirat Great Hero Hindu
Mihiraksh Sun-eyed Hindu
Mohulal Attractive, Lovable Hindu
Manind Diamond Hindu
Manprasad Gift of the Mind Hindu
Mitul Friend, Similar Hindu
Mahin The Earth Hindu
Madhavdas Servant of Lord Krishna Hindu
Mudit Happy, Joyful Hindu
Manavjeet Victory of Humanity Hindu
Mohitmayan Enchanted Illusion Hindu
Mahabal Great Strength Hindu
Maheshdas Servant of Lord Shiva Hindu
Mayankraj King of the Moon Hindu
Manjyot Light of the Mind Hindu
Mayankeshwar Lord of the Moon Hindu
Madhavraj King of Lord Krishna Hindu
Mahapurush Great Man Hindu
Mokshagna One who shows the path to liberation Hindu
Mohneesh Lord of Fascination Hindu
Mahir Skilled, Expert Arabic
Manmeet One who seeks friendship Sikh
Manpreet Love of the Mind Sikh
Mantej Mind's Glory Sikh
Mankirat One who sings praises of the mind Sikh


Girl Names With “M”

Name Meaning Origin
Madhavi Daughter of Yayati Sanskrit
Mahima Greatness Sanskrit
Malini Fragrant Sanskrit
Manali Bird of Paradise flower Sanskrit
Manisha Desire, wish Sanskrit
Mansi Woman's heart Sanskrit
Megha Cloud Sanskrit
Meena Fish Sanskrit
Meenakshi Fish-eyed Sanskrit
Mihika Dew drop Sanskrit
Mira Prosperous Sanskrit
Mohini Enchantress Sanskrit
Mona Silent Arabic
Mrinali Lotus stem Sanskrit
Mrinalika Lotus stem Sanskrit
Madhu Honey Sanskrit
Madhulika Honeydew Sanskrit
Madhuri Sweetness Sanskrit
Mahak Fragrance Sanskrit
Mahika Dew Sanskrit
Mahima Greatness Sanskrit
Maitreyi A learned woman in ancient India Sanskrit
Malati Jasmine Sanskrit
Malavika A creeper with fragrant flowers Sanskrit
Mallika Queen Sanskrit
Mamta Motherly love Sanskrit
Manasa A woman who desires Sanskrit
Mandakini A river Sanskrit
Mandira A temple Sanskrit
Maneka A bird Sanskrit
Manisha Intelligence Sanskrit
Manjari A blossom Sanskrit
Manjula Beautiful Sanskrit
Manorama Beautiful Sanskrit
Mansha Desire Sanskrit
Mansi Thought Sanskrit
Manushi Human Sanskrit
Manyata Acceptance, agreement Sanskrit
Marisa A lady who is like a sea Hebrew
Matrika Mother Sanskrit
Maya Illusion Sanskrit
Madhulata Sweet creeper Sanskrit
Madhushri Beauty of spring Sanskrit
Mahashweta White as a great swan Sanskrit
Mahi The earth Sanskrit
Mahika Dew drops Sanskrit
Mahima Greatness Sanskrit
Maina A bird Hindi
Maitri Friendship Sanskrit
Mala Necklace Sanskrit
Malini Fragrant Sanskrit
Manasvi Intelligient Sanskrit
Manavi Wife of Manu in Hindu mythology Sanskrit
Manisha Desire Sanskrit
Mansi Woman's heart Sanskrit
Manya Respected Sanskrit
Marvi Beauty redefined Hindi
Matangi Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Mayanka Moon-like Sanskrit
Medha Intelligence Sanskrit
Meera Beloved Sanskrit
Meesha Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Megha Cloud Sanskrit
Mehr Sun Persian
Meher Benevolence, kindness Persian
Mihika Mist, drizzle Sanskrit
Mili A meeting or union Sanskrit
Minakshi Fish-eyed Sanskrit
Mira Admirable Sanskrit
Mishti Sweet Bengali
Mohita Attracted Sanskrit
Mohini Enchantress Sanskrit
Monisha Intellectual Sanskrit
Mrinali Lotus stem Sanskrit
Mrinalika Lotus stem Sanskrit
Muskaan Smile Hindi
Madhuja Made of honey Sanskrit
Madhulika Honey drops Sanskrit
Madhumati Full of honey Sanskrit
Madhuri Sweet Sanskrit
Mahabhadra Auspicious Sanskrit


Names with Historical Significance:

Names with historical significance carry a sense of heritage and cultural importance. Here are five Hindu boy/girl names that start with the letter “M” and hold historical significance:

  1. Mahendra (Boy): Mahendra is derived from Sanskrit and means “great Indra.” In Hindu mythology, Indra is the king of gods. This name signifies strength, leadership, and divine qualities.
  2. Mandira (Girl): Mandira is a name associated with traditional Hindu temples. It represents the architectural beauty, spiritual significance, and sacredness of these places of worship.
  3. Madhavendra (Boy): Madhavendra combines “Madhava,” another name for Lord Krishna, with “Indra,” representing divine qualities. This name symbolizes devotion, spiritual connection, and the pursuit of inner peace.
  4. Malati (Girl): Malati is derived from the Sanskrit word for “jasmine flower.” This name carries cultural significance, representing purity, beauty, and fragrance.
  5. Maharishi (Boy): Maharishi is a combination of “maha,” meaning “great,” and “rishi,” meaning “sage.” It is a name associated with revered spiritual leaders and signifies wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual guidance.

To conclude, Hindu baby names starting with the letter “M” present an abundant selection for parents seeking names imbued with cultural, religious, and emotional resonance. This compilation offers a wide range of choices, from timeless classics to modern favorites. Each name carries its unique meaning, evoking qualities such as strength, beauty, wisdom, or devotion. Whether you seek a name deeply rooted in Hindu traditions or a contemporary name that exudes individuality, this list provides inspiration. May this compilation assist you in discovering the perfect name that resonates with your values, aspirations, and boundless love for your child.