Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “K”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “K”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby is an exciting and significant endeavor for every parent. If you’re in search of Hindu baby names that begin with the letter “K,” you’ve arrived at the right place. Hindu culture is imbued with a wealth of beautiful and meaningful names that embody tradition, spirituality, and the diverse facets of life. Ranging from commanding and robust appellations to those denoting wisdom and compassion, there exists a broad spectrum of options to explore. Whether you seek a name for your baby boy or girl, this compilation of Hindu baby names commencing with “K” is certain to kindle your imagination and aid you in discovering the ideal name for your precious bundle of joy.

The Rising Stars:

In Hindu culture, names hold immense significance and are chosen thoughtfully. Here are five boy and girl names that begin with the letter “K” representing the rising stars of the Hindu community. These individuals are destined to shine brightly and make a positive impact in their chosen paths.


Krish: Derived from Lord Krishna, Krish symbolizes the rising star’s divine qualities, wisdom, and potential for leadership.

Keshav: Inspired by Lord Krishna’s name, Keshav represents the rising star’s grace, compassion, and virtuous nature.

Kunal: Meaning “lotus” in Sanskrit, Kunal signifies the rising star’s purity, beauty, and their potential to inspire others.

Kavya: Translating to “poetry” or “a wise person,” Kavya reflects the rising star’s creative and insightful nature.

Karthik: Inspired by the Hindu month “Karthik,” Karthik represents the rising star’s connection with tradition, spirituality, and growth.


Kiara: Derived from Sanskrit, Kiara embodies the rising star’s radiant and luminous personality, destined to make a positive impact.

Kavya: Meaning “poetry” or “a wise person,” Kavya signifies the rising star’s eloquence, creativity, and ability to inspire others.

Kira: Translating to “beam of light” or “sunbeam,” Kira symbolizes the rising star’s radiant energy and influence.

Kamya: Derived from Sanskrit, Kamya represents the rising star’s deserving nature and their ability to bring love and positivity.

Khushi: Meaning “happiness” or “joy,” Khushi reflects the rising star’s ability to spread happiness and create a positive impact on others.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “K”

Boy Names With “K”

Name Meaning Origin
Kailash Abode of Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavi Poet Hindi/Sanskrit
Kunal Lotus Hindi/Sanskrit
Kushal Skilled Hindi/Sanskrit
Kishan Lord Krishna Hindi/Sanskrit
Keshav Another name of Lord Krishna Hindi/Sanskrit
Keshava One with beautiful hair Hindi/Sanskrit
Kautik Joyful Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavish King of poets Hindi/Sanskrit
Kshitij Horizon Hindi/Sanskrit
Kriyaan Grace of God Hindi/Sanskrit
Karan Helper Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavin Handsome Hindi/Sanskrit
Kartik God of war Hindi/Sanskrit
Kamal Lotus flower Hindi/Sanskrit
Kapil Brown-haired Hindi/Sanskrit
Kairav White lotus Hindi/Sanskrit
Kalash Vessel Hindi/Sanskrit
Kalpesh Lord of perfection Hindi/Sanskrit
Kanan Garden Hindi/Sanskrit
Kanav A small branch or twig Hindi/Sanskrit
Kandarpa God of love Hindi/Sanskrit
Karna Ear Hindi/Sanskrit
Karthik Another name of Lord Muruga Hindi/Sanskrit
Kashyap Name of a sage Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaviraj King of poets Hindi/Sanskrit
Ketan Pure gold Hindi/Sanskrit
Kian Grace of God Hindi/Sanskrit
Kiran Ray of light Hindi/Sanskrit
Kirtan Praise Hindi/Sanskrit
Kishore Young Hindi/Sanskrit
Kovid Wise Hindi/Sanskrit
Kripa Mercy Hindi/Sanskrit
Krish Short form of Krishna Hindi/Sanskrit
Krishna Lord Krishna Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaushal Clever Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaushik Name of a sage Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavyansh Part of poetry Hindi/Sanskrit
Kesar Saffron Hindi/Sanskrit
Keyur Armlet Hindi/Sanskrit
Kirti Fame Hindi/Sanskrit
Kishangopal Another name of Lord Krishna Hindi/Sanskrit
Kritik A form of Lord Murugan Hindi/Sanskrit
Kshiraj Moon Hindi/Sanskrit
Kshithij Horizon Hindi/Sanskrit
Kamran Successful Persian
Kansh Desire Hindi/Sanskrit
Karm Destiny Hindi/Sanskrit
Karun Kindness Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavir Poet Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaviyan Poet Hindi/Sanskrit
Keshava Another name of Lord Vishnu Hindi/Sanskrit
Khyati Fame Hindi/Sanskrit
Kian Grace of God Hindi/Sanskrit
Kirtin Famous Hindi/Sanskrit
Kahan Telling, discourse Hindi/Sanskrit
Kairava White lotus Hindi/Sanskrit
Kanan Garden Hindi/Sanskrit
Kandarp God of love Hindi/Sanskrit
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna Hindi/Sanskrit
Kanishk An ancient king of India Hindi/Sanskrit
Kapish Lord Hanuman Hindi/Sanskrit
Kapishwar Lord Hanuman Hindi/Sanskrit
Kapitth A fruit Hindi/Sanskrit
Karanveer Brave and helpful Hindi/Sanskrit
Karmjit Winner of fate, destiny Hindi/Sanskrit
Karunesh Compassionate Hindi/Sanskrit
Kasish Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Kathan Story, narrative Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaushik Name of a sage Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaveesh Lord of poets Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavil Handsome Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavinash Destroyer of beauty Hindi/Sanskrit
Kaviya Poetic Hindi/Sanskrit
Kavyansh Part of poetry Hindi/Sanskrit
Kayaan The world Hindi/Sanskrit
Kedar A name of Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Kesarin Lion Hindi/Sanskrit
Ketak A flower Hindi/Sanskrit
Keya Monsoon flower Hindi/Sanskrit
Khyat Famous Hindi/Sanskrit
Kian Grace of God Hindi/Sanskrit
Kirtinath Lord of fame Hindi/Sanskrit
Kshitij Horizon Hindi/Sanskrit
Kuber God of wealth Hindi/Sanskrit
Kuhu The sweet voice of a bird Hindi/Sanskrit
Kunaal Lotus, son of emperor Ashoka Hindi/Sanskrit
Kundan Pure gold Hindi/Sanskrit
Kuntal Hair Hindi/Sanskrit
Kunalan Son of emperor Ashoka Hindi/Sansk
Kusagra Sharp-minded Hindi/Sanskrit
Kusumit Flowering Hindi/Sanskrit
Kushagra Sharp mind Hindi/Sanskrit
Kuvam Precious Hindi/Sanskrit
Kuyil Sweet-voiced bird Tamil/Sanskrit
Kyaan Grace of God Hindi/Sanskrit
Kyaat Famous Hindi/Sanskrit
Kyran Beam of light Hindi/Sanskrit
Kyrin Sunbeam Hindi/Sanskrit
Kamesh Lord of love Hindi/Sanskrit
Kausar Lake in heaven Arabic/Hindi
Kautuk Wonder, curiosity Hindi/Sanskrit
Keva Lotus Hindi/Sanskrit
Khushant Happy Hindi/Sanskrit
Khyansh Story, narration Hindi/Sanskrit
Kianan Grace of God Hindi/Sanskrit
Kinshuk A flower, palash Hindi/Sanskrit
Kovidh Wise Hindi/Sanskrit
Kshem Safety, well-being Hindi/Sanskrit


Girl Names With “K”

Name Meaning Origin
Kajal Kohl Sanskrit
Kalpana Imagination Sanskrit
Kamakshi One with beautiful eyes Sanskrit
Kamal Lotus Sanskrit
Kanchan Gold Sanskrit
Kanan Garden Sanskrit
Kankana Bracelet Sanskrit
Kanupriya Beloved of Kanha Sanskrit
Kanya Maiden Sanskrit
Kashi Luminous; Varanasi Sanskrit
Kavya Poetry Sanskrit
Khusboo Fragrance Persian
Khyati Fame Sanskrit
Kirti Fame Sanskrit
Kishori Adolescent girl Sanskrit
Komal Delicate Hindi
Kopal Camphor Sanskrit
Kripa Grace Sanskrit
Krisha Divine Sanskrit
Krithika Name of a star Sanskrit
Kriti Creation Sanskrit
Krittika Name of a star Sanskrit
Kshama Forgiveness Sanskrit
Kshiti Earth Sanskrit
Kshipra Swift Sanskrit
Kumari Unmarried girl Sanskrit
Kusum Flower Sanskrit
Kusuma Flower Sanskrit
Kuvira Brave Sanskrit
Kaveri Name of a river Sanskrit
Kadambari Novel Sanskrit
Kajri Light as a cloud Hindi
Kalyani Auspicious Sanskrit
Kanak Gold Sanskrit
Kanika Small Sanskrit
Kanmani Precious gem Tamil
Kapila Name of a sage; Tawny Sanskrit
Karishma Miracle Sanskrit
Kashiya Sweet Hindi
Kashmira From Kashmir Sanskrit
Kasturi Musk Sanskrit
Kavyanjali Tribute of poetry Sanskrit
Keerti Fame Sanskrit
Ketaki Fragrant flower Sanskrit
Keya Flower Hindi
Khusi Happiness Sanskrit
Khushi Happiness Hindi
Kirtana Praise Sanskrit
Kishmish Raisin Persian
Komali Delicate Sanskrit
Kopalpreet Love for camphor Punjabi
Kowsalya Mother of Lord Rama Sanskrit
Kritika Name of a star Sanskrit
Krittika Name of a star Sanskrit
Kshiraja Queen of milk Sanskrit
Kshitija Daughter of the earth Sanskrit
Kshipa Night Sanskrit
Kshipra Swift Sanskrit
Kuberi Wealthy Sanskrit
Kumud Lotus Sanskrit
Kumuda Lotus Sanskrit
Kundanika Golden girl Sanskrit
Kusumita Blossomed Sanskrit
Kuyil Sweet voice of a bird Tamil
Kaashvi Shining Hindi
Kaavya Poem Sanskrit
Kadam Beginning Sanskrit
Kaira Peaceful; Unique Sanskrit
Kajol Eye-liner Hindi
Kajri Light as a cloud Hindi
Kajolika Mascara Sanskrit
Kalapi Peacock Sanskrit
Kalavati Artistically talented Sanskrit
Kali Dark; Goddess of destruction Sanskrit
Kalika Flower bud Sanskrit
Kalima Blackish Arabic
Kalki Name of a Hindu god Sanskrit
Kalpita Imagined Sanskrit
Kalyan Welfare Sanskrit
Kalyani Auspicious Sanskrit
Kamala Lotus Sanskrit
Kamalika Lotus Sanskrit
Kamini Woman Sanskrit
Kanaka Gold Sanskrit
Kanakpriya Lover of gold Sanskrit
Kananbala Young girl of the forest Sanskrit
Kanchana Golden Sanskrit
Kanchi Waistband Sanskrit
Kandhara Repository Sanskrit
Kani Girl Tamil
Kanika Small Sanskrit
Kankalini Necklace Sanskrit
Kanta Beautiful Sanskrit
Kantimoyee Beautiful like gold Bengali
Kapila Name of a sage; Tawny Sanskrit
Karabi Oleander flower Bengali
Karam Generosity Punjabi
Karamjeet Victorious in doing good deeds Punjabi
Karanika Small Sanskrit
Kardama Earth Sanskrit
Karishma Miracle Sanskrit
Karnika Lyric Sanskrit



The Hindu community celebrates trailblazers who break barriers, challenge norms, and lead the way towards progress. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “K” that epitomize the spirit of trailblazing.


Krish: Inspired by Lord Krishna, Krish signifies the trailblazer’s strength, wisdom, and their potential to bring about positive change.

Kamal: Meaning “lotus” in Sanskrit, Kamal represents the trailblazer’s resilience, growth, and ability to bloom amidst challenges.

Karan: Translating to “an instrument” or “an ear,” Karan symbolizes the trailblazer’s receptive nature and their ability to bring harmony.

Kunal: Derived from “lotus” in Sanskrit, Kunal reflects the trailblazer’s purity, beauty, and transformative impact on society.

Kartik: Inspired by the Hindu god Kartikeya, Kartik embodies the trailblazer’s fearless and pioneering spirit, leading the way for others.


Kirti: Meaning “fame” or “glory,” Kirti represents the trailblazer’s accomplishments, inspiring others to strive for greatness.

Kamini: Derived from Sanskrit, Kamini symbolizes the trailblazer’s passion, determination, and their ability to break barriers.

Kavita: Translating to “poetry,” Kavita reflects the trailblazer’s ability to express themselves creatively and leave a lasting impact.

In conclusion, the Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “K” present an abundance of choices for parents in quest of names that are laden with significance and rooted in culture. Each name carries its own distinctive symbolism, whether it embodies strength, virtue, beauty, or devotion. From timeless traditional options to contemporary selections, this list encompasses a diverse array of names catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. By selecting a Hindu baby name that starts with “K,” parents can pay homage to their heritage and impart profound values to their child. May this compilation serve as a beacon of guidance in the wondrous journey of parenthood as you select a name that resonates with love and positivity for your precious little one.