Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “I”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “I”

Selecting a meaningful name for your baby is a momentous decision that holds great significance for parents. If you’re in search of Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “I,” you’ve arrived at the right place. Hindu names encompass a wealth of cultural and spiritual significance, encapsulating the diverse traditions and beliefs within the Hindu community. This compilation of names starting with “I” presents a myriad of options, each carrying its own unique essence and origin. Whether you’re inclined towards a conventional name or a more contemporary choice, this list aims to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your precious little one.

Trends and Modern Choices:

In recent times, Hindu baby names have evolved to reflect contemporary trends and modern sensibilities. Here are five popular and trendy names that start with the letter “I”:

  1. Ishaan (Boy): Meaning “sunrise” or “dawn,” Ishaan is a trendy name that symbolizes new beginnings and optimism. It has gained popularity due to its modern sound and positive connotations.
  2. Inaya (Girl): Derived from Arabic origins, Inaya means “concern” or “care.” This name has gained popularity among parents seeking a modern yet meaningful name for their daughters, reflecting their desire to raise compassionate and caring individuals.
  3. Isha (Girl): Isha, meaning “goddess” or “ruler,” is a contemporary name that exudes strength and femininity. It is a popular choice for modern parents looking for a short and stylish name.
  4. Ishan (Boy): Ishan is a trendy Hindu name meaning “sun” or “lord.” It has become popular among parents who want a modern yet rooted name for their son, symbolizing power and radiance.
  5. Ishika (Girl): With its contemporary appeal, Ishika has gained popularity among modern parents. This name means “paintbrush” or “arrow” and represents creativity and precision.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “I”

Boy Names With “I”

Name Meaning Origin
Ishaan Sun or Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Indra King of gods Sanskrit
Ishwar God, the supreme being Sanskrit
Ishan Lord Shiva, sun Sanskrit
Iraj Flower Persian
Iham Expected Sanskrit
Ibhanan Elephant-faced Sanskrit
Ikshan Sight Sanskrit
Ikshu Sugarcane Sanskrit
Inderjeet Victorious god Indra Sanskrit
Iraj Colourful Persian
Ish God Hebrew
Ishan Sun, Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Ishwar Supreme being, god Sanskrit
Idhant Luminous, radiant Sanskrit
Indrajit Conqueror of Indra Sanskrit
Isar Sacrifice, devotion Sanskrit
Ismail God will hear Hebrew
Itihas History, chronicle Sanskrit
Iraj Illumination, splendor Persian
Isfandiar A character in Shahnameh Persian
Ish Lord, god Sanskrit
Ishaq Prophet Isaac Hebrew
Idha Insight, intelligence Sanskrit
Ijazat Permission, authorization Arabic
Ilan Tree Hebrew
Iliad Epic poem by Homer Greek
Inaam Reward, gift Arabic
Inamul Gift, reward Arabic
Indraj King of the gods, Indra Sanskrit
Ibhan Elephant Sanskrit
Ichchha Desire, wish Sanskrit
Idant Luminous, bright Sanskrit
Ihaman Expected, awaited Sanskrit
Ihit Beneficial, useful Sanskrit
Ikshanik Observer, spectator Sanskrit
Ilashpasti Lord of the earth Sanskrit
Inam Kindness, generosity Sanskrit
Indivar Blue lotus Sanskrit
Ishman Conquering the ego Sanskrit
Ishrit Gladdening, cheering Sanskrit
Ishu Full of strength, powerful Sanskrit
Ishwarpreet Lover of God Sanskrit
Itish Such a Lord Sanskrit
Ijay Victorious Sanskrit
Ilesh Lord of earth Sanskrit
Imay Miracle Sanskrit
Inesh King of kings Sanskrit
Inshul Forgiveness Sanskrit
Inuk Attractive, charming Sanskrit


Girl Names With “I”

Name Meaning Origin
Iksha Sight, Vision Sanskrit
Ikshita Visible, Sight Sanskrit
Ishani Goddess Durga, Consort of Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Ishita Mastery, Wealth, Desired Sanskrit
Ishya Spring Sanskrit
Idika The Earth, Ground Sanskrit
Indira Goddess Lakshmi, Splendid Sanskrit
Indrani Consort of Lord Indra, Queen of the Gods Sanskrit
Indu Moon Sanskrit
Ira Earth, Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Iravati River Ravi, Sacred River of India Sanskrit
Ishwarya Wealth, Prosperity Sanskrit
Isika Purity Sanskrit
Ila Earth, Daughter of Manu Sanskrit
Iti Tradition, Custom Sanskrit
Ishaniya Lady of the East, Direction Sanskrit
Ina Mother, Strong Sanskrit
Ivana God's Gracious Gift Sanskrit
Ishwari Goddess, Divine Sanskrit
Indulekha Moon, Like a Moonbeam Sanskrit
Ipsita Desired, Longed for Sanskrit
Ibhya Fearless, Brave Sanskrit
Iditri Complimenting, Praising Sanskrit
Iksura Sugarcane Sanskrit
Inodaya Sunrise, Dawn Sanskrit
Ipsa Desire, Wish Sanskrit
Iri Plough Sanskrit
Irina Peace, Goddess of Peace Sanskrit
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati, Glorious Sanskrit
Iyalisai Melodious Music Sanskrit
Ilisha Queen of the Earth Sanskrit
Inas Capable, Sociability Sanskrit
Inika Little Earth Sanskrit
Iraja Daughter of the Wind (Vayu) Sanskrit
Iren Peace Sanskrit
Ishwarya Wealth, Prosperity Sanskrit
Itishree Divine Light Sanskrit
Ivrita Lord of the Earth Sanskrit
Iyushi Spring Sanskrit
Izna Light Sanskrit
Imsa Smile, Happiness Sanskrit
Initha Beginning, Start Sanskrit
Ishmita Friendliness, Sociability Sanskrit
Itara Another, Different Sanskrit
Ivarani Queen, Ruler Sanskrit
Irit Plough, Agriculture Sanskrit
Ishwariya Divine, Related to God Sanskrit
Isvari Goddess, Supreme Power Sanskrit
Ithika Continuous, Uninterrupted Sanskrit
Iyari Grace, Favor Sanskrit
Ilakkiya Literary Work, Art Sanskrit
Iyana Enchanting, Beautiful Sanskrit
Indrayani The name of a sacred river Sanskrit
Ishvarya Another form of Ishwarya, Wealth, Prosperity Sanskrit
Indumauli One who wears the moon as a crown (Lord Shiva) Sanskrit
Ishvitha Guided by God, Divine Knowledge Sanskrit
Indrakshi One with eyes like Lord Indra Sanskrit
Ishvika Goddess Parvati, Sacred Sanskrit
Indumathi Learned, Wise, Full of Knowledge Sanskrit
Irya Expression, Speech, Voice Sanskrit
Ishvala Holy, Sacred Sanskrit
Indukanta Wife of the Moon (Goddess Lakshmi) Sanskrit
Ishitha Desired, Wished Sanskrit
Indusheela Of Good Character, Virtuous Sanskrit
Ishvarapriya Beloved of God, Favored by the Divine Sanskrit
Ibhani Full of Desire, Craving Sanskrit
Iravathi Daughter of King Irawat Sanskrit
Iksudi One who gives sweet words Sanskrit
Induja Born of the Moon, Radiant Sanskrit
Ityukt Something that is told or stated Sanskrit
Ibhika Fearless, Brave Sanskrit
Indraneel Sapphire, A precious gemstone Sanskrit
Ikkudi Aromatic, Fragrant Sanskrit
Indrakala A digit of the New Moon Sanskrit
Induprabha Radiance of the Moon Sanskrit
Idham Earth, Ground, Soil Sanskrit
Ishika Paintbrush, Artistic Sanskrit
Indulala Bright as the Moon Sanskrit
Ithar Generous, Kind Sanskrit
Ikshula A River in the Himalayas Sanskrit
Indumukhi One with a Moon-like face Sanskrit
Ivalini Resembling the Himalayas Sanskrit
Ishwarika Goddess, Divine Sanskrit
Indrani Consort of Lord Indra Sanskrit
Indumati Consort of Lord Chandra (the Moon) Sanskrit
Induhasini One who holds the Moon Sanskrit
Induma Moonlight, Radiance Sanskrit
Ishanavi Goddess Parvati, Glorious Sanskrit
Indupriya Beloved of the Moon Sanskrit
Indumauli Moon-Crested, Radiant Sanskrit
Ishwarya Wealth, Prosperity Sanskrit
Indumukta One with a Moon-like face Sanskrit
Iryavati One who possesses the wealth of knowledge Sanskrit
Indradarshini One who has the appearance of Lord Indra Sanskrit
Ikaparnika Goddess Durga, One with a single leaf Sanskrit
Indradhanu Rainbow Sanskrit
Indumala A garland of Moon-like pearls Sanskrit
Ishwara The Supreme Lord, Godly Sanskrit
Ijaya Victory, Conqueror Sanskrit
Indrakshi Eyes like Lord Indra Sanskrit


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic Hindu names have a timeless charm and carry cultural significance. Here are five beautiful and timeless names starting with the letter “I”:

  1. Indra (Boy): Indra is a classic Hindu name derived from Sanskrit, meaning “possessing drops of rain” or “king of gods.” It carries a sense of power, leadership, and divine grace, making it a timeless choice for baby boys.
  2. Indira (Girl): Meaning “beauty” or “splendor,” Indira is a classic name associated with goddess Lakshmi. It represents grace, elegance, and femininity, making it an enduring choice for baby girls.
  3. Ishwar (Boy): Derived from Sanskrit, Ishwar means “god” or “divine.” This classic name signifies spirituality and represents the ultimate power. It is a popular choice among parents seeking a traditional and meaningful name for their son.
  4. Ila (Girl): Ila is a classic Hindu name that means “earth” or “goddess of the earth.” It has a timeless quality and represents nature, fertility, and nurturing qualities, making it a beautiful choice for baby girls.
  5. Inder (Boy): Derived from the name Indra, Inder is a classic and masculine name that means “king of gods.” It carries a strong and regal aura, reflecting power, courage, and leadership. It is a popular choice among traditional Hindu families.

To conclude, the letter “I” opens the door to a treasure trove of exquisite Hindu baby names, each exuding its own allure and meaning. From ancient mythological names to popular modern favorites, this compilation offers a broad spectrum of choices for parents seeking profound names for their baby boys or girls. Whether you gravitate towards names rooted in Sanskrit, encapsulating Hindu deities or virtues, or names that embrace a contemporary and stylish appeal, this selection caters to a diverse range of preferences. Take your time, delve into the meanings and origins of these names, and uncover the perfect name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations.