Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “F”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “F”

Selecting a meaningful and distinctive name for your baby is an exhilarating task for any parent. If you are searching for Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “F,” you have landed in the right place. Hindu names often encapsulate profound cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting India’s abundant heritage. The choices span from conventional and timeless to modern and trendy, presenting a vast array of options. Regardless of whether you seek a name for your baby boy or girl, this meticulously curated compilation of Hindu names commencing with “F” will serve as a wellspring of inspiration, aiding you in discovering the perfect name that resonates with your beliefs and values.

Hindu Deities:

Hinduism is a religion with a rich tradition of numerous deities, each representing different aspects of life and the universe. Names associated with Hindu deities often carry a deep spiritual significance. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “F,” inspired by Hindu deities.

  1. Boy: Fakir Meaning: One who renounces worldly possessions and leads a simple life, inspired by the ascetic saints in Hinduism.
  2. Girl: Freya Meaning: A popular name in Norse mythology, Freya is associated with love, beauty, and fertility, qualities revered in Hinduism as well.
  3. Girl: Falaq Meaning: In Arabic, Falaq means “dawn” or “daybreak.” In Hinduism, dawn symbolizes new beginnings and the awakening of divine consciousness.
  4. Boy: Farhad Meaning: A Persian-origin name, Farhad means “happiness” or “joyful.” Happiness is a cherished aspect of Hinduism, associated with spiritual growth.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “F”

Boy Names With “F”

Name Meaning Origin
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Firoze Crystal, successful Persian
Fateh Victory, triumph Hindi/Persian
Faizan Benefactor, grace Hindi
Fakir Poor, humble Hindi
Faraaz Ascent, height Persian
Firdaus Paradise, garden Persian
Firoz Successful, victorious Persian
Fuzail Virtuous, learned Hindi/Arabic
Faaiz Successful, victorious Hindi
Faraj Relief, comfort Hindi/Arabic
Faraz Elevation, height Persian
Farhad Happiness, joy Persian
Farhan Cheerful, happy Hindi
Farooq Distinguisher, separator Persian
Firoze Crystal, successful Persian
Fulki Spark Hindi
Faiyaz Artistic, creative Hindi
Faisal Sword, decisive Hindi/Persian
Farid Precious, unique Hindi
Fazil Virtuous, learned Hindi/Arabic
Firoza Turquoise Persian
Fatehpur City of victory Hindi
Fida Sacrifice Hindi/Arabic
Faheem Intelligent, wise Hindi
Fakhir Proud, excellent Hindi/Arabic
Faruq One who distinguishes between truth and falsehood Hindi/Arabic
Fiza Breeze, atmosphere Hindi
Fazle Bounty, grace Hindi
Falgun A Hindu month Hindi/Sanskrit
Fazilat Excellence, virtue Hindi/Arabic
Faiz Abundance, generosity Hindi
Falak Sky, heavens Hindi/Arabic
Faraq Difference, distinction Hindi/Arabic
Farman Command, order Hindi
Fazlur Grace, favour Hindi
Falaq Break of dawn, daybreak Hindi/Arabic
Faneesh Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Fara Beauty, grace Hindi/Arabic
Farshad Happy, fortunate Persian
Fawad Heart, soul Hindi/Persian
Fidaa Devotion, sacrifice Hindi/Arabic
Firozeshah Successful emperor Persian
Fiyaz Artistic, creative Hindi
Falit Fruitful, successful Hindi
Fuzail Superior, excellent Hindi/Arabic
Fadel Generous, virtuous Hindi/Arabic
Feroze Successful, victorious Persian
Fawzan Successful, victorious Hindi
Fidaan Sacrifice Hindi/Arabic
Fazal Grace, favour Hindi/Arabic
Fazleilahi Grace of Allah Hindi
Faiyazuddin Artistic, creative Hindi/Arabic
Falgu Holy, pure Hindi/Sanskrit
Firaasat Insight, perception Hindi/Arabic
Faseeh Eloquent, fluent Hindi
Fazlullah Bounty of Allah Hindi/Arabic
Fariduddin Unique among the faithfull Hindi/Arabic
Fawwaz Successful, prosperous Hindi/Arabic
Fazilatullah Excellence of Allah Hindi/Arabic
Fakhiruddin Glory of the faith Hindi/Arabic
Fawzi Successful, victorious Hindi/Arabic
Faryad Complaint, lament Hindi/Arabic
Faakhir Proud, excellent Hindi/Arabic
Faheemuddin Intelligent, wise among the faithfull Hindi/Arabic
Faizaan Abundance, grace Hindi
Faizullah Bounty of Allah Hindi/Arabic
Fakhirulmulk Glory of the kingdom Persian
Fakirchand Devotee of the divine Hindi/Sanskrit
Fakruddin Glory of the faith Hindi/Arabic
Fazailurrahman Virtues of Allah Hindi/Arabic
Fatehali Victorious, conqueror Hindi/P
Faakhir Excellent, proud Hindi
Faaris Horseman, knight Hindi
Faaz Triumph, success Hindi
Fadil Superior, distinguished Hindi/Arabic
Faiq Superior, excellent Hindi/Arabic
Faizel Benefactor, gracious Hindi
Fajr Dawn, daybreak Hindi/Arabic
Falaknaz Sky, heavens Hindi
Fanoos Lantern, lamp Hindi/Arabic
Faraan Happy, joyful Hindi
Fardeen Radiant, lustrous Persian
Farhad Happiness, joy Persian
Farhan Happy, joyful Hindi
Farhat Happiness, joy Hindi
Fariduddin Unique among the faithful Hindi/Arabic
Farogh Light, brightness Hindi/Persian
Farook One who distinguishes between right and wrong Hindi
Farshid Guiding light, the sun Persian
Fasihuddin Eloquent, fluent among the faithful Hindi/Arabic
Fasikh Corrupt, dishonest Hindi/Arabic
Fawwazuddin Successful among the faithful Hindi/Arabic
Fazl Excellence, grace Hindi/Arabic
Fazlehaq Grace of truth Hindi/Arabic
Fazleilahi Grace of God Hindi/Arabic
Fazlekarim Grace of the generous Hindi/Arabic
Fazleullah Bounty of God Hindi/Arabic
Feroze Crystal, victorious Persian
Fidaus Paradise Hindi/Arabic
Firozuddin Successful among the faithful Hindi/Arabic
Firozshah Victorious emperor Persian
Fozan Successful, victorious Hindi
Fuad Heart, soul Hindi/Arabic
Fulchand Flower of the moon Hindi/Sanskrit
Fulki Spark Hindi
Fuzailuddin Virtuous among the faithful Hindi/Arabic


Girl Names With “F”

Name Meaning Origin
Falguni Born in Falgun (a Hindu month) Sanskrit
Farzana Wise, intelligent Persian
Firdaus Garden of Paradise Persian
Falisha Happiness Indian
Falguni Spring Sanskrit
Firoza Turquoise Persian
Firoza Blue-green gemstone Persian
Fakira Devoted to God Indian
Falisha Lucky Indian
Firoza Turquoise gemstone Persian
Farzana Wise, knowledgeable Persian
Farheen Happy, joyful Persian
Faryal Angel Persian
Farishta Angel Persian
Falguni Name of a Hindu month Sanskrit
Farzana Wise, intelligent Persian
Falguni Spring, born in Falgun month Sanskrit
Falisha Lucky Indian
Farzeen Intelligent, wise Persian
Firdaus Garden, paradise Persian
Farina Light, delicate Indian
Falguni Spring Sanskrit
Farheen Delightful Persian
Firoza Turquoise Persian
Farheena Joyful Persian
Farkhanda Blessed Persian
Farzina Intelligent, wise Persian
Firoza Blue-green gemstone Persian
Farhin Joyful Arabic
Falguni Beautiful, lovely Sanskrit
Farazana Wise, knowledgeable Persian
Falguni Name of a Hindu month Sanskrit
Firoza Turquoise Hindi
Falisha Happiness Hindi
Fatima Daughter of Prophet Muhammad Hindi
Fiza Breeze, nature Hindi
Falak Sky, universe Hindi
Farah Joy, happiness Hindi
Fariha Happiness Hindi
Farida Precious, rare Hindi
Fathima One who abstains Hindi
Firoza Blue-green gemstone Hindi
Falguni Spring Sanskrit
Farahat Happiness Hindi
Farheen Happy, joyous Hindi
Farhin Happy Hindi
Fariza Success Hindi
Farshita Divine Hindi
Fawzia Successful, victorious Hindi
Fazila Accomplished Hindi
Fida Devoted Hindi
Fizza Nature, silver Hindi
Fozia Success Hindi
Faryal Angel Hindi
Farzana Intelligent Hindi
Fazilat Excellence Hindi
Faruq Distinguisher Hindi
Fazia Victorious Hindi
Farrah Beautiful Hindi
Fariqa Unique Hindi
Faryad Plea Hindi
Fatikha Precious Hindi
Fathima Daughter of Prophet Muhammad Hindi
Firdaus Garden, paradise Hindi
Firoza Turquoise gemstone Hindi
Fuzaila Blessing Hindi
Fulki Spark Hindi
Fulmala Garland of flowers Hindi
Fulkumari Beautiful flower Hindi
Fulsashi A girl with beautiful eyes Hindi
Fulwati Bloom Hindi
Fuyuko Winter child Hindi
Falaq Daybreak, dawn Hindi
Farisa Advisor Hindi
Farshiya Heaven, celestial Hindi
Fatimah One who abstains Hindi
Faustina Lucky Hindi
Fayra Confidence Hindi
Fazilat Excellence Hindi
Fenna Blonde Hindi
Firdous Paradise Hindi
Fiza Nature Hindi
Frisha Cheerful Hindi
Farhana Happy Hindi
Farhat Happiness Hindi
Farzaneh Intelligent, wise Hindi
Fauzia Successful, victorious Hindi
Fazila Virtuous, accomplished Hindi
Flora Flower Hindi
Fariha Joyous, glad Hindi
Fala Turquoise gemstone Hindi
Falguni Name of a Hindu month Sanskrit
Farzana Wise Hindi
Fazlina Gracious Hindi
Falisha Lucky Hindi
Fawziya Successful, victorious Hindi
Farisha Light Hindi
Farrokh Lucky Hindi
Faye Fairy Hindi
Faraaz Elevation Hindi
Farazana Wise Hindi
Fawzia Successful, victorious Hindi
Farhaana Joyful Hindi
Falguni Beautiful Sanskrit
Farisha Light Hindi
Farhana Happy Hindi
Fuzaila Blessing Hindi
Fazilah Accomplished, virtuous Hindi
Farazah Elevation Hindi
Faiza Victorious, successful Hindi
Fayruz Turquoise gemstone Hindi
Falak Sky Hindi
Falguni Spring Sanskrit
Farzeen Intelligent Persian
Fariza Success Persian


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic and timeless names are enduring choices that have stood the test of time. These names carry an air of elegance, grace, and cultural significance. Here are five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “F,” which are considered classic and timeless.

  1. Girl: Faye Meaning: Derived from Old English, Faye means “fairy” or “elf.” It exudes a sense of mystique and enchantment.
  2. Boy: Faris Meaning: With Arabic origins, Faris means “knight” or “horseman.” It symbolizes strength, chivalry, and bravery.
  3. Girl: Freya Meaning: A popular name in Norse mythology, Freya represents love, beauty, and feminine power. It has gained admiration across different cultures.
  4. Boy: Firoz Meaning: Derived from Persian, Firoz means “victorious” or “successful.” It signifies achievement and triumph.
  5. Girl: Falguni Meaning: Derived from the Hindu calendar month “Falgun,” this name represents the arrival of spring and is associated with beauty and fertility.

To conclude, the collection of Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “F” offers an extensive range of possibilities for parents in search of names that bear deep meaning and cultural significance. From cherished classics like “Fakira” and “Falguni” to more contemporary alternatives such as “Freya” and “Faizan,” there exists a name to cater to every taste and preference. The selection of a name for your baby holds immense personal significance, and this compilation serves as a launching point to delve into the rich tapestry of Hindu names. May you find the ideal name that bestows happiness, meaning, and prosperity upon your little one as they embark on their remarkable journey through life.