Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “E”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “E”

When it comes to Hindu baby names starting with the letter “E,” the rich tapestry of meanings and cultural significance unfolds. In Hindu tradition, selecting a name for your baby holds great importance, as it reflects their identity and aspirations. This handcrafted collection encompasses a diverse array of choices for both boys and girls, capturing the essence of Hindu heritage. From ancient Sanskrit names to contemporary gems, each name carries its unique charm and profound symbolism. Delve into this compilation and discover names that resonate with your values, hopes, and dreams for your little one.

Hindu Deities:

Hinduism boasts a rich mythology filled with a diverse array of gods and goddesses, each embodying unique qualities and carrying profound significance. Below, you will find five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “E” that draw inspiration from Hindu deities:

  1. Esha (Girl): Esha, originating from the Sanskrit word for “desire,” is often associated with the goddess Parvati. Parvati represents feminine divinity and is revered as the consort of Lord Shiva.
  2. Ekansh (Boy): Ekansh translates to “whole” or “complete” in Sanskrit. It can be connected to Lord Vishnu, who is considered the supreme deity responsible for preserving the universe.
  3. Eeshan (Boy): Eeshan derives from the Sanskrit word “ish,” signifying “lord” or “god.” It is often associated with Lord Shiva, who holds a revered position as the supreme lord and the epitome of divine consciousness.
  4. Ekaa (Girl): Ekaa means “unique” or “singular” in Sanskrit. It represents individuality and uniqueness, making it a charming choice for a girl.
  5. Ekram (Boy): Ekram is an evocative name of Arabic origin, meaning “generosity” or “honor.” It has been embraced by Hindu families and carries a timeless appeal.
  6. Eshika (Girl): Eshika is derived from the Sanskrit word “eshana,” which means “desire” or “wish.” It signifies a person with strong aspirations and ambitions.
  7. Ekant (Boy): Ekant means “solitude” or “seclusion” in Sanskrit. It conveys a sense of tranquility and introspection, making it a name of enduring beauty and depth.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “E”

Boy Names With “E”

Name Meaning Origin
Eashan Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekaansh Whole or Complete Hindi
Ekadant Lord Ganesha Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekagrah Focused Hindi
Ekaksh One-eyed Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekansh Whole or Complete Hindi
Ekant Solitude, Alone Hindi
Ekavir The only brave one Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavya A character in the Mahabharata Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekram Honor, Respect Arabic
Elango Prince of Music (a character from Tamil lore) Tamil
Elavarasan King of Beauty Tamil
Elil Handsome Tamil
Elilarasan King of Beauty Tamil
Elilvendan King of Beauty Tamil
Ellu Sesame seeds Kannada
Elumalai Lord Venkateshwara Tamil
Enayat Grace, Kindness Persian
Eshwar Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Etash Luminous Hindi
Ezaan Call to Prayer Arabic
Ezaz Respect, Honor Persian
Eklavyan A character in the Mahabharata Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekantika Singly Focused Hindi
Eshansh A part of Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekramul Respectful Arabic
Ekalinga Name of Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekambar Sky Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekanga Body Part Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekantha Alone Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyash With Eklavya's characteristics Hindi/Sanskrit
Ehsaan Favor, Kindness Arabic
Eishan Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekagra Focused Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekanath King, Master of One's Senses Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekavali Single-stringed Garland Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyansh Part of Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekramullah Honor of God Arabic
Ekanayak The only leader Hindi
Ekshu Eye Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekshwar Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekagrahak Focused Hindi
Ekansha Whole, Complete Hindi
Ekatma Oneself, Soul Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyak Possessing Eklavya's traits Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyaveer Brave like Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekodar Only Son Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekyaan Contemplation Hindi
Ekadrishta One who has only one vision Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekalavyash With Ekalavya's traits Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyaksh Eye of Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekanandan One who is always happy Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekanayaka The only leader Hindi
Ekramulhuq Respect for Truth Arabic
Ekaj The only one Hindi
Ekakshaan One-eyed Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekalavyakar Skilled like Ekalavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekalavyanshu Ray of Ekalavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekam One Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekanta Solitude Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekatrith United Hindi
Ekayavan The one with only one Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekdant Lord Ganesha Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekdristi One Vision Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyasai Disciple of Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklang One who stammers Hindi
Eknathrao Lord Vishnu Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekraj The only ruler Hindi
Ekanshak Part of the whole Hindi
Eashit One who desires and seeks God Hindi/Sanskrit
Edhas Happiness Hindi/Sanskrit
Ehan Full moon Hindi/Urdu
Ekabhakta Devotee of one God Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekakshar One letter Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekaraj The only king Hindi
Ekavirya The only brave one Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekeshwar Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyasuta Son of Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekshul One who stammers Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekvir The only warrior Hindi/Sanskrit
Elavarasu King of beauty Tamil
Elilvannan Handsome Tamil
Elumalaiyan Lord Venkateshwara Tamil
Emir Leader, Commander Arabic
Enamul Kindness, Blessing Arabic
Eshan Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Eshanth Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Eshwaran Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Etashok Griefless Hindi
Ethan Strong, Firm Hebrew
Ettan Breath Malayalam
Ettappan Lord Shiva Malayalam
Evyavan One who has only one Hindi/Sanskrit
Evyan Archer Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekatva Oneness Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekavarta Single sound Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekavach One who speaks truth Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekal The only one Hindi
Ekantika Singly focused Hindi
Ekashtak Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekayavan The one with only one Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekbal Dignity, Respectability Arabic
Ekjot The only light Punjabi
Ekpad The only one legged Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekshan Sight, Vision Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekshant Calm, Composed Hindi
Elam Forever, Eternal Tamil
Elavarasu Prince of beauty Tamil
Elilmani Precious pearl Tamil
Elilvendhan Handsome king Tamil
Elvin Friend of Elves English
Eshanthan Lord Shiva Tamil
Eshu Life giver Hindi/Sanskrit
Eshwar Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Eta Luminous Hindi
Ettan Breath Malayalam
Evan Young warrior Welsh
Ezhilan Beautiful Tamil
Ezhilmani Precious gemstone Tamil
Ezhilnila Beautiful blue Tamil
Ezhilveni Beautiful and soft spoken Tamil
Ezhumalai Lord Venkateshwara Tamil
Ezhuthachan Poet, Writer Malayalam
Ekaaksh One-eyed Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekanjeet One who has won everything Hindi
Ekatan Dedicated, Devoted Hindi
Ekavali Single-stringed garland Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekayan Traveler Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyashri Respected like Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Eklavyavir Brave like Eklavya Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekshaan Lord Shiva Hindi/Sanskrit
Ekshu Eye Hindi


Girl Names With “E”

Name Meaning Origin
Eashani Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eashita One who desires Hindu
Eesha Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eeshani Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eka Matchless, Alone Sanskrit
Ekaja Only child Sanskrit
Ekakshara Oneself Sanskrit
Ekam Only one Sanskrit
Ekanga One body Sanskrit
Ekani One Sanskrit
Ekanta Devoted to one Sanskrit
Ekaparana The one with a slender waist Sanskrit
Ekata Unity Sanskrit
Ekiya Unique Sanskrit
Ekjot Light of oneness Punjabi
Eksha Existence Hindu
Ela Earth, cardamom Sanskrit
Elakshi One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Elisha Queenly Hebrew
Elvira White, truthful Spanish
Ena Mirror Sanskrit
Enakshi One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Eshana Wish Sanskrit
Eshani Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eshika An arrow Hindu
Eshita One who desires Sanskrit
Etasha Shining Hindu
Ezhil Beautiful Tamil
Ezhilarasi Queen of beauty Tamil
Ezhilmani Precious gemstone Tamil
Ezhilmathi Beautiful intellect Tamil
Ezhilmalar Beautiful flower Tamil
Ezhilnila Beautiful blue Tamil
Ezhilvili Beautiful eyes Tamil
Ezhumalai Lord Murugan Tamil
Ekaa Goddess Durga Hindu
Ekankshi One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Ekansha One part of a whole, complete Sanskrit
Ekisha One goddess Sanskrit
Ektu A little Bengali
Elakshmi One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Elham Inspiration, revelation Arabic
Elina Pure, intelligent Scandinavian
Elishba God's promise Hebrew
Eliza Consecrated to God Hebrew
Ellora The caves of Ellora Sanskrit
Ema Beloved Hebrew
Emika Smiling picture Japanese
Emiliya Rival, emulating Latin
Emira Leader, princess Arabic
Esha Desire Sanskrit
Eshana Longing, quest Sanskrit
Eshanka Parvati Hindu
Eshna Desire, wish Sanskrit
Eshnika A girl with a bright future Hindu
Eshwari Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eta Luminous Hebrew
Eti Arrival Hebrew
Etika Point of origin Sanskrit
Eula Sweet-spoken Greek
Eveshka Life-giver Sanskrit
Evi Desired Hebrew
Evleen Gracious living Gaelic
Evonne Archer French
Ewa Life, mother Hebrew
Ezhili Beauty Tamil
Ezhilvel Beautiful eyes Tamil
Ezhini Talented Tamil
Ezhilarasiya Queen of beauty Tamil
Ezhilmathiya Beautiful mind Tamil
Ezhilmoli Beautiful language Tamil
Ezhilselvi Beautiful woman Tamil
Ezhilsree Beautiful goddess Tamil
Ezhumathi Lord Murugan Tamil
Ekaparnika Goddess Durga with one leaf Hindu
Ekayani One goddess Hindu
Ekshitha One who is seen Sanskrit
Elakya Epic poem, ornamented Sanskrit
Elif Turkish letter A Turkish
Elma Apple Turkish
Elora God gives light Greek
Elyana My God has answered Hebrew
Eman Faith Arabic
Emilia Rival Latin
Emily Industrious Latin
Emisha Smiling queen Sanskrit
Emuna Belief Hebrew
Enaya Gift from God Arabic
Eniya Strong, determined African
Era Earth Sanskrit
Eshaniya A lady with bright future Hindu
Eshanya The north-east direction Sanskrit
Eshica An arrow Hindu
Eshna Wish Sanskrit
Eshvita Pious Hindu
Etiya Giver of life Hebrew
Eyla Oak tree Hebrew
Ebrahim Father of many nations Hebrew
Eha Lord Vishnu's four faces Hindu
Eiravati Name of an Indian river Sanskrit
Ekaakshara One-lettered Sanskrit
Ekachandra One moon Sanskrit
Ekaniika One, unity Sanskrit
Ekanksha Desire, ambition Sanskrit
Ekavali One necklace Sanskrit
Ekisha Goddess Parvati Hindu
Eklavya A famous mythological character Sanskrit
Ekshana Sight, eyesight Sanskrit
Elakshi One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Elavenil Blue sky Tamil
Eliana My God has answered Hebrew
Elina Pure, intelligent Scandinavian
Elma Apple Turkish
Elora God gives light Greek
Elvina Elf-friend, friend of elves English
Elyana God has answered Hebrew
Eman Faith Arabic
Emraan Prosperous Arabic
Enaya Gift of God Arabic
Enika Pure, spiritual Sanskrit
Eniya Determined, strong African
Era Earth Sanskrit
Eram Garden Arabic
Erina Beautiful lady Greek
Eshanka Parvati Hindu
Eshita One who desires Sanskrit
Eshleen Charming and fascinating Punjabi
Eshwari Goddess Parvati Hindu
Etisha Beloved Sanskrit
Ettie Ruler of the home English
Eudora Good gift Greek
Evangeline Good news bearer Latin
Evaya To clarify, to illuminate Sanskrit


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic and timeless Hindu names have an enduring charm and continue to be beloved choices for children. These names reflect the deep cultural roots of India and exude a sense of tradition and grace. Below, you will find five Hindu boy and girl names starting with the letter “E” in the classic and timeless category:

  1. Eshaan (Boy): Eshaan, a variant of the name “Ishan,” denotes “sun” or “radiant” in Sanskrit. It symbolizes the brilliance, power, and knowledge associated with the sun.
  2. Ekaa (Girl): Ekaa translates to “unique” or “singular” in Sanskrit. It signifies individuality and distinctiveness, making it an elegant choice for a girl.
  3. Ekram (Boy): Ekram is a melodious name of Arabic origin, meaning “generosity” or “honor.” This name has been embraced by Hindu families and retains a timeless allure.
  4. Eshika (Girl): Eshika originates from the Sanskrit word “eshana,” which connotes “desire” or “wish.” It represents a person with ambitious aspirations and strong determination.
  5. Ekant (Boy): Ekant denotes “solitude” or “seclusion” in Sanskrit. It carries a sense of tranquility and introspection, lending it a name of enduring beauty and depth.

In the realm of Hindu baby names beginning with “E,” this human-crafted compilation offers a delightful assortment of options, ensuring there is a name that encapsulates the essence of your beliefs and desires. Each name on this list carries its own significance, whether it signifies strength, beauty, wisdom, or devotion. With deep roots in Hindu culture, these names bestow blessings and meaning upon your child’s journey through life. May this collection guide you in selecting a name that honors your heritage, embraces your values, and becomes a cherished part of your child’s identity for years to come.