Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “D”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “D”

Selecting the perfect name for your newborn is an exhilarating and profound endeavor, as it sets the stage for their unique identity and future. If you’re in search of Hindu baby names for boys or girls that commence with the letter “D,” you’ve arrived at the right destination. In Hindu culture, the letter “D” holds immense significance, symbolizing qualities such as strength, wisdom, and divinity. Within the vast realm of Hindu names, you’ll discover a treasure trove of options, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary and distinctive choices. Within this compilation, we have curated an assorted collection of delightful and meaningful Hindu names, all commencing with the letter “D,” to inspire you in your quest for the ideal name for your little bundle of joy.

Hindu Deities:

Hinduism, an ancient religion rich in mythology and spirituality, venerates numerous deities who represent different aspects of divinity. Here are five Hindu boy/girl names beginning with the letter “D” that draw inspiration from Hindu deities:

  1. Devi: Devi is a captivating Hindu girl’s name that signifies “goddess” in Sanskrit. It encompasses the divine feminine energy and is associated with various goddesses such as Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Devi represents beauty, strength, and grace.
  2. Dakshesh: Dakshesh is a strong Hindu boy’s name formed by combining “Daksha” (a revered figure in Hindu mythology) and “esh” (lord). It signifies someone who possesses the qualities of Lord Daksha, known for his wisdom and leadership.
  3. Durga: Durga is a powerful Hindu girl’s name meaning “the invincible” or “the inaccessible.” It is derived from the name of the goddess Durga, who embodies feminine strength, protection, and triumph over evil forces. Durga represents fearlessness and divine grace.
  4. Devendra: Devendra is a traditional Hindu boy’s name that combines “deva” (god) and “indra” (king). It symbolizes someone who exhibits godly qualities and is considered the ruler of gods. Devendra reflects leadership, power, and divine virtues.
  5. Dhatri: Dhatri is a graceful Hindu girl’s name meaning “nurturer” or “caretaker.” It is associated with the goddess Dhatri, revered as the divine mother or provider of sustenance and nourishment. Dhatri represents compassion, kindness, and the ability to nurture others.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “D”

Boy Names With “D”

Name Meaning Origin
Daksh capable, proficient  Sanskrit
Danish knowledge, wisdom  Persian
Darshan vision, sight, view  Sanskrit
Dhruv steadfast, immovable, fixed  Sanskrit
Dev god, divine  Sanskrit
Divyansh divine part, divine splendor  Sanskrit
Dinesh sun, day  Sanskrit
Dheeraj patience, endurance  Sanskrit
Deepak lamp, light  Sanskrit
Durgesh lord of the fort, lord of Durga  Sanskrit
Dayanand one who finds joy in compassion  Sanskrit
Dilip king, protector  Sanskrit
Devesh lord of the gods  Sanskrit
Darpan mirror, reflection  Sanskrit
Devendra king of the gods  Sanskrit
Devarsh god's gift, divine gift  Sanskrit
Dhananjay one who wins wealth  Sanskrit
Dharma righteousness, duty  Sanskrit
Dhaval white, pure  Sanskrit
Dhiraj calm, composed  Hindi
Dushyant destroyer of evil  Sanskrit
Daksha able, talented  Sanskrit
Divit immortality Sanskrit
Druvansh part of Druva, steadfast  Sanskrit
Devansh part of the divine  Sanskrit
Devanshu divine, heavenly  Sanskrit
Devaraja king of the gods  Sanskrit
Dhanesh lord of wealth  Sanskrit
Dhanush Bow  Sanskrit
Dhiren patient, steadfast  Sanskrit
Dineshwar lord of the day  Sanskrit
Dipesh lord of light  Sanskrit
Divyam divine, heavenly  Sanskrit
Drona teacher, guide  Sanskrit
Darsh sight, vision  Sanskrit
Darshak spectator, observer  Sanskrit
Devang part of god  Sanskrit
Devashish blessing of the gods  Sanskrit
Devendrajit conqueror of the lord of the gods  Sanskrit
Devanshu part of the divine  Sanskrit
Devashray shelter of god  Sanskrit
Dharmendra lord of righteousness  Sanskrit
Dhirendra king of patience  Sanskrit
Dharmesh lord of righteousness  Sanskrit
Dharmik religious, pious  Sanskrit
Dhrumil one who has firm faith  Sanskrit
Dhruvesh lord of the pole star  Sanskrit
Dinkar sun  Sanskrit
Dipak lamp, light  Sanskrit
Divyanshu divine light, divine splendor  Sanskrit
Dravya wealth, property  Sanskrit
Dheer brave, bold  Hindi
Dhanushka bowman  Sanskrit
Dhanushya powerful, strong  Sanskrit
Dhawal white, pure  Sanskrit
Dhriti courage, steadiness  Sanskrit
Dikshant initiation, starting point  Sanskrit
Dinkar sun, brightness  Sanskrit
Divaker sun, morning star  Sanskrit
Divit immortal  Sanskrit
Divyank part of divine, divine splendor  Sanskrit
Divyesh lord of the divine, divine ruler  Sanskrit
Dristi vision, sight  Sanskrit
Dron teacher, guide  Sanskrit
Drupad a king in the Mahabharata  Sanskrit
Dushyanta destroyer of evil, a character in the Mahabharata  Sanskrit
Dyaus sky, heaven  Sanskrit
Darshith visible, seen  Sanskrit
Dattatraya a god in Hindu mythology  Sanskrit
Dayaram compassionate  Hindi
Debajyoti divine light  Sanskrit
Debashis the blessing of the gods  Sanskrit
Debasish benediction of the gods  Sanskrit
Debjit one who has conquered the gods  Sanskrit
Debottam the best among the gods  Sanskrit
Deepan lighting up, illuminating  Sanskrit
Deepayan one who lights up lamps  Sanskrit
Deepender lord of light, the sun  Sanskrit
Deepeshwar lord of light  Sanskrit
Deepit illuminated, bright  Sanskrit
Deleep king of light, a lamp  Sanskrit
Devabahu one with divine arms  Sanskrit
Devajyoti light of the gods  Sanskrit
Devam divine  Sanskrit
Devanand joy of the gods  Sanskrit
Devangana celestial maiden  Sanskrit
Devank part of god, divine  Sanskrit
Devanshi divine, part of god  Sanskrit
Devarsh god's gift, divine  Sanskrit
Devartha purpose of the gods  Sanskrit
Devdatta given by the gods  Sanskrit
Devdutt one who is devoted to the gods  Sanskrit
Deveedaas servant of the gods  Sanskrit
Deven godlike, divine  Sanskrit
Deveshwar lord of the gods  Sanskrit
Devi goddess, divine  Sanskrit
Deviprasad the grace of the goddess  Sanskrit
Devraj king of the gods  Sanskrit
Deyaan gift of God  Sanskrit
Dhansukh happy in wealth  Gujarati
Dharmendra king of religion, a popular Bollywood actor  Sanskrit
Dharmesh lord of righteousness  Sanskrit
Dhaval fair complexioned  Sanskrit
Dhiren patient, calm  Sanskrit
Dhrupal protector of religion  Sanskrit
Dhwaj flag, banner  Sanskrit
Digambar one who wears the sky, a name of Lord Shiva  Sanskrit
Dilip king, protector of the heart  Sanskrit
Dinkar sun, brightness  Sanskrit
Dipak lamp, light  Sanskrit
Dipankar one who lights lamps, a name of Lord Buddha  Sanskrit
Divij born of the divine, heavenly  Sanskrit
Divyansh part of the divine, divine splendor  Sanskrit
Divyesh lord of the divine, divine ruler  Sanskrit
Durgesh lord of the fort, a name of Lord Shiva  Sanskrit
Durva sacred grass, a name of Lord Ganesha  Sanskrit
Dushyant destroyer of evil, a character in the Mahabharata  Sanskrit
Dvij twice born, a Brahmin  Sanskrit
Dyaus sky, heaven  Sanskrit
Daivik divine, godly  Sanskrit
Daman one who controls, subdues  Hindi
Damodar a name of Lord Krishna, one who wears a rope around his waist  Sanskrit
Danvir charitable, generous  Hindi
Darpan mirror, reflection  Sanskrit
Dasharath father of Lord Rama, a king in the Ramayana  Sanskrit
Dayal kind, merciful  Hindi
Debaditya god of the day, the sun  Sanskrit
Debanshu part of the godly light, a name of Lord Shiva  Sanskrit
Debanjan worshiper of the gods  Sanskrit
Debashish benediction of the gods  Sanskrit
Debjit one who has conquered the gods  Sanskrit
Deenabandhu friend of the poor, a name of Lord Rama  Sanskrit
Deenadayal kind to the poor, a name of Lord Vishnu  Sanskrit
Deep light, lamp  Sanskrit
Deepak lamp, light  Sanskrit
Deepesh lord of light, the sun  Sanskrit
Deepit illuminated, bright  Sanskrit
Deleep king of light, a lamp  Sanskrit
Deo godly, divine  Hindi
Dev god, divine  Sanskrit
Devaj divine, heavenly  Sanskrit
Devak divine, heavenly  Sanskrit
Devang part of god, divine  Sanskrit


Girl Names With “D”

Name Meaning Origin
Daevika Minor deity, goddess Sanskrit
Daksha Earth, Daughter of Brahma Sanskrit
Dakshayani Daughter of Daksha, another name for Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Damini Lightning, shining Sanskrit
Darika Maiden Sanskrit
Darshana Vision, seeing, perception Sanskrit
Darshini One who blesses Sanskrit
Daya Kindness, mercy, compassion Sanskrit
Dayita Beloved Sanskrit
Deepa Lamp, light Sanskrit
Deepali Row of lamps, collection of lamps Sanskrit
Deepika A small lamp Sanskrit
Deepti Brightness, radiance Sanskrit
Devanshi Divine, part of God Sanskrit
Devi Goddess Sanskrit
Devika Minor deity, little goddess Sanskrit
Devyani Daughter of Shukracharya Sanskrit
Dhanvi Wealthy, rich Sanskrit
Dhara Earth, flow, stream Sanskrit
Dhatri Earth, creator, nurse, foster-mother Sanskrit
Dhruti Firmness, determination Sanskrit
Dhvani Sound, melody, speech Sanskrit
Dhriti Courage, patience, resolution Sanskrit
Dia Divine, luminous Sanskrit
Diksha Initiation, dedication, consecration Sanskrit
Dimple A small, natural indentation on the cheek English
Divija Born in heaven Sanskrit
Divyanshi Part of the divine Sanskrit
Divyanka Divine, heavenly Sanskrit
Drisana Daughter of the sun Sanskrit
Drishti Vision, insight, perception Sanskrit
Drishya Sight, vision, a beautiful view Sanskrit
Druthi Softened, kindness Sanskrit
Dulari Beloved, endearing Hindi
Durga Goddess Durga, the invincible Sanskrit
Durva Sacred grass Sanskrit
Dvita Brightness, duality Sanskrit
Dwija Born twice, a reference to being spiritually reborn Sanskrit
Dwiti Brightness, duality Sanskrit
Dyumna Glorious, splendid Sanskrit
Dyuti Light, splendor Sanskrit
Dhanishta A star, a wealth-bringing constellation Sanskrit
Damyanti Beautiful, Nala's wife in Hindu mythology Sanskrit
Drishyana Visible, perceptible Sanskrit
Drishyanti Delighting the eye Sanskrit
Dhvija A bird, one who is born twice Sanskrit
Dharani Earth, bearer of wealth Sanskrit
Dhanyata Success, fulfillment Sanskrit
Dheeravi Brave, courageous Sanskrit
Dheeyavati The intellect, wisdom Sanskrit
Dharini Earth, supporter Sanskrit
Dharitri Earth, nature Sanskrit
Dharuna Supportive, one who holds things together Sanskrit
Dhatrika Nurse, protector Sanskrit
Dhritika Firm, resolute Sanskrit
Dhurita Achieved, accomplished Sanskrit
Divisha Queen of Gods Sanskrit
Divya Divine, heavenly, sparkling Sanskrit
Divyansha Part of the divine, divine appearance Sanskrit
Doyel A small songbird Bengali
Drashti Vision, seeing, gaze Sanskrit
Dristi Vision, perception Sanskrit
Druhi Enemy, foe Sanskrit
Dularika Dear, beloved Sanskrit
Dvani Sound, voice, melody Sanskrit
Dwipavati A river in heaven Sanskrit
Dwipavati A river in heaven Sanskrit
Dyumani Brilliant, shining Sanskrit
Dabri Petals of a flower, a small branch Hindi
Dakshina The south, charity Sanskrit
Dakshita Efficient, capable Sanskrit
Damayanti Nala's wife in Hindu mythology Sanskrit
Darpana Mirror, reflection Sanskrit
Dayanita Beloved, little angel Sanskrit
Devalina Heavenly, divine, celestial Sanskrit
Devangi Like a goddess Sanskrit
Devashree Divine beauty Sanskrit
Devayani Daughter of Shukracharya, another name for Goddess Lakshmi Sanskrit
Devika Minor goddess, mother of Krishna Sanskrit
Dhakshata Skill, expertise Sanskrit
Dhanalakshmi Goddess of wealth Sanskrit
Dhanashree Wealth, prosperity Sanskrit
Dhanvanti Wealth, prosperity Sanskrit
Dhanya Thankful, grateful Sanskrit
Dhara Constant flow, earth, the earth goddess Sanskrit
Dharitree Earth, nature Sanskrit
Dharmishta Righteous, virtuous Sanskrit
Dhatri Earth, nurse, protector, creator Sanskrit
Dhatrika One who nurses, protector of the universe Sanskrit
Dhavni Sound, voice Sanskrit
Dheeptha Lustrous, glowing Sanskrit
Dhiren Patient, tolerant Sanskrit
Dhivya Divine, holy Sanskrit
Dhruvi Firm, stable Sanskrit
Dhurjati Difficult to overcome, unconquerable Sanskrit
Dhvanika Sound, voice, melody Sanskrit
Dhyana Meditation, contemplation Sanskrit
Diksha Dedication, initiation Sanskrit
Disha Direction, region Sanskrit
Divakara Sun, light, creator Sanskrit
Divjot Divine light Punjabi
Divleen Absorbed in divine light Punjabi
Doyita Beloved Sanskrit
Drishana Observing, seeing Sanskrit
Dristi Vision, eyesight Sanskrit
Drithi Courageous, firm, determination Sanskrit
Drona Name of a Hindu warrior guru Sanskrit
Duhita Daughter Sanskrit
Durga Goddess Durga, the invincible Sanskrit
Durgaiah Lord Durga Sanskrit
Durgeshwari Goddess Durga, the invincible Sanskrit
Dwijaraj King of the twice born Sanskrit
Dwijeshwari Goddess Saraswati Sanskrit
Dyuthi Radiance, splendor Sanskrit
Dabria Flower, gift Hindi
Daman Control, suppression Sanskrit
Damyantika Nala's wife in Hindu mythology Sanskrit
Danica Morning star, from the word 'dan' meaning 'gift' Slavic
Darpan Mirror, reflection Sanskrit
Dayamayi Kind, compassionate Sanskrit
Dayanandini Daughter of compassion Sanskrit
Dayashree Blessing, kindness Hindi
Deeba Silk, fine clothing Persian
Deeksha Initiation, consecration Sanskrit
Deetya Answered prayers Sanskrit


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic and timeless names have an enduring charm that transcends generations. They possess an inherent elegance and grace that never go out of style. Here are five Hindu boy/girl names beginning with the letter “D” that are considered classic and timeless:

  1. Divya: Divya is a beautiful Hindu girl’s name meaning “divine” or “heavenly.” It signifies a person with a radiant and pure nature, reflecting their connection to the divine. Divya is a timeless name that exudes beauty, grace, and spirituality.
  2. Dheeraj: Dheeraj is a classic Hindu boy’s name that signifies “patience” or “steadfastness.” It represents an individual with a calm and composed demeanor, capable of enduring challenges with resilience and fortitude. Dheeraj reflects inner strength and stability.
  3. Damayanti: Damayanti is an elegant Hindu girl’s name derived from the mythical princess Damayanti, renowned for her beauty, grace, and wisdom. The name symbolizes a woman of extraordinary qualities, possessing charm, intelligence, and a captivating personality.
  4. Devansh: Devansh is a traditional Hindu boy’s name that combines “deva” (god) and “ansh” (part). It signifies an individual who is a divine soul or an embodiment of a divine essence. Devansh reflects a connection to the divine and is a timeless name filled with spirituality.
  5. Darshan: Darshan is a timeless Hindu unisex name meaning “vision” or “sight.” It conveys the idea of having a glimpse of the divine or experiencing spiritual enlightenment. Darshan represents a profound connection with the higher realms and is a name associated with introspection and spirituality.

In conclusion, Hindu baby names beginning with the letter “D” offer an expansive array of possibilities, each imbued with its own profound meaning and significance. Whether you’re inclined towards a traditional name steeped in ancient mythology or a modern name exuding elegance, Hindu nomenclature caters to a wide spectrum of preferences. The letter “D” evokes qualities of strength, wisdom, and divinity, rendering it a popular choice among parents. As you embark on this joyous voyage of selecting a name for your baby, we trust that our thoughtfully compiled list of Hindu names starting with “D” has ignited your imagination and provided valuable guidance. May the name you bestow upon your little one be a radiant reflection of their promising future, filling your hearts with joy and pride for years to come.