Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “A”

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “A”

In Hindu culture, the naming of a child holds great significance as it reflects the family’s traditions, beliefs, and aspirations for the little one. Hindu baby names starting with the letter “A” are not only popular but also carry deep meaning and symbolism. From ancient epics to modern inspirations, these names encompass a diverse range of origins and qualities. Whether you seek a traditional, spiritual, or contemporary name, the treasure trove of Hindu baby names starting with “A” offers a plethora of options to choose from, each with its own charm and essence.

Hindu Deities:

In Hinduism, deities are highly revered and hold significant importance in religious practices. Here are five names inspired by Hindu deities:

Aarav (Boy):

  • Aarav means “peaceful” or “calm.” It is associated with Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, known for his virtuous character and tranquility.

Anaya (Girl):

  • Anaya signifies “caring” or “compassionate.” It draws inspiration from Goddess Parvati, the divine mother and embodiment of love and compassion.

Aditya (Boy):

  • Aditya translates to “sun” or “sun god.” It is linked to Lord Surya, the radiant deity representing the sun and the source of light and life.

Arjun (Boy):

  • Arjun refers to “bright” or “shining.” It is connected to the legendary warrior prince Arjuna, a prominent figure in the epic Mahabharata.

Hindu Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “A”

Boy Names With “A”

Name Meaning Origin
Aarav Peaceful Hindi
Aadesh Command, Message Hindi
Aakash Sky Hindi
Aamir Full of life Arabic
Aarush First ray of the sun Hindi
Abhinav Innovative, New Sanskrit
Abhishek Ritual Bath Sanskrit
Aditya Sun Sanskrit
Advait Unique, One of a kind Sanskrit
Ajay Invincible Sanskrit
Akash Sky Hindi
Alok Bright, Radiant Sanskrit
Amar Immortal Sanskrit
Amit Infinite, Boundless Sanskrit
Anand Joy, Happiness Sanskrit
Aniket Lord of the World Sanskrit
Anil Wind Sanskrit
Ankit Marked, Symbolized Sanskrit
Ansh Portion, Part Sanskrit
Arjun Bright, Shining Sanskrit
Arnav Ocean Hindi
Arun Sun Sanskrit
Ashish Blessing Sanskrit
Ashok Without sorrow, Happy Sanskrit
Atul Uncomparable Hindi
Avinash Indestructible Sanskrit
Ayush Long life Sanskrit
Adarsh Ideal, Perfect Hindi
Akshay Indestructible, Immortal Sanskrit
Amrit Nectar Sanskrit
Anant Infinite Sanskrit
Anshul Radiant, Bright Sanskrit
Anurag Love, Devotion Sanskrit
Apurva Unique, Extraordinary Sanskrit
Arnav Ocean Hindi
Ashwin Horse tamer Sanskrit
Ayushmaan Blessed with long life Hindi
Aditya Sun Sanskrit
Akshay Everlasting, Indestructible Sanskrit
Alok Light, Bright Sanskrit
Arvind Lotus Sanskrit
Ashutosh One who is easily pleased Sanskrit
Atul Unparalleled, Matchless Hindi
Abhay Fearless, Brave Sanskrit
Aman Peace, Harmony Arabic
Ambar Sky Sanskrit
Aniket Homeless, Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Anirudh Boundless, Unstoppable Sanskrit
Ankur Sprout, New Life Sanskrit
Armaan Desire, Aspiration Persian
Aryan Noble, Warrior Sanskrit
Ashwin Horse Tamer Sanskrit
Avinash Indestructible Sanskrit
Ayushman Long Life Sanskrit
Akashdeep Sky Lamp, Illuminated Sky Hindi
Amardeep Eternal Lamp, Immortal Hindi
Amitabh Immeasurable Radiance Sanskrit
Anirban Eternal Flame Bengali
Anmol Priceless, Precious Hindi
Arnav Ocean, Sea Hindi
Arush First Ray of the Sun Sanskrit
Ashish Blessing Sanskrit
Atman Soul, Self Sanskrit
Avikash Infinite, Boundless Hindi
Akhil Complete, Whole Sanskrit
Adarsh Ideal, Role Model Hindi
Aditya Sun, Son of Aditi Sanskrit
Akash Sky, Ether Sanskrit
Amol Priceless, Invaluable Hindi
Anshuman Sunbeam, Human Sanskrit
Anurag Love, Affection Sanskrit
Arjit Earned, Deserved Hindi
Arun Dawn, Sun Sanskrit
Aseem Boundless, Infinite Hindi
Ayaan Gift of God Arabic
Ayush Long Life, Age Sanskrit
Anupam Incomparable, Unique Sanskrit
Atish Lord Ganesh, Fire Sanskrit
Arnav Ocean Hindi
Aarush First ray of the sun Hindi
Aadi Beginning, First Hindi
Abhinav Innovative, New Hindi
Abhishek Ritual Bath Hindi
Aditya Sun Sanskrit
Alok Bright, Radiant Hindi
Amar Immortal Hindi
Amit Infinite, Boundless Hindi
Anand Joy, Happiness Hindi
Aniket Lord of the World Hindi
Anirudh Boundless, Unstoppable Hindi
Ankit Marked, Symbolized Hindi
Ankur Sprout, New Life Hindi
Ansh Portion, Part Hindi
Arjun Bright, Shining Hindi
Ashish Blessing Hindi
Ashok Without sorrow, Happy Hindi
Atul Uncomparable Hindi
Avinash Indestructible Hindi
Ayush Long life Hindi
Adarsh Ideal, Perfect Hindi
Akshay Indestructible, Immortal Hindi
Amrit Nectar Hindi
Anant Infinite Hindi
Anshul Radiant, Bright Hindi
Anurag Love, Devotion Hindi
Apoorv Unique, Unprecedented Hindi
Armaan Desire, Aspiration Hindi
Ashwin Invincible Hindi
Aviral Continuous, Uninterrupted Hindi
Akashdeep Illuminated Sky Hindi
Amardeep Immortal Light Hindi
Amitabh Limitless Radiance Hindi
Anirban Eternal Flame Hindi
Anmol Priceless Hindi
Arush Calm, Tranquil Hindi
Ashutosh Easily Pleased Hindi
Atman Soul, Self Hindi
Ayushman Blessed with Long Life Hindi


Girl Names With “A”

Names Meanings Origin
Aahana Inner light Hindi
Aakriti Shape Hindi
Aaradhya Worshiped Hindi
Aarna Goddess Laxmi Hindi
Aarushi First ray of the sun Hindi
Aashi Smile Hindi
Aashika Lovable Hindi
Aashna Beloved Hindi
Aastha Faith Hindi
Aatmaja Daughter Hindi
Aayushi Long life Hindi
Abhaya Fearless Hindi
Abhilasha Desire Hindi
Abhira Cowherd Hindi
Abhiri A Raagini Hindi
Abhisha Desire Hindi
Achala Constant Hindi
Achira Very short Hindi
Adhira Lightning Hindi
Adhita Scholar Hindi
Aditi Mother of the Gods Hindi
Aditya Sun Hindi
Adrika Celestial Hindi
Advaita Unique Hindi
Agamya Knowledge Hindi
Ahaana First rays of the sun Hindi
Ahilya Without any deformation Hindi
Aisha Love Hindi
Aishani Goddess Durga Hindi
Aishwarya Wealth Hindi
Aiswarya Prosperity Hindi
Ajanta A famous Buddist cave Hindi
Ajita A winner Hindi
Akanksha Wish Hindi
Akhila Complete Hindi
Akira Graceful strength Hindi
Akshara Letter Hindi
Akshata Rice offered during Pooja Hindi
Akshaya Indestructible Hindi
Akshita Seen Hindi
Alaknanda A river in Himalayas Hindi
Alekhya Which cannot be written Hindi
Alisha Protected by God Sanskrit
Alka A girl with a lovely hair Hindi
Alpana A decorative design Hindi
Amara Eternal Hindi
Amaya Night rain Hindi
Amba Goddess Durga Hindi
Ambalika Mother Hindi
Ambika Goddess Durga Hindi
Amisha Beautiful Hindi
Amita Limitless Hindi
Amithi Unique Hindi
Amiya Nectar Hindi
Amrita Nectar Hindi
Amritha Full of nectar Hindi
Amruta Immortal Hindi
Amulya Priceless Hindi
Anaisha Special Hindi
Anamika Ring finger Hindi
Anandhi Joyful Hindi
Ananya Graceful, gracious Hindi
Anaya God answered Hindi
Anchal Protective shelter Hindi
Anika Grace Hindi
Anila Wind Hindi
Anima The power of becoming small Hindi
Anindita Beautiful Hindi
Anisha Unobstructed Hindi
Anjali Offering Hindi
Anjana Mother of Lord Hanuman Hindi
Anjani Mother of Lord Hanuman Hindi
Anjum A star Arabic
Ankita Marked Hindi
Anmol Priceless Hindi
Annika Grace Hindi
Anshika A small part of something Hindi
Antara Related Hindi
Anubha Glory Hindi
Anuja Younger sister Hindi
Anukriti Imitation Hindi
Anulekha A beautiful picture Hindi
Anumati Permission Hindi
Anupama Incomparable Hindi
Anuradha A bright star Hindi
Anusha Beautiful morning Sanskrit
Anushka A term of endearment Hindi
Anwesha Quest Hindi
Anwita Goddess Durga Hindi
Anya Inexhaustible Hindi
Apeksha Expectation Hindi
Apoorva Unique Hindi
Aprajita Unconquerable Hindi
Aradhana Worship Hindi
Arati Worship Hindi
Archana Worship Hindi
Ardra Moist Hindi
Aria Air Hindi
Arnavi River Hindi
Arpita Devoted Hindi
Arti Worship Hindi
Aruna Dawn Hindi
Arushi First ray of the sun Hindi
Arya Noble Hindi
Asavari Melodious Hindi
Asha Hope Hindi
Ashika Beloved Hindi
Ashima Limitless Hindi
Ashita One who is full of hope Hindi
Ashlesha A star Hindi
Ashna Friend Hindi
Asmita Pride Hindi
Astha Faith Hindi
Aswathi A star Hindi
Atri Name of a sage Hindi
Atreyi Name of a river Hindi
Avani Earth Hindi
Avanti Ancient city of Ujjain Hindi
Avika Earth Hindi
Avishi Earth Hindi
Avni The earth Hindi
Avreen Modest Hindi
Avril Second quarter of the year Hindi
Ayana Path Hindi
Ayesha Life Arabic
Ayushi Long life Hindi
Azra Pure Hindi
Azzurra Sky blue Hindi
Abhilasha Desire Hindi


Classic and Timeless Names:

These names have a timeless appeal and have been cherished in Hindu culture for generations. Here are five classic and timeless names:

Aryan (Boy):

  • Aryan means “noble” or “honorable.” It has ancient origins and signifies qualities of nobility, righteousness, and dignity.

Anika (Girl)

  • Anika translates to “grace” or “favor.” It embodies elegance and charm, making it a popular choice for girls.

Akash (Boy)

  • Akash translates to “sky” or “space.” It evokes a sense of vastness and openness, reflecting the boundless potential within an individual.

Aditi (Girl)

  • Aditi means “limitless” or “boundless.” It is a name associated with the mother of the gods, Aditi, representing infinity and abundance.

Alok (Boy)

  • Alok translates to “light” or “brightness.” It symbolizes the radiance and positivity found in the world and within individuals.

Amara (Girl)

  • Amara signifies “eternal” or “immortal.” It embodies the timeless nature of the soul and represents everlasting beauty.

Ashwin (Boy)

  • Ashwin means “light” or “horse tamer.” It refers to the twin gods, the Ashwin Kumaras, who are associated with health, medicine, and vitality.

Aisha (Girl)

  • Aisha translates to “alive” or “vibrant.” It is a classic name that conveys vitality and liveliness.

In conclusion, the realm of Hindu baby names commencing with the letter “A” presents an abundance of meaningful and culturally rich options for parents seeking to bestow a name upon their precious bundle of joy. With names embodying virtues, historical references, and sacred symbolism, this collection offers an exploration into the essence of Hindu traditions. Whether you seek a name that signifies strength, purity, intelligence, or grace, the array of choices within the “A” category ensures there is a name waiting to capture the essence of your child’s personality and heritage. Embrace this journey of discovery as you find the perfect name that will accompany your little one throughout their life’s remarkable journey.