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Captivating English Baby Names For Boys and Girls Starting With Letter “F” 2023

Are you on the hunt for that perfect English Baby Names that starts with ‘F’ for both girls and boys? Look no further! We’ve gathered a host of delightful English names for boys and girls, all starting with the letter ‘F’. You’ll find names with deep meanings and unique sounds here. Whether you’re drawn towards names like Freya or Felix, this list is designed to help you in this exciting journey. Let’s dive into this charming world of ‘F’ names together.

English Deities:

When it comes to English mythology, a rich tapestry of deities and mythical beings exists, each with their own allure and significance. Here are five handpicked English baby names for boy and girl starting with the letter “F” that draw inspiration from English deities:

  • Freya: Derived from Norse mythology, Freya is a captivating name for girls. She is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, known for her strength and grace. Bestowing this name upon a child evokes a sense of elegance and charm.
  • Finnian: A boy’s name that hails from Irish mythology, Finnian has an enchanting aura. It is associated with Fintan, a mythical figure renowned for his wisdom and longevity. Choosing this name imparts a sense of wisdom and curiosity to the child.
  • Fauna: Coming from Roman mythology, Fauna is a girl’s name that pays homage to the goddess of wildlife and forests. The name suggests a deep connection with nature and a free-spirited, nurturing personality.
  • Fidelis: Derived from Roman mythology, Fidelis is a strong and meaningful name for boys. It draws inspiration from Fides, the goddess of loyalty and trustworthiness. Naming a child Fidelis reflects the values of fidelity, reliability, and unwavering commitment.
  • Feronia: With roots in Roman mythology, Feronia is a unique and empowering name for girls. As the goddess of wildlife, fertility, and abundance, Feronia embodies strength, vitality, and prosperity.

English Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “F”

Boy Names

Name Meaning Origin
Fabian Bean grower Latin
Faisal Judge Arabic
Falcon Bird of prey English
Farrell Brave, valiant Irish
Fergus Man of vigor Celtic
Finley Fair-haired hero Irish
Fletcher Arrow-maker English
Florian Flowering Latin
Foster Forest guardian English
Franklin Free landowner English
Frederick Peaceful ruler German
Finn Fair Irish
Fitz Son of Norman
Ford River crossing English
Fisher Fisherman English
Faron Pharaoh English
Foy Faith French
Firth Forest English
Forester Of the forest English
Fergal Brave, manly Celtic
Fabio Bean grower Italian
Fairfax Beautiful hair English
Farid Unique, precious Arabic
Filbert Very brilliant German
Faulkner Falcon trainer English
Felix Happy, fortunate Latin
Ferdinand Adventurous, courageous German
Filmore Famous person English
Fitch Ermine English
Fitzwilliam Son of William English
Floris Flowering, blooming Dutch
Franco Free one Italian
Frazier Strawberry French
Fraser Of the forest men Scottish
Forbes Wealthy Scottish
Fenton Marsh town English
Fulton Bird hill Scottish
Fielding From the field English
Fidel Faithful Spanish
Fulbright Very bright German
Faust Lucky German
Fawkes Falcon English
Feivel Bright one Yiddish
Festus Joyous Latin
Fintan White fire Irish
Flavio Yellow, blond Italian
Flynt A stream English
Foley Plunders Irish
Fabrizio Craftsman Italian
Fergusson Son of Fergus Scottish
Filippo Friend of horses Italian
Fletcher Arrow maker English
Fulk People, tribe, folk German
Fidelio Faithful Italian
Faolan Little wolf Irish
Fearghus Man-strength Irish
Fenton Marsh town English
Fidelis Faithful Latin
Fauzi Successful Arabic
Fawzi Victorious Arabic
Fazl Excellence Arabic
Ferris Rock Irish
Finbar Fair-haired Irish
Firoz Successful Persian
Florencio Blooming Spanish
Fonsie Noble and ready Italian
Foster Forest guardian English
Faizan Grace, favour Arabic
Frasier Strawberry French
Fergusson Son of Fergus Scottish
Fredric Peaceful ruler German
Frost Born in a cold spell English
Finnick Marshland farm Irish
Fionn Fair Irish
Fabrice Craftsman French
Feliciano Happy, fortunate Italian
Ferdie Adventurous journey German
Floy Rosy, pink English
Fulk People, tribe, folk English
Fulke People, tribe, folk German
Fareed Unique Arabic
Fyodor Gift of God Russian
Fedor Gift of God Russian
Faisal Resolute Arabic
Fadi Redeemer Arabic
Fabian Bean grower Latin
Fergus Man of vigor Celtic
Ferdynand Bold voyager Polish
Fitzhugh Son of Hugh English
Felton Town near the field English
Fenris Mythical monster wolf Norse
Finian Fair Irish
Fermin Strong Spanish
Fulvio Yellow Italian
Folke People's guardian Swedish
Fynn Fair Irish
Farhan Joyful, happy Arabic
Ferdinando Adventurous, courageous Italian
Fitzroy Son of the king English
Frans Free man Dutch


Girl Names

Name Meaning Origin
Faith To have complete trust and confidence in something or someone English
Fiona Fair or white Scottish
Freya Goddess of love, fertility, war, and death in Norse mythology Norse
Felicity Happiness or good fortune Latin
Francesca Free or from France Italian
Flora Flower or nature Latin
Farrah Joy or happiness Arabic
Finley Fair-haired warrior Irish
Fallon Leader or in charge Irish
Fleur Flower or bloom French
Farah Joy or happiness Arabic
Fatima Captivating or alluring Arabic
Florence Prosperous or blooming Latin
Faithlyn A combination of Faith and Lyn English
Felina Like a cat or cat-like Latin
Franchesca Free or from France Italian
Fern A type of plant English
Finola Fair-shouldered Irish
Francine Free or from France French
Fawn Young deer or gentle English
Frankie Free or from France English
Farren Adventurous or daring English
Fauna Goddess of fertility and wildlife in Roman mythology Latin
Fae Fairy or enchanting English
Farida Unique or precious Arabic
Fernanda Brave journey or adventure Spanish
Farina Flour or fine powder Italian
Fidelia Faithful or loyal Latin
Fuchsia A type of flower Latin
Fionnuala White or fair-shouldered Irish
Fatoumata Daughter of Muhammad African
Flavia Blonde or golden-haired Latin
Fiamma Flame or fire Italian
Ffion Foxglove or plant Welsh
Fallyn A combination of Fallon and Lynn English
Freesia A type of flower Latin
Fleurine Little flower French
Faina Joyful or lively Russian
Floriana Flower or bloom Latin
Freja Goddess of love, fertility, war, and death in Norse mythology Norse
Francene Free or from France French
Fay Fairy or enchanting English
Flannery Descendant of the red warrior Irish
Faryn Adventurous or daring English
Franca Free or from France Italian
Florentina Prosperous or blooming Latin
Fyfe From Fifeshire, Scotland Scottish
Fidelma Faithful or loyal Irish
Frayda Joyful or happy Yiddish
Filomena Lover of song Italian
Fran Free or from France French
Florinda Flower or bloom Spanish
Fawna Young deer or gentle English
Fable A story or tale English
Fritzi Free or from France German
Fianna Warrior or huntress Irish
Fara Beautiful or pleasant Arabic
Fiorella Little flower Italian
Farrahlyn A combination of Farrah and Lynn English
Freyja Goddess of love, fertility, war, and death in Norse mythology Norse
Fritha Peace or protection Old Norse
Flannan Descendant of the red warrior Irish
Fidelis Faithful or loyal Latin
Fortune Good luck or success English
Freesha Free or liberated English
Freespirit Independent and adventurous English
Fenna Shepherdess or protector Dutch
Farica Powerful ruler or commander Germanic
Fiadh Wild or untamed Irish
Felisa Joyful or happy Spanish
Francie Free or from France French
Franny Free or from France French
Fally Adventurous or daring English
Fynlee Fair-haired warrior English
Faline Catlike or graceful French
Fiammetta Little flame or fiery Italian
Fernleigh From the fern meadow English
Florrie Flower or bloom English
Fairuza Turquoise gemstone Persian
Farae From the fairies English
Farley From the bull meadow English
Fayanna Fairy queen or enchantress English
Floriza Flower or bloom Spanish
Freydis Goddess of love, fertility, war, and death in Norse mythology Norse
Fransabelle Beautiful and free English
Freylin Free or noble English


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic and timeless names have an enduring appeal that transcends generations, maintaining their beauty and elegance over time. Here are five distinguished boy and girl names beginning with the letter “F” that have stood the test of time:

  • Frederick: With Germanic origins, Frederick is a noble name for boys. Its meaning, “peaceful ruler,” resonates with grace and authority. The name Frederick has graced the pages of history, worn by esteemed leaders and visionaries.
  • Florence: Evoking a sense of timeless beauty, Florence is a sophisticated name for girls. It originates from the Latin name “Florentia,” meaning “flowering” or “flourishing.” The name Florence exudes elegance and femininity, reminiscent of a bygone era.
  • Francis: Rooted in Latin, Francis is a name imbued with history and significance. Its meaning, “Frenchman” or “free one,” carries a sense of strength and independence. Francis has been borne by notable saints and influential individuals.
  • Felicity: Got from the Latin word “felicitas,” signifying “bliss” or “favorable luck,” Felicity is an immortal name for young ladies. It conveys an air of satisfaction, happiness, and inspiration. Felicity celebrates life’s blessings and exudes a cheerful demeanor.
  • Fredericka: As the feminine variant of Frederick, Fredericka possesses a regal and refined quality. This name represents a strong, capable, and confident girl, embodying the meaning of “peaceful ruler” in a graceful and elegant manner.

And there you have it, a diverse list of English baby names beginning with ‘F’. We hope it has sparked your imagination and helped you in your naming adventure. From Florence to Flynn, each name carries its own special significance. So, take your time, revisit your favourites, and trust your heart. After all, the right name is a gift that lasts a lifetime, shaping your child’s identity in a beautiful way. Happy naming!

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