Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “G”

Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “G”

Are you searching for Christian baby names starting with the letter “G”? Look no further! As Christian parents, it is crucial to choose a name that not only sounds beautiful but also holds deep religious significance. Names beginning with “G” symbolize qualities like grace, goodness, and God’s love. In this thoughtfully curated list, you will discover a plethora of Christian baby names for both boys and girls. From timeless classics like Gabriel and Grace to lesser-known gems like Gideon and Gianna, these names carry profound meanings rooted in Christian traditions. Let’s embark on this journey to find the perfect name for your precious bundle of joy.

Christian Deities:

In Christian tradition, there are several significant deities revered by believers around the world. These names are inspired by the divine figures in Christianity.

Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength,” Gabriel is the archangel who appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus in the New Testament.

Grace: Derived from the word “gratia” in Latin, Grace symbolizes the unmerited favor and blessings bestowed upon believers by God.

Gabrielita: A feminine variant of Gabriel, Gabrielita represents the strength and devotion to God.

Gloria: Derived from the Latin word for “glory,” Gloria emphasizes the praise and honor given to God.

Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “G”

Boy Names With “G”

Name Meaning Origin
Gabriel "God is my strength" Hebrew
Gideon "Feller, hewer" Hebrew
Gregory "Watchful, vigilant" Greek
George "Farmer" Greek
Galen "Calm, healer" Greek
Gerard "Brave with a spear" Germanic
Grayson "Son of the bailiff" English
Grant "Great, large" English
Gage "Oath" French
Godfrey "God-peace" Germanic
Gunnar "Warrior, fighter" Old Norse
Gavriel "God is my strength" Hebrew
Galileo "From Galilee" Italian
Garret "Spear rule" English
Garrick "Spear rule" Germanic
Gatsby "God's peace" English
Gilbert "Bright promise" Germanic
Giancarlo "God is gracious" Italian
Giovanni "God is gracious" Italian
Gino "Short for names ending in -gino (e.g. Luigi)" Italian
Glenn "Valley" Gaelic
Godric "God's ruler" English
Granger "Farmer" English
Grantley "From the great meadow" English
Graydon "Son of the gray-haired man" English
Griffith "Strong lord" Welsh
Gustavo "Staff of the Goths" Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Guy "Guide" French, German
Gwilym "Resolute protector" Welsh
Gabino "God is my strength" Spanish
Gadiel "God is my fortune" Hebrew
Galvin "Sparrow" Irish
Gamaliel "Reward of God" Hebrew
Gannon "Fair-skinned, white" Irish
Garfield "Spear field" English
Garth "Garden" Norse
Gaspar "Treasure bearer" Spanish
Gawain "White hawk" Welsh
Gebhard "Bright gift" Germanic
Gehrig "Spear carrier" Germanic
Gene "Well-born, noble" Greek, English
Geo "Short form of George" Greek
Georgio "Farmer" Greek
Gerald "Ruler with a spear" Germanic
Germain "From Germany" French
German "From Germany" Germanic
Geronimo "Sacred name" Greek
Gerrit "Brave spearman" Dutch
Gershon "Exile" Hebrew
Gethin "Dark-skinned" Welsh
Gilberto "Bright pledge" Spanish, Italian
Gilford "Gilded ford" English
Gilroy "Son of the red-haired one" Gaelic
Giovanni "God is gracious" Italian
Girard "Brave with a spear" Germanic
Goddard "God-hardy" Germanic
Godfrey "God's peace" Germanic
Godric "God's ruler" English
Godwin "Friend of God" English
Goldwin "Golden friend" English
Gonzalo "Battle" Spanish
Goodwin "Good friend" English
Gordon "Large fortification" Scottish
Graciano "Grace" Spanish
Graham "Gravelly homestead" English, Scottish
Granville "Great town" French
Gratian "Grace" Latin
Gray "Grey-haired" English
Grayling "Little grey one" English
Greg "Short form of Gregory" Greek
Gregorio "Watchful, vigilant" Spanish, Italian
Grenville "From the large town" French
Griffin "Strong lord" Welsh
Grover "Grove of trees" English
Guillaume "Resolute protector" French
Guillermo "Resolute protector" Spanish
Gunnarson "Son of Gunnar" Scandinavian
Gunner "Warrior, battle strong" Scandinavian
Gunter "Warrior" Germanic
Gurion "Young lion" Hebrew
Gus "Short form of Gustav" Swedish
Gustav "Staff of the Goths" Swedish
Guthrie "Windy spot" Scottish
Guyton "Guide, leader" English
Gwion "Blessed" Welsh
Gwyn "Blessed, white, fair" Welsh
Gwyneth "Fortunate, blessed" Welsh
Gyles "Young goat" Greek
Gwynn "Blessed, white, fair" Welsh
Gyan "Knowledge, wisdom" Sanskrit
Gadi "My wealth, my fortune" Hebrew
Gadiel "God is my fortune" Hebrew
Gamal "Camel" Arabic, Hebrew
Gamble "Old Scandinavian god-name" Old Norse
Gandalf "Magic elf" Old Norse
Gannet "Goose" French
Gannicus "Swordsman" Latin
Garan "Guardian" Welsh
Gareth "Gentle, kind" Welsh
Garnet "Red gemstone" English
Garreth "Gentle, kind" Welsh
Garron "Guardian" Irish
Garvey "Rough peace" Irish
Garvin "Friend with a spear" Irish
Gasper "Treasure bearer" Spanish
Gatsby "God's peace" English
Gauthier "Army ruler" French
Gavino "God is gracious" Italian
Gaylord "Joyful, lighthearted" English
Geir "Spear" Old Norse
Geoffrey "God's peace" Germanic
Georg "Farmer" Greek
Gerardo "Brave with a spear" Germanic
Germaine "From Germany" French
Gerrard "Brave with a spear" Germanic
Gethin "Dark-skinned" Welsh
Gifford "Gift of bravery" English
Gilbertson "Son of Gilbert" English
Gilford "Gilded ford" English


Girl Names With “G”

Name Meaning Origin
Gabriella God is my strength Hebrew
Gail Father in rejoicing Hebrew
Galilea From Galilee Hebrew
Gemma Jewel Italian
Genevieve White wave French
Georgia Farmer Greek
Geraldine Ruler with a spear English
Gertrude Strength of the spear German
Gia God is gracious Italian
Gianna God is gracious Italian
Gigi Pledged to God French
Gillian Youthful Latin
Gina Queen Italian
Giovanna God is gracious Italian
Glenda Fair and good Welsh
Gloria Glory Latin
Golda Gold Hebrew
Grace Grace Latin
Gracelyn Graceful English
Gracie Grace Latin
Greta Pearl German
Gretchen Pearl German
Gwyneth Blessed Welsh
Gabrielle God is my strength French
Gaia Earth Greek
Gilda Golden Latin
Gina Queen Italian
Giselle Pledge German
Gladys Lame Welsh
Glory Glory English
Godiva God's gift English
Goldie Gold English
Graceann Gracious and full of grace English
Gracen Grace English
Graziella Graceful Italian
Grecia Graceful Italian
Gwyneth Fortunate Welsh
Gypsy Wanderer English
Galina Calm Russian
Galatea Milk white Greek
Gay Happy English
Ginevra White wave Italian
Gisela Pledge German
Gitta Strength Hebrew
Glorianne Glory French
Gleda Happy English
Glenys Holy Welsh
Glorianna Glory Latin
Gracelynn Gracious and full of grace English
Grazielle Graceful Italian
Genesis Beginning Greek
Geralyn Mighty with a spear English
Geri Mighty with a spear German
Germaine Brother French
Gertie Strength of the spear German
Gezelle Pledge Dutch
Giavanna God is gracious Italian
Gilda Covered with gold English
Gabriela God is my strength Spanish
Gaelle God is my strength French
Galiena God has redeemed me Latin
Galilee The province of God Hebrew
Gem Precious stone English
Genavieve White wave English
Genesis Beginning Hebrew
Genevra White wave Italian
Gennara January Italian
Genny God is gracious Hebrew
Georgene Farmer Greek
Georgina Farmer Greek
Gert Strength of the spear German
Gertrudes Strength of the spear German
Giaconda Smiling Italian
Giacomina Supplanter Italian
Giavonnie God is gracious Italian
Gidget Small girl English
Gill Young goat English
Gillian Youthful English
Ginessa White as snow English
Ginnie Maiden English
Gisella Pledge German
Gita Song Sanskrit
Gitana Gypsy Spanish
Giuliana Youthful Italian
Giza Pledge Hebrew
Gladiola Sword lily Latin
Glaura Bright Greek
Glenda Fair and good English
Glenice Holy Irish
Glori Glory Latin
Gloriajane Glorious and gracious English
Gloriana Glory English
Glorinda Glorious and gracious English
Gloriosa Glorious Latin
Goddie Good English
Goldia Gold English
Goldina Gold Latin
Goldy Gold English
Gracelynne Graceful English
Graciana Graceful Spanish
Gracious Merciful English
Gracielee Graceful English
Gracious Merciful English
Gratia Grace Latin
Grazina Graceful Lithuanian
Greer Alert Scottish
Gricel Favor Spanish
Griselda Gray battle maiden German
Gretel Pearl German
Guadalupe River of black stones Spanish
Gudrun God's secret lore German
Guliana Youthful Italian
Gunda Battle maiden German
Gurpreet Love of the guru Punjabi
Gwenda Blessed Welsh
Gwendolyn Blessed ring Welsh
Gwyneth Blessed Welsh
Gyda Goddess of fertility Norse
Gypsy Wanderer English
Gabbie God is my strength Hebrew
Gabryella God is my strength Italian
Gaelyn Calm Irish
Galenka Calm Russian
Galila Fountain Hebrew
Galilah Rolling hills Hebrew
Galina Calm Greek
Galya God shall redeem Hebrew
Gandhali Sweet scent Sanskrit
Genea Born to nobility Greek
Genelle God is gracious French
Genesis Beginning Greek
Genette God is gracious French
Genie Well-born English
Genisa Woman of noble birth Hebrew
Gentiana Gentian flower Latin
Georgi Farmer Greek
Gerianna Mighty with a spear English
Gerika Mighty with a spear English
Gerlinde Spear of the goddess German
Gersemi Treasure Norse
Gertudis Strength of the spear Spanish
Gessica He sees Hebrew
Ghita Pearl Danish
Giada Jade Italian
Giaime Supplanter Italian
Gianne God is gracious English
Giavonna God is gracious Italian
Gidgette Small girl English
Gihon River in Paradise Hebrew
Gilana Joyous youth Hebrew
Giliana God is gracious Italian
Giliya Joyous youth Hebrew
Ginebra White wave Spanish
Ginelle Pure French
Ginger Pure English
Ginnie Maiden English
Giorgina Farmer Italian
Giovana God is gracious Portuguese
Giselda Pledge German
Gismonda Hostage German
Githa Gift Danish
Gitika Small song Sanskrit
Gitte Pearl Danish
Giulia Youthful Italian
Gizelle Pledge German
Glad Happy English
Glade Happy English
Gladyce Glorious English
Gladyne Glorious English
Glaura Bright Greek
Glena Valley Scottish
Glenice Holy Irish
Glenis Holy Welsh
Glenn Valley Scottish
Glenna Valley Scottish
Glennis Holy Welsh
Glinda Fair English
Glorian Glory English
Gloriana Glory English
Glorinda Glorious and gracious English
Glorya Glory English
Godalming Dwelling of the gods English
Goldieann Gold English
Goldwin Golden friend English
Gopika Cowherd girl Sanskrit
Graceanne Graceful and full of grace English
Graceland Graceful land English
Gracen Grace English
Gracia Grace Spanish
Gracinda Graceful Portuguese
Gracious Merciful English
Gracieann Graceful English
Gracilyn Graceful English
Graciol Graceful Latin
Gracita Graceful Spanish
Graciya Graceful Russian
Graihagh Love Manx
Grania Love Irish
Greer Watchful guardian Scottish
Greer Alert Scottish
Gretchen Pearl German
Gretel Pearl German
Gretta Pearl German
Grisella Gray battle maiden German
Guendolen Blessed ring Welsh
Guinevere Fair one Welsh
Gunilla Battle maiden Swedish


Classic and Timeless Names:

These names have stood the test of time and are considered classic choices for Christian boys and girls.

George: A name of Greek origin, George means “farmer” or “tiller of the soil.” It is often associated with Saint George, the patron saint of England.

Grace: As mentioned above, Grace is a timeless name that represents God’s favor and blessings.

Gregory: Derived from the Greek name “Gregorios,” meaning “watchful” or “vigilant,” Gregory is a name that has been used throughout history and is associated with various saints and popes.

Gwendolyn: With Welsh roots, Gwendolyn means “white circle” or “fair bow.” It exudes elegance and has been a popular choice among Christian parents.

Gabriel: While also associated with the Christian deities, Gabriel is a classic and timeless name for both boys and girls, representing strength and devotion to God.

In conclusion, selecting a Christian baby name that starts with the letter “G” is an exciting endeavor for any parent. It allows you to incorporate your faith into your child’s identity while bestowing upon them a name that reflects divine virtues. Whether you desire a name that exudes strength and leadership like Gregory or one that signifies purity and charm like Grace, this compilation of Christian names offers a diverse range of choices. May this list serve as a guide in your quest to find a meaningful name that will accompany your child throughout their life, connecting them to their Christian heritage and instilling values of faith, love, and devotion.