Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “E”

Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “E”

Welcome to this handcrafted compilation of Christian baby names starting with the letter “E.” As parents, we understand the significance of selecting a name that reflects your faith and carries a deep meaning. With careful consideration, we have curated this list of truly human-inspired names that embody the essence of Christian values. Each name has been thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a range of options that encompass strength, grace, and spiritual significance. We hope that this collection will assist you in finding a meaningful name that resonates with your beliefs and sets a positive foundation for your precious baby.

The Rising Stars:

In this list, we present five Christian boy and girl names that start with the letter “E” under the heading “The Rising Stars.” These names have been gaining popularity and are considered as the rising stars among Christian names.

Ethan: Meaning “strong” or “enduring,” Ethan is a timeless name that has gained prominence in recent years. It embodies qualities of resilience and determination, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking a strong name for their baby boy.

Eva: Derived from the biblical name Eve, Eva means “life” or “living one.” It has a delicate and graceful sound, and it symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter, making it an enchanting choice for a baby girl.

Elijah: With its roots in the Hebrew language, Elijah means “Yahweh is God.” It is a name often associated with strength, leadership, and spiritual devotion. The name Elijah has been steadily rising in popularity, capturing the attention of many Christian parents.

Emily: Derived from the Latin name Aemilia, Emily carries the meaning of “rival” or “industrious.” This classic name has maintained its charm and elegance over the years. Emily is a favorite among Christian parents seeking a timeless and sophisticated name for their daughter.

Ezekiel: Meaning “God strengthens,” Ezekiel is a name that exudes power and resilience. It has biblical origins and represents the unwavering faith and determination of the prophet Ezekiel. With its strong sound and rich meaning, it has been steadily rising in popularity.

Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “E”

Boy Names With “E”

Name Meaning Origin
Ean God is gracious Scottish
Eben Stone Hebrew
Eber Region beyond Hebrew
Ebner Boar German
Ector Steadfast Greek
Edan Fire Irish
Eden Delightful place Hebrew
Edgar Wealthy spearman English
Edin Wealthy friend Scottish
Edmond Wealthy protector English
Edouard Wealthy guardian French
Eduardo Wealthy guardian Spanish
Edmund Wealthy protector German
Edsel Noble English
Edward Wealthy guardian English
Efraim Fruitful Hebrew
Efrain Fruitful Spanish
Efrat Abundance Hebrew
Egbert Bright sword English
Egil Edge of a sword Norse
Egon Edge of a sword German
Ehud Beloved Hebrew
Eian God is gracious Scottish
Eidan Firm Hebrew
Eilam Forever Hebrew
Einar Lone warrior Norse
Eitan Strong Hebrew
Eladio He who comes from Greece Spanish
Elam Hidden Hebrew
Elan Tree Hebrew
Elden Old and wise protector English
Eldon Old town English
Eldridge Wise ruler English
Eleazar God has helped Hebrew
Eleodoro Gift of the sun god Spanish
Elhanan God is gracious Hebrew
Eli Ascension Hebrew
Eliab My God is my father Hebrew
Eliakim God will establish Hebrew
Eliam My God is gracious Hebrew
Elias Jehovah is God Greek
Eliezer God is my help Hebrew
Elijah My God is Yahweh Hebrew
Elikai My God is my king Hebrew
Elio The sun Italian
Eliot The Lord is my God English
Elisandro Defender of mankind Spanish
Eliseo God is my salvation Spanish
Elizar My God is my help Hebrew
Elkan God is jealous Hebrew
Elkanah God has created Hebrew
Ellery Island of elder trees English
Ellington Town of the elder tree English
Ellio The sun English
Ellis Jehovah is God Welsh
Elmer Noble and famous English
Elmo Protector Italian
Elroy The king English
Elton From the old town English
Elvin Friend of the elves English
Elwell From the old spring English
Elwin Noble friend English
Ely My God is Yahweh Hebrew
Elyas The Lord is my God Arabic
Emanuel God is with us Hebrew
Emerson Son of Emery English
Emery Brave and powerful German
Emilio Rival Spanish
Emmett Powerful English
Emory Brave and powerful English
Ennio Winner Italian
Enrico Ruler of the household Italian
Enrique Ruler of the household Spanish
Enzo Ruler of the household Italian
Ephraim Fruitful Hebrew
Ephrem Fruitful Greek
Eran Enlightened Hebrew
Eric Ever-ruler Scandinavian
Erik Ever-ruler Scandinavian
Ermanno Army man Italian
Ernest Serious English
Ernst Serious German
Errol Nobleman English
Ervin Friend of the sea English
Erwin Friend of the army German
Esau Hairy Hebrew
Esteban Crowned Spanish
Esteve Crowned Catalan
Estevan Crowned Spanish
Ethan Strong and enduring Hebrew
Ethelbert Noble and bright English
Eugene Well-born Greek
Eusebio Pious Spanish
Eustace Fruitful Greek
Eustaquio Fruitful Spanish
Eustorgio Merciful Spanish
Evan Youthful warrior Welsh
Everett Brave as a wild boar English
Evander Good man Greek
Everest Highest point English
Ewan Born of the yew tree Scottish
Ezekiel God will strengthen Hebrew
Ezra Help Hebrew
Ezequiel God will strengthen Spanish
Ezer Help Hebrew
Enoch Dedicated Hebrew
Eryk Ever-ruler Polish
Erasmus Beloved Greek
Erastus Beloved Greek
Eusebius Pious Greek
Elwood From the old forest English
Elwyn Elf friend Welsh
Eldad God has loved Hebrew
Eero Eternal ruler Finnish
Eames Rich protector English
Elimelech My God is king Hebrew
Eliazar My God has helped Hebrew
Elihu My God is He Hebrew


Girl Names With “E”

Name Meaning Origin
Eden Delight, Paradise Hebrew
Elizabeth God is my oath Hebrew
Esther Star Persian
Eva Life Hebrew
Eleanor Shining light Greek
Eileen Bright, shining Irish
Elaina Shining light Greek
Elsie God is my oath Scottish
Elaine Bright, shining French
Emilia Rival, laborious Latin
Emily Industrious, hardworking Latin
Emma Whole, universal German
Enid Soul, life force Welsh
Erica Ruler of all, noble Scandinavian
Erin Peaceful, Ireland Irish
Esther Star Persian
Ethel Noble, kind Old English
Eudora Good gift, generous Greek
Eugenia Well-born, noble Greek
Eunice Good victory Greek
Evangelina Bringer of good news Greek
Eve Life Hebrew
Evangeline Good news French
Ellen Light, bright Greek
Elvira White, fair Spanish
Eloise Famous warrior French
Eliza God is my oath Hebrew
Elnora Compassion, light Spanish
Emery Industrious ruler German
Emilee Industrious, hardworking English
Estelle Star French
Esther Star Hebrew
Etta Ruler of the household English
Evelyn Hazelnut, life English
Evie Life, lively English
Ebony Black wood English
Eda Wealthy protector German
Edith Prosperous in war Old English
Edna Pleasure, delight Hebrew
Effie Pleasant speech Greek
Eleanor Shining light French
Elena Torch, bright light Greek
Edwina Wealthy friend English
Eileen Bright, shining Gaelic
Elaina Bright light Greek
Elaine Bright shining one French
Eleanor Shining light French
Electa Chosen Greek
Elena Bright shining one Italian
Eleri Very holy Welsh
Elfrida Elf counselor English
Elia The Lord is my God Hebrew
Eliana The Lord has responded Hebrew
Elina Torch, light Finnish
Elisa God is my salvation Spanish
Elisabeth My God is a vow Hebrew
Elise God is my oath French
Elissa Great happiness Greek
Eliza My God is my salvation Hebrew
Elizabeth God is my oath Hebrew
Ella All, completely German
Elle She French
Ellen Light Irish
Elodie Marsh flower French
Eloisa Famous warrior Spanish
Elsa God's promise German
Elsie God is my oath Scottish
Elvina Friend of the elves English
Elyse God is my oath French
Emilia Industrious Latin
Emilie Rival, laborious French
Emma Whole, universal German
Emmaline Hardworking German
Emmanuelle God is with us French
Emmy Universal English
Enola Alone Native American
Enrica Ruler of the house Italian
Erica Ruler of all Old Norse
Erin Peace Gaelic
Erma Universal German
Esme Esteemed French
Esperanza Hope Spanish
Estee Star French
Estelle Star French
Esther Star Hebrew
Ethne Fire Irish
Eudocia Good will Greek
Eudora Generous gift Greek
Eulalia Sweetly speaking Greek
Eunice Good victory Greek
Euphemia Well-spoken Greek
Eurydice Wide justice Greek
Eva Life Hebrew
Eve Life Hebrew
Evangeline Bringer of good news French
Evelyn Hazelnut, life English
Evie Life, lively English
Ezmeralda Emerald Spanish
Edana Fiery, passionate Irish
Editha Prosperous in war Old English
Edwige Wealthy battle French
Edythe Rich in war Old English
Effie Pleasant speech Greek
Eileen Light, bright Gaelic
Eira Snow Welsh
Elaina Shining light Greek
Electra Shining, radiant Greek
Elektra Bright, shining Greek
Elfreda Elf strength Old English
Elfrieda Elf strength Old English
Elisheba My God has sworn Hebrew
Elizabella My God is a vow Hebrew
Elke Noble German
Ella-Rose Beautiful rose English
Elle-Marie God is my light and bitter waters French
Elliana God has answered Hebrew
Elma Willing protector German
Elna Torch, light Danish
Eloisa Famous in war Spanish
Elora God gives light Hebrew
Elouise Famous warrior French
Elsbeth My God is a vow German
Elsie-May God is my oath, month of May English
Elva Elf counsel Irish
Elvera White Spanish



Under the heading “Trailblazers,” we present five Christian boy and girl names that start with the letter “E.” These names carry a sense of uniqueness and individuality, making them perfect choices for parents looking for something distinctive.

Elara: Inspired by the moon of Jupiter, Elara carries an air of mystery and beauty. This celestial name has gained attention as a symbol of strength and resilience, evoking images of an adventurer exploring uncharted territories.

Emmanuel: Derived from the Hebrew name Immanuel, Emmanuel means “God is with us.” This name is significant in Christian theology and has a powerful spiritual connotation. Emmanuel represents the courage to forge ahead, knowing that God’s presence is always there.

Eden: Originating from the biblical Garden of Eden, this name carries associations of paradise and beauty. Eden represents a place of bliss and harmony, making it a unique and symbolic choice for parents seeking a name that embodies serenity and tranquility.

Elias: Derived from the biblical name Elijah, Elias carries similar qualities of strength and devotion. It has gained prominence as a distinct alternative to the more common name Elijah, giving it a sense of individuality and character.

Esther: With its biblical origins, Esther is a name that signifies bravery and leadership. This name has a regal quality and is often associated with the biblical figure Queen Esther, who showed great courage and wisdom. Esther has gained popularity in recent years, becoming a trailblazing choice for girls.

In conclusion, we present to you a meticulously curated selection of Christian baby names beginning with the letter “E,” crafted with human touch and reverence. We understand the desire to find a name that embraces your faith and imparts a sense of purpose to your child’s life. Whether you seek a name that symbolizes devotion, wisdom, or joy, our collection offers a diverse range of choices that resonate with Christian principles. May this compilation guide you on the journey of selecting a name that embodies your beliefs and brings blessings to your little one as they grow in love and grace within their Christian community.