Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “C”

Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “C”

Searching for the perfect Christian baby name that starts with the letter “C”? Look no further! This handcrafted list is tailored for parents seeking meaningful names for their baby boys and girls. Christian names have a deep spiritual significance, often rooted in biblical stories and virtues. In this compilation, you’ll discover an array of options ranging from classic choices like Christopher and Caroline to lesser-known gems like Caleb and Celeste. Each name carries its own distinct meaning and cultural heritage, allowing you to choose a name that resonates with your faith and values. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovering beautiful Christian names starting with “C” for your precious bundle of joy.

Christian Deities:

In Christian theology, various deities hold significant roles and are revered by believers. Here are five Christian boy/girl names that start with the letter “C” and are associated with Christian deities:

Christabel (Feminine) – Meaning “beautiful Christ,” Christabel emphasizes the beauty and divinity found in Jesus Christ.

Cyrus (Masculine) – Although not explicitly a Christian deity, Cyrus represents the concept of God’s anointed or chosen one, reflecting the divine favor bestowed upon individuals.

Christa (Feminine) – Derived from the Greek word “christos,” meaning “anointed one,” Christa symbolizes the special status of Jesus Christ as the Savior.

Caleb (Masculine) – Caleb is a biblical name with Hebrew origins, meaning “devotion to God.” It is associated with faithfulness and wholeheartedness in serving God.

Charlotte (Feminine) – While not directly associated with a specific Christian deity, Charlotte has a Christian heritage and can be seen as embodying the virtues and grace found in the Christian faith.

Christian Baby Boys/Girls Names Starting With Letter “C”

Boy Names With “C”

Name Meaning Origin
Caleb Faithful, devotion Hebrew
Callum Dove Scottish
Cameron Crooked nose Scottish
Carl Man German
Carlos Man Spanish
Carter Transporter of goods by cart English
Casey Brave in battle Irish
Caden Fighter American
Cedric Chieftain English
Chad Protector, defender English
Charles Man German
Chester Fortress, walled town English
Christian Follower of Christ Latin
Christopher Bearer of Christ Greek
Clayton Clay settlement English
Clifford Ford near a slope English
Clive Cliff dweller English
Clyde Warm, pleasant Scottish
Cody Helpful English
Colin Youth Irish
Conan Little wolf Irish
Conrad Brave counsel German
Corbin Raven Latin
Corey Hollow Irish
Cornelius Horn Latin
Craig From the crag Scottish
Cullen Handsome Irish
Curtis Courteous English
Cyril Lordly Greek
Cyrus Sun Persian
Calvin Bald Latin
Cain Acquired Hebrew
Casper Treasurer Persian
Caius Rejoice Latin
Chandler Candlemaker English
Casimir Destroyer of peace Polish
Cecil Blind English
Cephas Rock Aramaic
Clement Merciful Latin
Crispin Curly-haired Latin
Cyprian From Cyprus Latin
Cadmus From the east Greek
Canute Knot Scandinavian
Castor Beaver Greek
Claudius Lame Latin
Cai Rejoice Welsh
Caio Rejoice Welsh
Callan Rock Irish
Camilo Attendant at a religious ceremony Spanish
Canaan Lowland, merchant Hebrew
Candelario Candlemas Spanish
Candid White, pure Latin
Canyon Deep ravine English
Carmine Garden Italian
Caspian From the Caspian Sea English
Cassius Empty, vain Latin
Cedrick Kind ruler English
Chadwick Warlike English
Chaim Life Hebrew
Chalmers Servant at the chamberlain's room Scottish
Chandler Candlemaker English
Charlemagne Charles the Great French
Chas Man English
Chaz Man English
Chesterfield From the fortress in the field English
Chet Camp of soldiers English
Chip Strong English
Chris Bearer of Christ Greek
Christiano Follower of Christ Spanish
Christoffer Christ-bearer Scandinavian
Churchill From the church on the hill English
Ciaran Black-haired Irish
Clarence Bright, clear English
Claude Lame French
Claudio Lame Italian
Clay Settlement by the clay pit English
Clayton Clay settlement English
Cleve Cliff or slope dweller English
Clifford Ford near a slope English
Clint Settlement on a hill English
Clinton Settlement on a hill English
Clyde Warm, pleasant Scottish
Coby Supplanter English
Cody Helpful English
Colby From the coal town English
Cole People's victory English
Coleman Dark-skinned Irish
Colson Son of Nicholas English
Columbus Dove Latin
Colton Coal town English
Conley Hero Irish
Conor Lover of hounds Irish
Conradin Bold counsel German
Constant Steadfast, unchanging Latin
Cooper Barrel maker English
Cornelis Horn Dutch
Cosimo Order, beauty Italian
Cuthbert Brilliant, famous Old English
Cymbeline Lord of the sun Welsh
Cyrus Sun Persian
Cyril Lordly Greek
Cyprian From Cyprus Latin
Cyrus Sun Persian
Caiden Companion American
Callahan Little bright-headed one Irish
Calvert Shepherd English
Camden Winding valley English
Cameron Crooked nose Scottish
Carey Dark one Irish
Carlisle From the walled city English
Carlo Man Italian
Carmelo Garden Spanish
Carson Son of Carr Irish
Carter Cart driver English
Casimir Destroyer of peace Polish
Cassian Hollow Latin
Cedrick Kind and loved ruler English
Chace Hunter English


Girl Names With “C”

Name Meaning Origin
Chloe Green shoot Greek
Charlotte Free man French
Christina Follower of Christ Latin
Claire Clear, bright French
Caroline Free man German
Camille Young ceremonial attendant French
Cora Maiden Greek
Cecilia Blind one Latin
Catherine Pure Greek
Cara Dear one Italian
Celia Heavenly Latin
Clara Clear, bright Latin
Celeste Heavenly Latin
Callie Beautiful Greek
Cassidy Curly-haired Irish
Candace Queen mother Latin
Cynthia Moon Greek
Colette People of victory French
Charmaine Song French
Cheyenne People of a different language Sioux
Caprice Impulsive change of mind Italian
Christa Follower of Christ Latin
Cordelia Daughter of the sea Celtic
Charity Brotherly love Latin
Charlene Free man German
Charissa Grace, kindness Greek
Coral Semi-precious sea growth Latin
Calista Most beautiful Greek
Clarissa Clear, bright Latin
Carmel Vineyard of God Hebrew
Chantal Stone French
Cherish To care for deeply English
Crystal Ice Greek
Constance Constant Latin
Calypso She that conceals Greek
Celestina Heavenly Latin
Cressida Gold Greek
Carlotta Free man Italian
Clementine Merciful Latin
Camila Young ceremonial attendant Latin
Catriona Pure Scottish
Carissa Beloved, grace Greek
Callista Most beautiful Greek
Clarice Clear Latin
Christabel Beautiful Christian English
Christelle Follower of Christ French
Christianna Follower of Christ Greek
Ciara Dark haired Irish
Cindy Light English
Clare Clear, bright Latin
Clarinda Clear Spanish
Cleo Glory Greek
Colette People of victory French
Colleen Girl Irish
Consuelo Consolation Spanish
Corinne Maiden Greek
Cosette Little thing French
Courtenay Courtier French
Crispina Curly haired Latin
Cristal Ice Spanish
Cristiana Follower of Christ Italian
Cruz Cross Spanish
Celia Mae Heavenly, pearl Latin
Chantelle Song French
Charis Grace Greek
Charisma Personal magnetism or charm Greek
Charity Grace Brotherly love, grace English
Charlize Free man French
Charmaine Song French
Chastity Pure English
Chelsea Chalk landing place English
Cherilyn Beloved French
Cherise Cherry French
Cherry Cherry fruit English
Cheryl Beloved English
Christiana Follower of Christ Latin
Christina Joy Follower of Christ, joy English
Christine Follower of Christ French
Christobel Beautiful Christian English
Cielo Heaven Spanish
Cinda Light English
Clairette Clear, bright French
Clarene Clear Latin
Claribel Clear, bright Spanish
Clarina Clear, bright Latin
Clarinda Clear Spanish
Clarity Clearness, lucidity English
Calantha Beautiful flower Greek
Calypso She who hides Greek
Camellia Flower Latin
Camila Perfect Latin
Candice Pure Latin
Cara Beloved Latin
Carina Keel of a ship Latin
Carlene Free woman English
Carlie Free woman English
Carly Free woman English
Carmela Vineyard of God Hebrew
Carmella Garden Hebrew
Carmen Song Spanish
Carol Song of happiness English
Carolina Song of happiness English
Carolyn Strong woman English
Carolyne Strong woman English
Carrie Strong German
Casey Brave Irish
Cassandra Protector of mankind Greek
Cassie Unheeded prophetess Greek
Catalina Pure Spanish
Catherine Pure Greek
Cathleen Pure Irish
Cecelia Blind Latin
Celestia Heavenly Latin
Celia Heavenly Latin
Celine Heavenly French
Chanel Channel or pipe French
Chantal Stone French
Charity Charity or love English
Charm Charm or grace English
Charmaine Charm or song French
Cher Dear French
Cheri Dear French
Cherish To cherish or treasure English
Cheryllyn Beloved French
Cheryll Beloved French
Chistine Follower of Christ French
Christa Follower of Christ German
Christian Follower of Christ English
Christie Follower of Christ English
Christina Follower of Christ Greek
Christine Follower of Christ French
Christy Follower of Christ English
Ciera Dark-haired Irish
Cindy Light Greek
Claire Clear French
Clara Clear Latin
Clarice Clear Latin
Clarissa Clear Latin
Claudette Lame French
Claudia Lame Latin
Clementine Mild, merciful French
Colette Victory of the people French
Colleen Girl Irish
Constance Steadfast Latin
Cora Maiden Greek
Coral A semiprecious sea growth English
Cordelia Daughter of the sea Celtic
Cornelia Horn Latin
Courtney Courtier French
Cristal Crystal Spanish
Crystal Ice Greek
Cynthia Of the moon Greek
Cyrena From Cyrene (an ancient Greek colony in Libya) Greek
Cyrene From Cyrene (an ancient Greek colony in Libya) Greek
Cythia Of the moon Greek
Cythnia Of the moon Greek
Czarina Empress Russian
Czeslawa Glorious honor Polish
Cadence Rhythm Latin
Calida Warm Latin
Calina Lovely Greek
Calla Beautiful Greek
Calliope Beautiful voice Greek
Camellia Flower Latin
Camila Rose Young ceremonial attendant, rose Latin
Candela Candle Spanish
Candida Pure, sincere Latin
Capri Island in the Bay of Naples Italian
Caprice Impulsive change of mind Italian
Capricia From the head of the family Latin
Cara Joy Beloved, joy English
Carey Beloved Irish
Carinae Beloved Greek
Carissa Beloved Greek
Carla Free German
Carley Free woman English
Carlina Free English
Carmelita Garden Hebrew
Carmina Song, poem Latin
Carminda Song Spanish
Carolann Song of happiness English
Caroline Joy Free woman, joy English
Carolynn Free woman English
Caron Pure Welsh
Cassandra Grace Protector of mankind, grace Greek, English
Cassie Grace Unheeded prophetess, grace Greek, English
Catalina Grace Pure, grace Spanish, English
Catherine Rose Pure, rose Greek, English
Cathleen Grace Pure, grace Irish, English
Cecily Blind Latin
Celest Heavenly Latin
Celine Joy Heavenly, joy French
Cera Fiery Irish
Cerelia Relating to springtime Latin
Cerys Love Welsh
Chana Grace Hebrew
Chantal Joy Stone, joy French, English
Charity Rose Brotherly love, rose English
Charmaine Joy Song, joy French, English
Cherith Place of the covenant Hebrew
Cherry Grace Cherry fruit, Hebrew
Chrisette Follower of Christ French
Chrissy Follower of Christ English
Christen Follower of Christ English
Christi Follower of Christ English
Christiaan Follower of Christ Dutch
Christiana Follower of Christ English
Christiane Follower of Christ French
Christina Follower of Christ English
Christy Joy Follower of Christ, joy English
Chrystal Crystal Greek
Cierra Mountain range Spanish
Cindi Moon Greek
Cinnamon Spice English
Clairette Clear, bright French
Clarabelle Bright, clear English
Clarette Dark red color French
Clarimonde Bright protector French
Clarisse Clear, bright French
Clarita Clear Spanish
Clary Bright Latin
Claudia Joy Lame, joy Latin
Clemence Mild, merciful French
Clemency Mercy, forgiveness English
Clementina Mild, merciful Latin
Cleo Joy Glory, joy Greek
Clotilda Heroine German
Clover Clover English
Coletta Victory of the people Italian
Colina Dove Gaelic
Collette People of victory French
Comfort Comfort English
Constance Joy Steadfast, joy Latin, English
Cora Joy Maiden, joy Greek, English
Cordelia Joy Daughter of the sea, joy Celtic, English
Cornelia Joy Horn, joy Latin, English
Corrie Maiden Irish
Cosima Order, beauty Greek
Courteney Courtier French
Crisanta Chrysanthemum Spanish
Cristabel Beautiful follower of Christ English
Cristiana Joy Follower of Christ, joy Italian, English
Crystal Joy Ice, joy Greek


Classic and Timeless Names:

Classic and timeless names are often favored by parents seeking names that have withstood the test of time and maintain their appeal throughout generations. Here are five Christian boy/girl names that start with the letter “C” and have a classic touch:

Caroline (Feminine) – A name of French origin, Caroline exudes elegance and grace. It has been a beloved choice for centuries, maintaining its timeless charm.

Charles (Masculine) – With Germanic roots, Charles is a name associated with nobility and strength. It has a classic appeal that transcends eras.

Clara (Feminine) – Derived from the Latin word for “clear” or “bright,” Clara signifies purity and beauty. It has a timeless quality that has remained popular over time.

Christopher (Masculine) – Meaning “bearer of Christ,” Christopher has been a classic name with religious connotations for centuries. It represents a strong connection to the Christian faith.

Catherine (Feminine) – Originating from the Greek name Aikaterine, Catherine is a timeless name associated with virtue and purity. It has been borne by numerous saints and queens throughout history.

These names carry historical and cultural significance, and they continue to be cherished choices for families seeking Christian-inspired or timeless names for their children.

As you reach the end of this curated collection, you’ve glimpsed the wide range of Christian baby names commencing with the letter “C.” These names bear testament to the rich heritage and devout spirit of Christian traditions. Whether you’re drawn to names rooted in biblical narratives or those that exude grace and elegance, this list provides abundant choices to honor your faith. Selecting a name is a personal and profound decision, and by choosing a Christian name, you bestow upon your child a heritage of faith, values, and a sense of belonging to a larger spiritual community. May your little one’s name be a source of blessings and grace throughout their life’s journey.