Baby Girl Names Starting with She

Top Trending Baby Girl Names Starting With She for 2023

Stay ahead of baby name trends! Explore the most popular baby girl names starting with She for 2023. See which names are stealing the spotlight. Explore now.

Naming your baby girl is both an honour and a responsibility. As you scroll through options, you’ll find that some names resonate deeply due to their sound, meaning, or the memories and associations they evoke. In this guide, we explore baby girl names starting with “She-“. Each name is unique, with a story of its own, spanning cultures, histories, and languages.

Classic and Timeless

The first category features names that have withstood the test of time, giving them an air of elegance and charm.

  • Sheila: Of Irish origin, Sheila is the anglicized form of Síle, which means “heavenly”.
  •  Sherry: Stemming from the English word for the Spanish fortified wine, this name had its popularity peak in the mid-20th century.
  •  Shelby: An English name meaning “a place where willows grow”.
  •  Sheryl: Derived from Cheryl, it has French origins and means “darling”.
  •  Sherri: A variation of Sherry, but with its own distinctive sound.
  •  Sheena: Of Scottish origin, it means “God is gracious”.
  •  Sherilyn: A hybrid name combining Sheryl and Lynn.
  •  Shela: A variant spelling of Sheila.

Multicultural Marvels :Baby Girl Names Starting With She

Diversity is the spice of life. Here are names drawn from a variety of cultures, providing rich contexts and meaning.

  • Sheherazade: Arabic in origin, it recalls the legendary storyteller of “One Thousand and One Nights”.
  •  Shesha: In Hindu mythology, Shesha is a serpent king, but the name can be beautifully and uniquely repurposed for a girl.
  •  Sheetal: A serene name from India meaning “cool”.
  •  Shen: Chinese in origin, meaning “spirit”.
  •  Sheima: Of Arabic origin, meaning “kindness”.
  •  Shetana: A name from Arabic roots, meaning “young woman”.
  •  Sheni: This Hebrew name means “marvelous”.
  •  Sheraza: A variation of Sheherazade.

Inspired by Nature

Nature is always a great muse for baby names. Here are some “She-” names rooted in the natural world.

  • Shelagh: A variant of Sheila, meaning “heavenly”.
  •  Shelly: Connected to a beach or shore, reminding one of sea shells.
  •  Shea: Gaelic in origin, meaning “hawk-like” or “from the fairy fort”.
  •  Sher: Of Persian origin, it means “lion”.
  •  Shel: A diminutive of names like Shelby or Shelly.
  •  Sheaf: English in origin, and while it denotes a bundle of grain, it has a distinct sound that’s endearing.
  •  Shearwater: An ambitious choice named after the seabird.
  •  Sheoak: Inspired by a type of Australian tree.

Modern and Trendy

These names are gaining popularity in the contemporary world, signalling modernity and freshness.

  • Sheeran: Inspired by pop culture, such as singer Ed Sheeran.
  •  Shelika: A rare name with an elegant sound.
  •  Shekinah: Of Hebrew origin, denoting the dwelling or settling divine presence of God.
  •  Shenay: A modern, trendy name with no specific origin.
  •  Sherelle: Combining elements from names like Sheryl and Michelle.
  •  Shexa: A unique and distinct choice.
  •  Sheva: Hebrew in origin, it means “oath” or “seven”.
  •  Shendale: Combining the classic “Shen-” with a modern twist.

Names with Deep Meanings

A name with profound meaning can be a wonderful gift for a child.

  • Shefa: Of Hebrew origin, it means “abundance”.
  •  Sherifa: Arabic in origin, meaning “noble” or “honorable”.
  •  Shesha: Meaning “remainder” in Sanskrit.
  •  Shema: Hebrew in origin, it means “hear” or “listen”.
  •  Shenandoah: Native American in origin, meaning “Daughter of the Stars”.
  •  Sheeva: A variant of Shiva, which means “charm” in Hebrew.
  •  Shetul: Of Sanskrit origin, meaning “strong” or “unyielding”.
  •  Shevani: Another name from India, meaning “graceful”.

Literary and Mythological Inspirations

Literature and mythology have given us countless names with rich stories and connections.

  • Sheridan: Of Irish origin, meaning “wild one”. It’s also associated with the famous playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
  •  Sheba: From the Hebrew name Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon in a tale from the Bible.
  •  Sheelagh: Another variation of Sheila, often seen in literary works.
  •  Shelena: Reminiscent of Helena. This name evokes images of beauty and ancient legends.
  •  Shemeeka: Has a rhythmic quality, like names from poetic verses.
  •  Sheona: Linked to the island of Iona in Scotland, a place steeped in spiritual history.
  •  Sheluma: Evokes ancient Hebrew tales.
  •  Shetania: A name with mythical undertones, echoing tales of ancient lands.

Geographical Gems

Names inspired by places around the world can be both unique and meaningful.

  • Sheffield: After the city in England, it can be a unique choice for a girl’s name with a touch of British charm.
  •  Shenandoah: As mentioned, it’s a Native American name, but also a beautiful valley and river in the U.S.
  •  Sherwood: Evokes images of the Sherwood Forest and tales of Robin Hood.
  •  Shelbyville: A twist on Shelby, derived from several towns in the U.S.
  •  Shenyang: After the city in China, for a cultural touch.
  •  Shepparton: Named for an Australian city, giving a Down Under touch.
  •  Sherbrooke: A name taken from a city in Quebec, Canada.
  •  Shetland: Evoking the Shetland Islands off Scotland.

Vintage Revivals

Some “She-” names were popular in bygone eras and are now making a return.

  • Sheilah: An older spelling of Sheila.
  •  Sherlene: Combines the vintage charm of names like Sherri and Charlene.
  •  Shevaun: A variant of Siobhan, this name has Irish roots and a vintage feel.
  •  Sherryl: A retro twist on the more common Cheryl or Sheryl.
  •  Sheena: Popular in the 80s, especially with the punk rock connection to Sheena Easton.
  •  Sherie: A vintage spin on Sherry.
  •  Sheba: As previously mentioned, it’s a timeless name with roots in biblical tales.
  •  Shela: A simpler form of Sheilah, reminiscent of past decades.

Artistic Allure

Names that draw from the arts can be both creative and unique, capturing the spirit of imagination and beauty.

  • Sherona: Inspired by the song “My Sharona” by The Knack.
  •  Shelari: A musical-sounding name with a melodic feel.
  •  Shestelle: Evoking images of stars and celestial beauty.
  •  Shephra: Resonates with the rhythm of an elegant dance.
  •  Shetune: Reflecting the harmony and melodies of music.
  •  Shellee: Conjuring images of delicate sketches and drawings.
  •  Shevra: A name that echoes the vibrancy of colours in art.
  •  Sheleena: An artistic twist to the classic Helena.

Bold and Beautiful

For parents who want their daughters to have strong and striking names.

  • Shekira: Inspired by the globally acclaimed artist Shakira.
  •  Sherock: Combining elements of strength and resilience.
  •  Shestrong: Emphasizing strength and empowerment.
  •  Shedare: Evoking feelings of bravery and courage.
  •  Shemight: Highlighting potential and mightiness.
  •  Shevalor: Focusing on valour and bravery.
  •  Sherise: Meaning “to rise”, symbolizing growth and ascent.
  •  Sheforce: Highlighting dynamism and force.

Gentle and Graceful

Names that exude softness, tranquillity, and grace.

  • Shebelle: Combining beauty and grace.
  •  Sheflow: Denoting seamless movement and grace.
  •  Shelace: Reflecting delicacy and intricacy.
  •  Shefawn: Evoking images of gentle fawns.
  •  Shelight: Representing lightness and ethereal beauty.
  •  Shepetal: Reminding one of the delicate flower petals.
  •  Shegrace: Directly emphasizing grace and elegance.
  •  Shewillow: Conjuring images of willow trees swaying gently in the breeze.

Celestial and Mystical

Names that draw from the cosmos and realms of mystery.

  • Shenebula: Inspired by nebulae, the vast clouds in space.
  •  Shestar: Directly drawing from the twinkling stars.
  •  Shegalaxy: For those fascinated by the vastness of the universe.
  •  Shemeteor: Evoking images of shooting stars.
  •  Sheaura: Representing the mystical energy field around beings.
  •  Shespirit: Highlighting the spiritual and ethereal aspects.
  •  Shecosma: Drawing from the cosmos.
  •  Chemist: For those enchanted by the unknown and the mysterious.


Names influenced by the world’s natural elements can evoke images of serene landscapes, magnificent creatures, and the great outdoors.

  • Sheflora: Drawing inspiration from the word ‘flora’ representing plants.
  •  Sheocean: For those who love the vast and mysterious seas.
  •  Shemeadow: Conjuring up images of sprawling green fields.
  •  Shetide: Evoking the ebb and flow of coastal waves.
  •  Shedew: Reminding one of the fresh morning dew on leaves.
  •  Shepine: Representing tall, evergreen pine trees.
  •  Shecoral: For lovers of vibrant underwater ecosystems.
  •  Shecloud: Capturing the whimsical beauty of the skies.

Historical Elegance

Names rooted in history can offer depth and a rich background to draw from.

  • Sheladonna: Based on ‘Belladonna’, a plant historically used for various purposes, including as cosmetics in Renaissance Italy.
  •  Shepharaoh: Drawing from ancient Egyptian rulers.
  •  Sheaztec: Reflecting the grandeur of the Aztec civilization.
  •  Sheclio: After Cleopatra, the timeless Egyptian queen.
  •  Shelenor: Inspired by Eleanor of Aquitaine, the powerful medieval queen.
  •  Shejoan: For Joan of Arc, the iconic French heroine.
  •  Shequilla: Reminding one of the legendary cities of Tequila in Mexico.
  •  Shezena: After Queen Zenobia, an ancient Syrian queen.

 Modern Twists

Names for the new generation, combining contemporary charm with future-forward vibes.

  • Shequinn: A playful take on the popular name Quinn.
  •  Sheluxe: Combining ‘she’ and ‘deluxe’ for a luxurious feel.
  •  Shetrenda: Highlighting what’s trendy and fashionable.
  •  Shevado: An innovative and futuristic-sounding name.
  •  Shezenix: Combining ‘Zen’ for peace with a modern twist.
  •  Shevolt: Evoking energy and dynamism.
  •  Shedigital: Perfect for the tech-savvy generation.
  •  Shenova: A blend of ‘new’ and ‘nova’, symbolizing rebirth and stars.

Names with a Story

Each of these names can come with its own imaginary tale or backstory.

  • Shelanda: A name from a faraway island known for its sunsets.
  •  Sheterra: Reminding one of a legendary earth goddess.
  •  Shekai: Inspired by tales of underwater cities.
  •  Shevalis: From a fabled valley where rare flowers bloom once every decade.
  •  Shequasar: After a distant galaxy known for its bright star.
  •  Shetara: Reminiscent of tales of Arabian nights.
  •  Shedora: Evoking the aura of golden cities.
  •  Shefari: A wanderer, always seeking adventures.


The journey through “She-” names has taken us through nature, history, modernity, and tales that ignite the imagination. As you sift through these options, envision the stories, adventures, and experiences you want to associate with your child’s name. Remember, names are more than mere labels—they’re a lifelong gift, bearing love, identity, and sometimes, even destiny.


Q1: Are “She-” names common?

A1: Some “She-” names, like Sheila or Shelby, are quite common in certain cultures or regions, while others are rare. The popularity varies based on cultural and historical influences.

Q2: What are the origins of most “She-” names?

A2: “She-” names come from diverse origins, from Irish (like Sheila) to Arabic (like Sheherazade) to Sanskrit and beyond. They encompass a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Q3: Can “She-” names be used for boys too?

A3: While many “She-” names are typically feminine, naming conventions are evolving, and some names can be considered unisex. Always choose what feels right for you.

Q4: I’ve heard of the name Sheba. What’s its significance?

A4: Sheba is of Hebrew origin, often associated with the Queen of Sheba, a biblical figure who visited King Solomon. It’s a name with a rich historical background.

Q5: Is there any cultural significance to the name Sheena?

A5: Sheena, of Scottish origin, means “God is gracious.” It has also been popularized by figures in music, such as Sheena Easton.

Q6: What should I consider when picking a “She-” name for my baby girl?

A6: Consider the name’s meaning, cultural or familial significance, pronunciation in your region, and any associations you or your community might have with the name.

Q7: Do “She-” names have particular meanings in numerology?

A7: In numerology, names are often reduced to a number which has a specific vibration or energy. While the prefix “She-” doesn’t have a fixed numerological meaning, the complete name’s value can be derived from its letters.

Q8: Are there any celebrities with “She-” names?

A8: Yes, there are several, such as Sheena Easton (music artist) and Sheetal Sheth (actress).

Q9: How can I make a “She-” name unique for my baby?

A9: You can experiment with spellings, combine two names, or merge the name with another name you like. Always ensure it retains a sound and meaning you cherish.

Q10: Will my child face pronunciation issues with a “She-” name?

A10: It depends on the name and where you live. While names like Sheila are universally recognized, others might be less familiar in certain regions. If you’re concerned, you can opt for names that are phonetically intuitive.

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